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  1. ^done claiming works now again but luachecksum enabled still kicks for mismatch files (wiped and verified steamfiles on both local and server, later reinstalled server again too) we just gonna play with luachecksum off for now, its private tiny server anyways
  2. set up fresh dedicated server today, wiped local savefiles, ran into some troubles: - getting kicked for file mismatch after character creation (validated both local and dedicated server, wiped both again just to make sure, had to turn off LuaChecksum to stay and play) - cant claim safehouse due "building occupied" hint/reason, but building definetly been cleaned out of zembies inside and outside nearby (PlayerSafehouse setting is enabled, SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim is set to 0, tried multiple houses downstairs and upstairs in westpoint: post office, hardware store and 2 residentals) only mod we run is hydrocraft
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