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  1. Shit, I never thought of that. I'll definitely keep that in mind, as of now I can't confirm or deny that this was the cause because my character died of an unrelated event.
  2. I don't recall getting cut at all with my character, be it by zombie or environment. I just got sick and was constantly anxious. Like I said in my edit, I normally got over illnesses in previous builds by being full and resting but that isn't possible anymore it seems because the anxious moodlet prevents rest.
  3. I'm relatively safe in game but I'm constantly Anxious, is there something that's causing this that I'm missing. I've used consumables like magazines to reduce my anxiousness but it comes back in a matter of minutes. My character has no traits that would cause panic or anxiousness in doors, I'm wondering would it be something like cabin fever? I'm also trying to fight the early stages of the nauseous moodlet but have been anxious throughout which I imagine isn't going to help my recovery(if I can at all at this point). On a side note I've been trying to eat well and rest but
  4. Can I ask how you reduced your anxiousness? I'm constantly anxious and have no idea why, I reduce it with magazines but it instantly comes back.
  5. I don't know, I think it makes sense that some of the environment would have some sort of zombie bacteria or infection on it. Getting infected from trees and scrapes makes sense in my opinion. As Casual_Survivor has said you could have also gotten infected from poor hygiene, make sure to change and wash clothes regularly, my strategy is to have three sets of clothes that I switch between while I wash the others. I also forgot to mention make sure you wash your skin especially if you have open wounds.
  6. What an amazing tool. Any tips on what program to use to assemble the 3d data together?
  7. Ok that's good information thanks! The reason I ask is it a feature or bug is because I tested it myself to see if it was a bug and with every death the body would disappear with all gear(tested 5 times). So that led me to believe it was a feature but if it's a bug that has been reported in the past I shouldn't have to report it again should I?
  8. Is there any reason I can't find my previous survivors body? Is it a bug or was it a feature change because I go back to where I died and not one ounce of evidence is present to say my previous survivor was there. My survivor in question died of "natural" causes so he wouldn't have reanimated and moved. Kinda aggravating not being able to find all my stuff after death the only remnant of my previous survivor is the structures he built all gear is gone like *poof*. Apologies if I shouldn't be posting this here but I can't tell if its a bug for this patch or if it was a feature chang
  9. So I have been playing for the last 2-4 days now and what an amazing addition cars are to the game, they allow for mobile bases and require maintenance to keep running just such a great addition. One feature I'd request is maybe cars having licence plates along with the matching key having the plate number "attached" because I found it hard to determine what key fitted what car once I've collected and maintained a few of them and since there are very few car models determining the key based on appearance is ineffective.
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