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  1. I was driving down the road in Riverside and I stopped in the middle of the road to grab supplies and avoid incoming zombies. I move a bit further back and saw my car there, I was a bit puzzled because I remember parking the car on the other direction. So I went back and saw the exact same car. I then drove one of them and parked them next to each other and they were completely the same. They have the exact same items inside and condition was also the same. I checked and I did not have any mods installed.
  2. So when I opened the door to get rid of one single zombie outside, it turned out to be 3 or 4 instead so I died. But the reason is because a zombie somehow glitched through the wall next to the door when I was right in the middle of the doorway. This actually surprised me and I ended up dying almost immediately. The reason might be because all the zombies were grouped/packed tightly together.
  3. A similar thing has happened to me, game closed suddenly while in multiplayer and upon reconnection I teleported a few metres back, the key was not in ignition nor inventory when I reconnected.
  4. Ah yes, that has happened to me as well, I followed some instructions and adjusted these settings in "Display" tab: Enable Zoom: No MultiCore: No Texture Compression: Yes Double-Sized Textures: No It's just my computer, but have a tweak of these settings.
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