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  1. The zombies have now evolved. They have longer memories, which means they track players for longer. They appear outside of towns, which means settlements in the farms will no longer be as safe.
  2. Our Zombies Evolve in 2 days

    The zombies have now evolved. They have longer memories, which means they track players for longer. They appear outside of towns, which means settlements in the farms will no longer be as safe.
  3. Come watch our Zombies Evolve in two real days. They will start to "roam", and get longer memories and expand outside of the towns. Every real week the Zombies evolve, for four real weeks, to slowly increase the challenge on the remaining survivors. We have had 30 players join in the first 3 real days that the server has been running. Come and join them if you are curious:
  4. Our first Zombie Evolution happens in 48 real hours, on Mon 18 June. Zombies will "roam", and get longer memories and expand outside of the towns.
  5. I just made these changes (mid-week, before Evolution) - Lowered auto save interval to 30 mins. You will see brief "saving" message flash. Let me know if too frequent - Fixed one mod: More Edibles - Added two small mods: winter clothes, homemade soap - Reset initial zombie population to default vanilla (was 0.5, is now back to 1.0) - Adjusted respawn rate so an area will be half-full again after 24 real hours. Put another way, if you clear a zone and logoff, if you return one real day later there will be half as many zombies as before you cleared it. If you leave it for 2 real days it will be back to full zombies. - Lowered the frequency of guns in Police, Gun Store, Military to the same 0.5 as all other ORGM frequencies. (This wont have a big impact since many of those locations are already looted.)
  6. Armor Mod

    This is a great mod, and working well in MP. Is there anyway to adjust the frequency of the armor that drops as loot? For example, ORGM has an .ini file to adjust loot frequency. Any easy way to adjust that for armor mod? If not, any hints on where to adjust it in the code? Thanks!
  7. Dedicated server restart clears Safehouses?

    Fixed and tested. My issue was: SaveWorldEveryMinutes=0 I changed it to: SaveWorldEveryMinutes=60 And did a manual /save on the server. When it restarted the safehouse was still claimed. Leaving this up for others. Devs, feel free to delete if not a bug.
  8. Dedicated server restart clears Safehouses?

    I checked for old posts and someone mentioned this. My SaveWorldEveryMinutes was 0. I now set it to SaveWorldEveryMinutes=60 (1 hour), will watch and see.
  9. A server restart cleared the factions and safehouses. Please re-claim yours when you login. I will work to try and correct this for future restarts, not sure if its a bug or if I need to find a work-around. EDIT: Fixed and tested, will not happen again.
  10. Hi. I made a change to my running dedicated server and restarted it. Players had made 5 safehouses and 2 factions before the restart. After the restart all of the safehouses and factions were cleared. Is this a known issue or a bug? If its known, any way to work around it? I need to make the occasional tweak to a running config or sandboxvars or mod ini, but deleting safehouses is not ideal. Thanks. EDIT: I think I fixed it, see comment below.
  11. Dedicated Server using wrong branch (IWBUMS)

    Thanks for looking into it. I use gameservers. A fresh install was the newer 39.67.2 build. I was able to use the host's provided update mechanism to get back to 39.66.3. I agree there are only a few reports.
  12. = Top Ten Changes from Vanilla = 1) There are a few mods that enhance immersion. ORGM (guns) and Armor mod have the biggest impact. ORGM has 50% fewer guns but they are 50% more powerful (than mod default). 2) The server is up 24/7. Sleeping is disabled but endurance regen is slowed down. You will have to stop and rest sometimes. 3) Zombies are randomly weaker or stronger, or more or less resilient. Both Strength and Toughness are random. 4) Zombies start at half the normal population (0.5), but will increase to more than normal population (2.0) after 150 game days / 6 real days. 5) Water will turn off around 84 game days / 3.5 real days. Electricity will turn off around 150 game days / 6 real days. 6) Loot does not respawn. Zombies will repopulate an area slower than normal. 7) Safehouses are turned on, but you need to survive 1 game day / 1 real hour to claim one. They are protected from other players. 8) PvP is turned on all of the time, there is no safety toggle to turn it off. 9) The world is cool, rainy and dark. 10) After the 7th real day zombies will appear outside of cities. After the 14th real day all zombies get improved senses. After the 21st real day random zombies will become smarter and will be able to navigate better - and some can open doors.
  13. I will keep this thread and also the reddit thread updated with any changes:
  14. Come try Evolution. It runs for 4 real weeks and the zombies evolve every real week. They spread across the map, their senses improve, they get smarter. The server is online 24/7 for 4 real weeks which is almost 2 years in-game. The settings are "mid-core" survival, more immersive than default but not too hard. How long can you survive? This is the first BETA game which ends 06 July. IP: Port: 56261 (No password) West Coast, US 32 players Join us on Discord: See Top Ten changes from Vanilla, in a comment below.
  15. Dedicated Server using wrong branch (IWBUMS)

    Same here. The server I just loaded from my serverhost is: versionNumber=39.67.2 It doesn't show on the server browser because "show different versions" is off by default.