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  1. PVE NA EAST | ProjectZomboid [CASUAL] | 24/7

    My server is back up and open for business.
  2. Grab another car and run them all over. I can kill 1000+ zombies in a car and my car looks like brand new when done. Or slash and run which will take you forever.
  3. Be great if you came back and admined your server or find someone to admin it when you're gone/busy. You server is glitched and WP is all F'd up. +1 months been playing on your server and I invested a lot of time as have others. Thanks!
  4. Did zombie just got buffed?

    I kill huge herds of zombies with car anywhere from 100 z's to 1000 z's. In fact, I love it (the best is my car will still look brand new). In 3 in-game months with my character he's killed over 16K z's, mostly by car.... so trust me I have it to an 'art'. However like I said on IWBUMS version, many times to often, you run zombies who are not beyond the limits of your hood width and yet they squeeze out somehow and appear near the drivers window. This does not happen in 39.67.5 as much as it does in IWBUMS. In IWBUMS you can have zombies seemingly standing in the middle of your car while you run them over. 40.xx like in build 39.xx, z's continue to float initially after running them over and the odd z get's f'd up when run over.. standing doing the jig... I have absolutely no problem killing crawlers... for me those are the easiest.
  5. Did zombie just got buffed?

    Zombies are definitely different in IWBUMS (imo) and are more resistant to being run over..my settings on my server are default for zombies. I've driven thru zombies who miraculously continue to stand when hit at high speed. Or running over a crowd of zombies and how they just appear on the side of the car. Also with a car tire on a zombies head.. the zombie appears to float over the ground for a second or so.. then is on the ground then, crushing commences.
  6. You run an excellent server. I play there daily and everyone who plays there is nice. Thanks for your effort man!
  7. That's very well thought out.. Good job!
  8. May be hard to explain, however I found when making floors sometimes I cannot seem to select a wall/fence and instead it show the wall across from it.. For example I have a passageway that is 1 tile wide.. fence on either side. I cannot destroy one of the walls. It keeps selecting the wall/fence across from it. I figured out a workaround, you can disassemble it. In my diagram below.. the X is the fence i am trying to remove. P is me the player. Y is the panel that highlights when trying to destroy X with sledge. -----I---|---I-y-| -----I---|---I-x-| P
  9. I didn't even know you could take windows out of homes. Cool.
  10. Ladder

    I was just asking this the other night.. be great to have some choice here instead of just sheet-rope and stairs. Ladders could/should be craftable with wood or metal. I've never seen though in any movie a zombie who climbs ladders... lol
  11. [IWBUMS Build 40 Test Server] SpiffoSpace: Weather

    Invincible zombie happens in 39.xx version as well...I can reproduce it at will. Keep running over zombies.. happens when they're getting up and then being run over before they actually get up.
  12. How long do YOU survive?

    4 months so far my max...
  13. Tow trucks would be great.

    I suggested the same thing to someone, it would be cool to have a tow truck.
  14. There is actually strategy to do it without destroying your car. We're not talking a Katana kill killing 10 zombies in 1 swing and getting lots of XP for it. As soon as you respond, I know I'll get no support, anyway it was worth a shot. Just delete my post. Thanks. @Probe1 you are generalizing and that is not fair. I am playing on a server with the max amount of zombies and cars are not easy to come by especially when your character has no mechanic skills. It could be configurable at the least. Like I was saying above, I'm not talking a Katana that takes out 10 zombies in 1 swing.. I am talking a car, where you can get trapped in the middle of a herde, stuck in the car, windows shattered. Anyway.. just delete the post or if anyone cares.. a configurable option would be cool. Don't see any mods to do this. Thanks
  15. Why not give like 50% experience at the least? Some servers run crazy amount of zombies. Killing them off with an axe or knife is not realistic, firing a gun and attracting even more undesirable. The strategy I employ is to cut them down with a car running them over. I'm actually quite good at it, but it's not reflected in XP and it doesn't feel right. It would be nice to have a configuration for this or employ some sort of XP gain in the game for it.