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  1. When i hold right click to aim while standing still then let go and try to move, it makes you get stuck in place. You can get out if you hold down right click while pressing w, a, s or d to move. Is this a bug? i doubt it is intentional. edit: it seems as if you get stuck in the aiming stance because the "release aim" animation doesnt go off. this doesnt always happen, i had to try many times to be able to replicate it but the steps i took to get stuck were the ones i said above.
  2. hello, i was wondering if anyone else has their game crash when trying to sleep (dont know if it is related but i am playing the kingsmouth challenge map and my char has 2 sleep related traits Wakeful and Night Owl) logs_16-11.rar
  3. Hello Hydro! I was playing with the solar park just now and it seems like it stops working whenever i go far away from it (like a lootrun around the city im in). It still says plugged in when i check on it but no power at all! anyways thanks for the amazing mod and i hope this is something fixable, would suck otherwise ... Happy holidays to everyone!
  4. Hello hydro, i was wondering if you could add a recipe to make electric clamps ... they are really hard to find, and considering the stuff we are allowed to build, a simple clamp should be a piece of cake! thanks for your work!
  5. I have been playing with the new weather system and i have to say the game looked amazing before and now its even better! Fog is hands down the best about it, sent some shivers down my spine thinking i was on silent hill! here is a couple things i noticed when playing: -When sawing logs by right clicking the saw on main inventory or the logs in the ground, the text box didnt close and kept following the mouse - while inside a car it always showed outside temperature was 0 -Built a house on top of the restaurant in riverside, after i finished building the roof wh
  6. Just confirmed that even in the storage areas where hydrocraft items spawn, supply boxes dont. Also i made the arc furnace but i cant seem to find what its used for (if there is no use implemented yet, maybe we could use it to melt unusable metal?)
  7. i remember seeing those boxes when i played pre vehicles build, they dont seem to be spawning now ...is it a problem only on my end? (im on build 39)
  8. Hello i was thinking about a few quality of life changes: changing the spawnrate of prunning sheers, on the wiki it says it is only 0.5 in other in shed areas ... making the gardening workbench use any kind of compost instead of only npk fertilizer and i agree with this one too Thank you hydro for such an amazing mod!
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