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  1. Cars get copied — Vehicle B38

    Since the new Build, every vehicle that we use get copied from time to time on the position it actually was, while driving. It doesn't matter if you have keys for said vehicle or hotwire it. But if you had the key, you get another one as you try to use the new copy. I don't know if the issue is somehow related to the renaming of the keys. But it feels like the issue occured after renaiming the first Car key. There is no autosaving activated on our server, so I could not tell when the server decides to make another copy of the car, actually in use.
  2. The Build 38 is finally here ! The Zombie behavior is fine now <3
  3. Sorry Buds, but the Bug with the static value for "standard Zombies" occured again with this Beta Build (vhc37). I can't change them anymore in Server Settings. The Setting stays active, even when you change the values in ._SandboxVars.lua manually. Tried to generate new files with a second installation, so this pesky opt-in came with the actual build. Is this a wanted feature?