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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    Maybe, but when I started using HC, this thread had already almost 4000 post. Nobody would now start and read all of them. Plus, and that is REALLY NOTHING PERSONAL, I really dislike Youtube tutorials. Please don't interpret this as criticism, it's just my own (dis-) affinity... I like written guides And about trapping: I'm living next to woods, and in my experience trapping is as easy as farming. You grow Cabbage, so you can also use it to replenish your traps. And I only check my traps once per day, as I do with my crops.
  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    Okay, each to their own. (It doesn't matter, but if you want to know why: I was just curious, because it was a popular mod, and it said that it adds a lot of stuff to PZ. Then I was lost, because there was no information what you can do with HC, there was no guide or anything. Well, I found one guide, the one on steam that I mentioned above. By reading it I understood that there is a progression in HC, from mining to smithing to industry, but that guide only (poorly) explained how you progress to industrial power, and not what you can actually do with it. That guide made me angry, because it snootily praised industrial power "... you will wonder just how you lived without it", but there was nothing that seemed to be worth to make with that industrial power. So yeah, that kinda spoiled things for me... BUT, I think I'll recover and I'll think about ways that add more rewards for the player, because I want to improve this great mod. I like Hydrocraft a lot, it really fills the empty void of PZ, the daily life, farming, animals...) Edit: Yeah, I'm already LV10 at Cooking. When you grill meat from trapping you level extremely fast, even without electricity
  3. Farming in Winter

    I think they assume that even in houses some light still shines trough windows. And because calculating the actual light level for every plant is rather extensive (albeit doable), they decided to simplify it. I agree that a more complex calculation would be more realistic. Let's see if they change it some day.
  4. Farming in Winter

    The full code, as posted by PPanda above: function basicFarming.changeHealth() for iPlant,vPlant in pairs(basicFarming.plantings) do -- change with weather local weather = getWorld():getWeather() if "sunny" == weather then -- if it's sunny if vPlant.exterior then -- if the plants are outside, they gain +1 per tick = + 1 else -- if they are inside, they gain +0.25 per tick = + 0.25 end end -- lower health if temperature is not high if season.currentTemp <= 10 then = - 0.25; end -- change with water local water = farming_vegetableconf.calcWater(vPlant.waterNeeded, vPlant.waterLvl) local waterMax = farming_vegetableconf.calcWater(vPlant.waterLvl, vPlant.waterNeededMax) if water >= 0 and waterMax >= 0 then = + 0.4 elseif water == -1 then -- we low health by 0.2 = - 0.2 elseif water == -2 then -- low health by 0.5 = - 0.5 elseif waterMax == -1 and > 20 then = - 0.2 elseif waterMax == -2 and > 20 then = - 0.5 end -- saveData(vPlant) end end My calculations, showing that outside farming and inside farming with heating in winter are equal (more or less, depends on the weather). If we assume 8h sunlight per day: Outside: 24h x -0.25 (temperature) + 8h x 1 (sunny) = 8 - 6 = +2 health Inside: 8h x 0.25 (sunny, but inside) = +2 health The difference is small, so you won't notice unless you keep records in Excel.
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    what about Jogameister?
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

    You're right: I checked Food Bar.txt: item HCJagermeibter { HungerChange = -5, Weight = 0.5, Type = Food, ThirstChange = -20, DisplayName = Jägermeißter, Alcoholic = TRUE, UnhappyChange = -10, ReplaceOnUse = WhiskeyEmpty, Icon = HCJagermeibter, CustomContextMenu = Drink, CustomEatSound = PZ_DrinkingFromBottle, AlcoholPower = 2, FoodType = NoExplicit, Carbohydrates = 11, Proteins = 0, Lipids = 0, Calories = 103, CantBeFrozen = TRUE, Packaged = TRUE, } Although there is the letter ß in German, the word Jägermeister is spelled with s, not ß. The font which uses old german letters may be confusing, but it is a normal s My suggestion is to change it to Jagermeister
  7. Hydrocraft Modägermeister You could translate it and name it "Master Hunter"
  8. Hydrocraft Mod

    do you mean Jägermeister, the german herb digestif? or did you have to change the name because of copyright?
  9. Hydrocraft Mod

    Also, we drifted away from the actual topic: That I requested the HC dev team/Hydromancerx for reconsideration. It's up to them whether they want to change it or not. I'm fine either way!
  10. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey, I didn't complain. I just felt a tiny lack of purpose, that's all. And maybe the fault with that was not primary Hydrocraft, primary it was the lack of a guide and secondary my point of view / approach. (the former I'm working at right now, and the latter was solved by Jonny Zomboid's kind post) You only provided information that I already knew (Steam Hammer, Electricity). I know that you can use electricity to power your fridges, but actually ingame, you can live fine even if you use rotten food to make fresh meals - so even before my very first post I thought that there is no real reward for me in building a Solar Generator. That's why I asked if there were other rewards beside that. I guess I didn't properly convey my message when I asked for other goals. Instead of sounding like I was complaining, I should have posted in a way more constructive way. Like, "Hey, I think Hydrocraft would be better if there were more rewards for the player. I like forging my own weapons, and I would really love to see better melee weapons." I stated that I'm doing fine (having lots of food left, even without electricity). Then you said "You should work towards a solar generator", you didn't say "You could...", so you kinda urged me to change my play style. And then I guess I overreacted in my previous post, but that was because I read an (objectively) bad Hydrocraft guide on steam, that told you in horrendous writing how to make industry, but not what you can do with all that. Only "... as you can make just about anything you need for all the other crap" [sic] So I thought I'd like to try and play without industry. Sorry if I made you upset.
  11. Farming in Winter

    Ah, okay. Thanks! I'm playing the german version of PZ, and there the challenge is called "Ein schöner Tag", translated: "A beautiful day". That's why I didn't know
  12. Hydrocraft Mod

    No, I don't want to!! In PZ you finally realize that you can live fine without electricity. A simpler and more natural lifestyle feels good. I think the end of industry and electricity is the biggest achievement of the zombie apocalypse.
  13. Farming in Winter

    What does CDDA mean? Someone else used that abbreviation some time ago, too. And Google is of no help: compact disk, antenna, database, UK law, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead But anyway: If you use Hydrocraft, plants will die in winter if they are outside. If you don't use Hydrocraft, farming outside in winter works, although with less yield. Yes, when it is sunny plants gain more health, but if they are indoors, they will receive less light and thus less health. if "sunny" == weather then -- if it's sunny if vPlant.exterior then = + 1 else = + 0.25 Yes, it does. It's right there in the (vanilla!) code that a pasted above.
  14. Hydrocraft Mod

    Nah, I still have several crates of rotten food, and then plenty of canned food. I could probably last a year. But yeah, if you have temperatures between -20 and -40 °C, then farming won't work, I agree. However, if you have mild temperatures ingame, like I currently have (I didn't change climate settings), then farming should work to a minor degree.
  15. Hydrocraft Mod

    In vanilla PZ, on the other hand, food like potatoes spoil a lot faster than in real life. So growing in winter balances that out. We are growing (in real life) corn salad in a covered herb bed in winter, and here in germany its colder than in PZ - I check temperature ingame in car displays from time to time. (ingame: January the 2nd, 11:20, 5.7 °C ... that's quite warm) (12:40, 7.3 °C) (17:10, 8.8 °C) (Jan 3rd, 11:30 10.3 °C) (16:50 15.3 °C)