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  1. THANK YOU MORIAK!!! That was a simple fix, now my loot run in the rain can continue!
  2. I'm having the same issue in version 40.31 with a Chevelier Step Van. Vehicle is in tip-top shape and hasn't received any zombie damage. The trunk has been working fine after multiple loading of the save file, but today decided it didn't want to work. Slightly frustrating.
  3. I opened a Westpoint map and the game froze up a little bit with the blue ring of thinking. I then alt-tabed out, then back in and it was working again, so I decided to open a another map (this time it was riverside I think) and the game froze completely. I exited out of everything and restarted the game. When I loaded the game again, it started me out where I was with the same equipment that I had previously, but instead of being about 1400ish, it was 0530 and my car wasn't outside and I backtracked on foot to the only places that I had it for the last two in-game days without spotting it.
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