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  1. Hey all, just a tiny update, I tried to have a go at "directly top-down" for the first time and this is the result. It looks a little empty I know, but I am not quite sure what to add... I tried to have everything not have any black outlines too, and it seems to look alright. I know the trees do not have proper shadows, I'll get to that... one day hahaha... Any thoughts to add to this one? It's just so damn empty... (And yes, I reused a couple of things, like the grass, but I've to do grass again, and it NEVER looks right, not like this one)
  2. Ah thanks a lot guys, it's hard to tell how good or bad something is, when you have made it yourself, but your comments inspire me a lot! But yes, like a lot have said, it's the variety part I have trouble with. I just don't know what to add to the scene, or how to put it all together to make it look nice. Design is not my strong point. I will take up all your advice and try to add it to the scenes, the more stuff you say that's bad, the better! @TinnedEpic; Yes the shading is a bit much, but without it, in my own eyes it looks a little too bland. Like something is missing and just does not look right. That's why I added all the extra shading. @EnigmaGrey; What do you mean exactly? what do you disagree with? Could you show an example what you mean?
  3. Hi all, first up, I've only started to get into drawing pixel art, and people are amazed and think I've been doing this for years, (I've never been good at drawing, decided to try pixel art pretty recently and picked it up quite well), But I really don't think I am THAT good. Mainly because I (personally) think I don't have enough variety, and I am not sure how to add to what I have already done. For example, what I have done below, I'm not sure what I should do next with the floor, and also it all looks like one big giant blob of grey. It needs more variety, but I have no idea how to improve it in that respect. Any ideas? It's suppose to be some sort of dungeon-ish type place. The tiles in the top corner I put there to show what each piece looks like. (This is all done by me from scratch by the way, so to everyone, please don't use) Also here is some of my other work, they were games I was making, but put on hiatus because of time and just generally couldn't get the pixel art right (I like to do the art first, then do the programming, if I can't get the art right, I get frustrated and stop the game altogether...) Some Space game I was making:
  4. Ahhh yeah that's what I thought, a shame really... well there goes my mod idea for now, I guess I'll just wait
  5. Hey all, I am wondering if there is a way to change the graphics/sprite of an object, such as a barrel or a box, or a bed etc. etc. In the world, NOT the icon, but the object it self in the game world. i know how to change/add an icon of an object that goes in your inventory, but not the physical object in the game world, I've searched the forums, but nothing seems to come up, only tutorials on icons. Any help?
  6. Thanks for that, It's a bit better to understand haha yeah something like that, and also the objects, or shells or whatever would also have a life time and be removed. I was just going to use this as a practice mod for myself, then expand it use it on an idea I've got
  7. Ah thank you that helps a lot, I'll have a good look at the references, see what I can do. And yeah I was thinking of a world object, something that would appear where the player is standing
  8. Hey all, I am wondering how I would go about spawning an object, say for example a box or a barrel or whatever, when the player fires a specific weapon? What I'm thinking of is just messing around with something the player can equip, which will "Auto-create" something else, maybe a box, or another weapon or something, when the equipped weapon is fired, how would I go about starting to do something like that?
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