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  1. Yes,now heater works fine,i never noticed before that heather requires car keys.Always glad to help Just now noticed this strange display of player and zombies nearby some cars doors.Definitely reminds me to build before 37-38 when it was not fixed.In previous build 38 i don't remember this issue
  2. Sure,this is some images of that bug.In all cars that i've seen this bug looks the same-and it's little uncomfortable to control the heater temperature (just now noticed that i wrote "heather" in my previous post,sorry for my english if i will make any mistakes in my posts)
  3. Today i find bugs with car's heathers.If i get into the car in any seat (excluding driver seat) and choose radial vehicle menu option "heather",the red error small screen appears.Try it mostly in Rosewood where all cars that i've choosed has this error(Chevalier Nyala&Dart,Masterson Horizon,Dash Buldriver,Stepvan). In Muldraugh one Franklin All-Terrain and one Chevalier Nyala don't have this error but one Taxi had it. Here is traceback for Muldraugh and screen of probably UI or texture bug with temperature control button in heather's temperature menu that appears in every car in my game: PZ traceback_1.txt
  4. i agree with you,in stepvans loot appears much more often than in other cars.Only valuable loot that i find in cars was a skill books in stepvans,one pistol in glove box of some usual car and one box of nails with one wrench in taxi trunks.I remember that in early builds like 25-28 i've finded in trunks a fishihg rod with bait for fishing,a saw with nails box and hammer etc.Now trunks and glove boxes are almost empty
  5. Playing on survival mode in Muldraugh and West Point I have noticed that already cooked meat dont appear in all ovens.Even in sandbox with "abudant" food rarity i dont find any of meat,but uncooked meat appears in fridges quite often in all modes.In build 38 i definetly remember that fresh cooked meat appears in ovens,but it's icon in UI looked like it's rotten
  6. In the West Point downtown i saw some texture(?) bug with dumpsters(not exactly sure,but i could see this since vehicle beta 38) 1.https://map.projectzomboid.com/#12046x6851 2.https://map.projectzomboid.com/#11947x6922 3.https://map.projectzomboid.com/#11876x6920
  7. With the same graphic options and hardware in downtown of Riverside in six months later mode my average FPS is around 40-48 on foot with the small amount of zombies on screen,and FPS falls to 19 when i see pretty huge horde of 50+ on my field of vision zombies following me and around 30+zombies behind.In stable build 38.30 FPS was almost the same,so that's a good job guys
  8. And i find another bug with sound - my microphone dont work in game.When I try to say something in my built-in laptop microphone,the"signal from microphone" strip does not show any effect,in build 38 this feature works fine.All my sound drivers are updated and microphone and stereo mixer is enabled in my system,also I checked the integrity of game files in Steam
  9. In this build i find strange bug with music.Music plays when i'm in the main menu,but don't play in game(try to play game in survival mode,six months later and in You have one day).Also one time music don't play even in the main menu Ğ°fter i came out of survival mode.And when the character dies, the music plays as usual.Other sounds play as usual(TV,radio etc.)
  10. Hello,in this vehicle build with uncaptured FPS in West Point I got average Fps around 40-45 in downtown,50-60 fps in other parts of town,60+ fps in outskirts(all in max zoom level). 1.How it felt: the game runs pretty better in comparison with previous build 38 and 37,there is less lags in begining of new game,but still got little freezes in game that slightly drop FPS 2.Graphics settings: resolution-1366x768,vert.sync-off, shaders-on, 3d models-all, 3d corpses-all, lighting quality-high,lighting update-15 3.My notebook specs: Resolution-1366x768 Graphic card-Nvidia geforce 920m Processor-Intel i5 5200u RAM-4gb DDR3
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