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  1. Is it possible to change sandbox world settings in a running game?
  2. Well, looks like with the latest version there's another bug. When my character goes around, especially in the areas she wasn't in, the game stutters strongly and this message is spammed into console log.
  3. That's actually a nice idea. Also, what about build-able wind turbines to supply electricity locally?
  4. If possible - only the breaking of walls/houses, while leaving the grass/trees/vines overgrowing.
  5. Hello. In the "debug" section, there is 3 options to change hour/day/month, but I'm able to only move time forward when clicking them, although the name says "+/-". How do I rewind time back?
  6. Yeah, sorry I wasn't specific enough in the previous post (one with the screenshot of a console). An aggressive guy was trying to kill me with a golf club, but I've managed to batter him to his death first. And when I've tried to loot his body I wasn't able to transfer any of the items. It's something with the code from line 35 in the Other corpses (zombies) are fine, and no, I haven't started a new game yet. Also, an option to completely disable spawning of other survivors would be neat.
  7. Thanks. I was able to put away the bugged water bottle. But the problem with stuff of a dead survivor being impossible to pick up remains.
  8. Can I do something about that bugged water containers before the fix is out? I can disable the mod, but then I won't be able to load a save...
  9. What about other one?
  10. Got another bug when trying to fill an empty tin can with water from a kitchen sink. Can gets filled, name gets changed to "tin can with water", but the gauge meter on it is empty and after that I can't drop the can from inventory or move it to another container. Subsequent tries to fill it with water from other sources also doesn't work.
  11. Hello. I've got this mod up and running today and instanly encountered a problem (I'm on a 39.5 vehicles build and also using Hydrocraft & ORGM): when I try to grab some items my character refuses to do that and this message is put into console log.
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