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    Hi. I'm enjoying Hydrocraft as much as I can these days. However, some of the bugs I found are really bugging me. Here's the list of some issues I found during playing hours : - Water Pump requires Wooden Trough and Empty Well to create, but it doesn't consume them after Water Pump is made. - Barrel of brewed honey doesn't become Barrel of Mead even after 336 hours or more. - When you make Small Potted Crop(especially Small Potted Rice), it disappears around 24 to 48 hours in game later. I don't really think it's because of a crashing between mods, but here's the mods that I installed just in case. - ORGM - ORGM silencer mod - Bedford falls - Phoenix - Cheat menu - Korean patch And Hydrocraft, of course. Please check these out and leave a comment for me. Thank you.
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