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  1. I just want to create a simple (quest) mission, the way you say: "or you mean a story like 100 lines long? saying 1 line every few seconds?" In that way, I just want to create something basic and learn something on my own, I do not want to create a super mod, just a simple mission... Also, I do not speak Japanese
  2. I would like to see the option "Speak", when I see the NPC for the first time, then the NPC tells me their story (as well as in the Super Survivors mod) of how they have not eaten for several days, and that they want a few cans of food, once you get those cans, a new option appears that says "Give Food", that's all.
  3. Hello Community, as the title says; i'm trying to create a simple mission, but the truth is i don't handle the API of the game very well and i can't find simple tutorials. I have tried to understand the code of other mods, but I have not been able to do it. Except one, EpicBattle. What I would like to do on my mod is simple. I would like the name of the NPC to appear on the screen and a context menu like in the super survivors mod. But instead of showing "Survivor Options", I'd like to show the "Talk" option. And then he'll show me a simple conversation. So far that's all I've been able to do, I hope to learn more, but there are no basic tutorials with the API of this game. Or if I could get some indication of what functions I should be looking for and learning, it would be very helpful, thank you very much. AllWeapons = {"Shotgun","HuntingRifle","Hammer","Axe","BaseballBat","Crowbar","Shovel"}; -- Current = 1; function CrearSuperviviente() --print("Test"); BuddyDesc = SurvivorFactory.CreateSurvivor(); local x = 10767; local y = 10554; local z = 1; Buddy = IsoPlayer.new(nil,BuddyDesc,x,y,z); SurvivorFactory.randomName(BuddyDesc); if(IsoPlayer.setRealPlayer ~= nil) then Buddy:setDisabledControls(true); else Buddy:setBlockMovement(true); end Use3DModels = true; if(Use3DModels) then if(Buddy:isFemale()) then Buddy:setModel("kate.txt"); else Buddy:setModel("male.txt"); end end Wep = Buddy:getInventory():AddItem("Base."..AllWeapons[Current]); Buddy:setPrimaryHandItem(Wep); end Events.OnGameStart.Add(CrearSuperviviente) My Mod: Super Survivor:
  4. Hello I would like to start creating a simple mod in Lua, but I don't know what IDE to use, what is the IDE used by the community? Thanks!
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