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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    Wooden Buckets with Milk are not drainable. That means the bug when crafting causes them to multiply into empty buckets and buckets with milk. The recipe says destroy HCWoodenbucketmilk=4 but I tried it two times, and they always stayed and were not removed. Question: If you remove the 'destroy' from the recipe, wouldn't it then work how it's supposed to?
  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    Bug Report: Recipe "Fill Cheese Vat" When you craft it while the Wooden Buckets with Milk are on the ground, they are not removed, and you still get 4 additional Wooden Buckets.
  3. Hydrocraft Mod

    Good point. Well, durability loss unfortunately is not dependent on impact object hardness. ... I have no idea how to solve that problem. I guess it's better if I make an Add-On Mod with that weapon instead... Would that be okay with you? I already thought about that before posting my suggestion, but I agree. However, self-made massive steel should still be more durable than wood. Vanilla Axe Head (steel) was 2025 total condition, vanilla Crowbar (iron) 1050 --- so, what about 700 total condition instead of 900 for the new sword?
  4. Hydrocraft Mod

    I've given the HC weapon smithing system some thought, and I think the current system is a bit pointless. As a player, you invest a lot of effort into mining, creating a blacksmith apron / fire suit, building a smelter, blast furnace and anvil, leveling up Metalworking, Blunt and Sharp Maintenance and crafting your smithy hammers. And then the best weapons you can forge are kinda a downgrade of your Axe/Makeshift Axe/Worn Makeshift Axe/Blunt Makeshift Axe (if these were your primary weapons before). If you like close combat kill moves (jaw stab), the Great Sword is better than knives - that's okay. Warhammer: Warhammer stats equal Sledgehammer stats, but I don't know how many players actually use them, because of the high EnduranceMod (6). Warhammer has 3 weight instead of 6, so that's a plus, but the durability is lower. I guess that's okay. I think most players use Axes as primary weapons. Battleaxe stats equal Axe stats, but the durability is lower. Now let's think about durability: Axes wear down because the handle is made of wood. That's why you repair them with wood glue. The Axe Head has much higher durability, because it is made of steel. That's why the Makeshift Axe system is realistic: You remove the axe head, craft a new handle and make a new axe, until the axe head is so blunt that you can't use it anymore. In numbers: (total condition is ConditionMax * ConditionLowerChance) Axe (30*15) + (normal/worn/blunt) Makeshift Axe (3*30*10) = 1350 plus, you can repair each axe for about 50% durability (one repair for each axe) that makes 1350*1.5 = 2025 uses for one Axe (let's ignore modifiers from Maintenance skills) Now the Crowbar: 70*15 = 1050 total uses, and you can't repair it. I think it's more realistic to not give the option of repairing it. Likewise, it's unrealistic to repair a Steel Sword by putting a Steel Ingot on top of it. Steel Battleaxe: 20*15 = 300 | 300*1.5 = 450 total uses. And you can't recraft it into Makeshift Battleaxes. You can recycle the steel, but you can also recycle the steel of a broken Blunt Makeshift Axe. So objectively, normal Axes are better than Steel Battleaxes. The current Steel Great Sword is made for stabbing and cutting zeds, so it is still a light sword that uses its sharpness and thinness. That's why it has such a low durability, and that's realistic, because thin swords wear down extremely fast. Now if I was a blacksmith in the zombie apocalypse, I would craft a much thicker sword that doesn't rely on sharpness, but rather on blunt-sharp impact, like an axe does. A heavy sword that smash-slashes through zeds. It does not have to be sharp because it does not have to cut through armor (like a warrior/samurai would have to). Instead there are squishy zeds, who are rather soft, because they are standing in the rain so their flesh gets squishy. And after most humans were turned into zeds, the zeds actually have nothing to eat, so their body becomes even softer. Such a thick sword would have much higher durability. My suggestion for stats of a Heavy Steel Greatsword: Crafting: LV7 Blade Maintenance, 8-9 Steel Ingots Repair: none Recycling: 3 Steel Ingots Stat Summary / compared to a vanilla axe: Max Hit Count = 3 instead of 2 10% more average damage 33% more range, but not made for close combat, so Min Range is also increased by 33%, and you can't jaw stab zeds 17% increased weight and swing time 30% increased Endurance Mod, so you get tired faster Total condition: 900 (you can't repair it), which is still much lower than 2025 (axe + 3*makeshift axe), and still lower than 1050 (crowbar, which is made of brittle iron instead of steel) And it's also an axe! Which gives the sword the vanilla axe bonuses: Faster axe swing for the Axe Man profession, and damage bonus against standing targets. Swinging a two-handed axe is pretty similar to swinging a heavy two-handed sword, so I think that it should have both categories. (I tried it: adding two categories to a weapon like this works fine in PZ) I think it is still balanced, albeit a considerable upgrade of vanilla axes. And it would be an appropriate reward for all the effort a player has to spend to forge it. What do you think?
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    TL;DR I really like smithing and forging my own weapons, but currently weapon smithing is not really rewarding in my opinion. The melee weapons you can forge in HC are equal to the existing weapons, so the point of weapon smithing is only to have a renewable source of weapons. However, if you use Axes as primary weapon, you don't need a renewable source, because you can craft 3 Makeshift Axes out of one Axe, and (with increased Sharp Maintenance) by the time your Blunt Makeshift Axe is broken for good, you usually already found a new Axe in a zombie corpse. Additionally, you can craft normal Axes (Make Steel Axe) instead of a Steel Battleaxe. The normal Axe can be recrafted into Makeshift Axes and then recycled, the Steel Battleaxe can only be recycled, so normal Axes are superior to Battleaxes. If you were a real blacksmith in the zombie apocalypse, you should be able to make weapons that are better than your average lumberjack axe. I have a suggestion for an additional melee weapon: see below
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

    Maybe, but when I started using HC, this thread had already almost 4000 post. Nobody would now start and read all of them. Plus, and that is REALLY NOTHING PERSONAL, I really dislike Youtube tutorials. Please don't interpret this as criticism, it's just my own (dis-) affinity... I like written guides And about trapping: I'm living next to woods, and in my experience trapping is as easy as farming. You grow Cabbage, so you can also use it to replenish your traps. And I only check my traps once per day, as I do with my crops.
  7. Hydrocraft Mod

    Okay, each to their own. (It doesn't matter, but if you want to know why: I was just curious, because it was a popular mod, and it said that it adds a lot of stuff to PZ. Then I was lost, because there was no information what you can do with HC, there was no guide or anything. Well, I found one guide, the one on steam that I mentioned above. By reading it I understood that there is a progression in HC, from mining to smithing to industry, but that guide only (poorly) explained how you progress to industrial power, and not what you can actually do with it. That guide made me angry, because it snootily praised industrial power "... you will wonder just how you lived without it", but there was nothing that seemed to be worth to make with that industrial power. So yeah, that kinda spoiled things for me... BUT, I think I'll recover and I'll think about ways that add more rewards for the player, because I want to improve this great mod. I like Hydrocraft a lot, it really fills the empty void of PZ, the daily life, farming, animals...) Edit: Yeah, I'm already LV10 at Cooking. When you grill meat from trapping you level extremely fast, even without electricity
  8. Hydrocraft Mod

    what about Jogameister?
  9. Hydrocraft Mod

    You're right: I checked Food Bar.txt: item HCJagermeibter { HungerChange = -5, Weight = 0.5, Type = Food, ThirstChange = -20, DisplayName = Jägermeißter, Alcoholic = TRUE, UnhappyChange = -10, ReplaceOnUse = WhiskeyEmpty, Icon = HCJagermeibter, CustomContextMenu = Drink, CustomEatSound = PZ_DrinkingFromBottle, AlcoholPower = 2, FoodType = NoExplicit, Carbohydrates = 11, Proteins = 0, Lipids = 0, Calories = 103, CantBeFrozen = TRUE, Packaged = TRUE, } Although there is the letter ß in German, the word Jägermeister is spelled with s, not ß. The font which uses old german letters may be confusing, but it is a normal s My suggestion is to change it to Jagermeister
  10. Hydrocraft Modägermeister You could translate it and name it "Master Hunter"
  11. Hydrocraft Mod

    do you mean Jägermeister, the german herb digestif? or did you have to change the name because of copyright?
  12. Hydrocraft Mod

    Also, we drifted away from the actual topic: That I requested the HC dev team/Hydromancerx for reconsideration. It's up to them whether they want to change it or not. I'm fine either way!
  13. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey, I didn't complain. I just felt a tiny lack of purpose, that's all. And maybe the fault with that was not primary Hydrocraft, primary it was the lack of a guide and secondary my point of view / approach. (the former I'm working at right now, and the latter was solved by Jonny Zomboid's kind post) You only provided information that I already knew (Steam Hammer, Electricity). I know that you can use electricity to power your fridges, but actually ingame, you can live fine even if you use rotten food to make fresh meals - so even before my very first post I thought that there is no real reward for me in building a Solar Generator. That's why I asked if there were other rewards beside that. I guess I didn't properly convey my message when I asked for other goals. Instead of sounding like I was complaining, I should have posted in a way more constructive way. Like, "Hey, I think Hydrocraft would be better if there were more rewards for the player. I like forging my own weapons, and I would really love to see better melee weapons." I stated that I'm doing fine (having lots of food left, even without electricity). Then you said "You should work towards a solar generator", you didn't say "You could...", so you kinda urged me to change my play style. And then I guess I overreacted in my previous post, but that was because I read an (objectively) bad Hydrocraft guide on steam, that told you in horrendous writing how to make industry, but not what you can do with all that. Only "... as you can make just about anything you need for all the other crap" [sic] So I thought I'd like to try and play without industry. Sorry if I made you upset.
  14. Hydrocraft Mod

    No, I don't want to!! In PZ you finally realize that you can live fine without electricity. A simpler and more natural lifestyle feels good. I think the end of industry and electricity is the biggest achievement of the zombie apocalypse.
  15. Hydrocraft Mod

    Nah, I still have several crates of rotten food, and then plenty of canned food. I could probably last a year. But yeah, if you have temperatures between -20 and -40 °C, then farming won't work, I agree. However, if you have mild temperatures ingame, like I currently have (I didn't change climate settings), then farming should work to a minor degree.