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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from TrailerParkThor in Defecation v1.2   
    Murphy's law.....   it says zombies will break down the door just as you sit down to take a dump....
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    Arsenal26 reacted to nolanri in Getting the GridSquare that your mouse is over   
    For future reference, since this was frustrating to calculate. Here is the method for all to use. it calculates the grid square that your mouse is over based on screen size and properly accounts for the Zoom level as well.  using the center of the screen as a starting point.

    local sw = (128 / getCore():getZoom(0)); local sh = (64 / getCore():getZoom(0)); local mapx = getPlayer():getX(); local mapy = getPlayer():getY(); local mousex = ( (getMouseX() - (getCore():getScreenWidth() / 2)) ) ; local mousey = ( (getMouseY() - (getCore():getScreenHeight() / 2)) ) ; local sx = mapx + (mousex / (sw/2) + mousey / (sh/2)) /2; local sy = mapy + (mousey / (sh/2) -(mousex / (sw/2))) /2; local TheSquareYourMouseIsOn = getCell():getGridSquare(sx,sy,getPlayer():getZ());  
  3. Spiffo
    Arsenal26 reacted to Aiteron in Testing the idea of towing a vehicle   
    Towing car. Lua mod (alpha 1.0)
    Working on a car towing mod. I was able to move the car using lua code (math + physics + developer pain = this mod). Implemented the physics of towing with a tow rope.
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    Arsenal26 reacted to Jangles in Please Allow Us To Bookmark While Reading Books   
    Skill books save progress, recipe books don't. However, recipe books are much quicker to read so its not generally an issue. Not sure what might have happened in your game to cause you to go back to 0% but it should save your progress
    Edit: had a thought. Do you mean the pages read went to 0 or the progress bar sent to 0? The progress bar resets to 0 but fills faster if you have already read some pages. If you've read half the book then put it down, when you start again the progress bar is 0 but will now fill twice as fast. 
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    Arsenal26 reacted to korg8222 in Please Allow Us To Bookmark While Reading Books   
    Thank you, I just got a chance to revisit the game today and tried to read the same book (exactly as you described above) it was real easy to miss that small detail.  Thank you for the replies.
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    Arsenal26 reacted to BoogieMan in Allow M16 to use .223 in addition to 5.56, because they can.   
    I noticed today that a M16 can't use .223 rounds. I do not find this surprising, but it is factually inaccurate.
    Most 5.56x45 weapons can safely fire .223 rounds. You don't even need a different magazine. Not quite as good at longer ranges though.
    A .223 firearm *can* fire a 5.56 round as well, but it is potentially unsafe since a 5.56 round produces more pressure that could in best case wear out the gun faster,  get jammed up inside the mechanism, or worst case make it explode in your face.
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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from Planet Algol in IWBUMS 41.41 RELEASED   
    Backwards ??  all else being equal (ie. shot placement, FMJ or HP) .308 is a larger more powerful cartridge delivering more energy out to greater distances vs. 5.56
    AssaultRifle1 (5.56mm)
    Max Range = 11
    Min Dmg = 2.2
    Max Dmg = 4.5
    AssaultRifle2 (.308cal)
    Max Range = 10
    Min Dmg = 1
    Max Dmg = 2
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    Arsenal26 reacted to thiosk in Override base game recipe   
    this is a good question. I have a lua script for removing base items from the distribution lists, but no way to control what recipes or evolved recipes are available.
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    Arsenal26 reacted to Tekniqe in Override base game recipe   
    Following the steps in the thread I linked worked.
    To be clear:
    Included the original base recipe in my mod script file, adding the property "Obsolete: true" to it. Then, adding my own recipe (I did so in the same file) with the property "Override:true".
    Cheers tommy!
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    Arsenal26 reacted to Tekniqe in Override base game recipe   
    At your suggestion I was able to find this thread: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21914-help-obsoletetrue-recipefeature/&tab=comments#comment-251392
    I'll try that when I get home from and work and examine the properties of recipes more closely as well, and provide an update then.
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    Arsenal26 reacted to tommysticks in Override base game recipe   
    I remember seeing in one of the recent(ish) updates that they fixed this problem... or provided a work around or something. I know this isn't much help, but if you do a search for recipes and look in the update section, the answer might be there. Or it might require you to be in the IWBUMS branch.
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    Arsenal26 reacted to Tekniqe in Override base game recipe   
    I've been doing some research, and I see that overriding an item for the base game is pretty straightforward. However, I can't seem to override a base game recipe.
    I want to change the way the "Gather Gunpowder" recipe works for a mod I'm working on, but when I do something like (having copied the recipe and editing it, to account for any typos) the following, I just end up with the base game recipe and then the one that I added, instead of it replacing the base one.

    module Base{
       recipe Gather Gunpowder{
    Is there another method for replacing base game recipes? I searched the forum for examples, but could only find ones relating to items.
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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from GrumpyTheClown in This is what the average 41.38 experience is like   
    LOL...  35....  well, that's the last you'll be seeing of this "streamer"...  I can't believe he thought he was promoting this game he seemed to enjoy so much...  More software companies should put people in their place like this...
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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from GrumpyTheClown in This is what the average 41.38 experience is like   
    Amen... just because he's the 3rd most watched Zomboid streamer or whatever is no excuse for reporting a bug with that kind of fervor...  Its fantastic that you guys stand by your conviction and not get punked out...  I love the part where he looked hopefully at Nasko, and got a triple A-Bomb instead... OUTSTANDING. I'd expect that from the big EG... but he didn't see that one coming from Nasko... I guarantee it...
    Amazing team work... you guys are animals...
    This all reminds me of that scene from the OTHER GUYS... (bad cop bad cop)
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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from CheekyM8 in Build 41 MSR 700/788 rifles need a few changes.   
    Can't really keep any kind of distance with effective range of [10]. I get that as your skill increases its effective max range goes up at a higher rate than pistols... But the starting max range of [10] is too low for a bolty... especially when compared to a long revolver which has [11]. Pistols are from 7-11, and rifles are pretty much 10 across the board with the exception of Assault Rifle which is 11...
    A noob shooter is ineffective at longer ranges, but that's where the hitchance increase per skill comes in.... Max effective range should be more of physical characteristic of the cartridge...  whether it hits or not is another thing...
    I adjust rifles in my game to the 15-17 range...  that seems to feel about right..
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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from MadDan2013 in xbox controller not attacking   
    You need to push the directional analog... Not the move stick, but the one you face with while you strife...  When you do this, notice the character changes into fighting stance... Now you can swing or shoot with the attack button instead of shove & stomp...
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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from Pandorea in xbox controller not attacking   
    You need to push the directional analog... Not the move stick, but the one you face with while you strife...  When you do this, notice the character changes into fighting stance... Now you can swing or shoot with the attack button instead of shove & stomp...
  18. Spiffo
    Arsenal26 got a reaction from leon2356 in Profession Framework Mod   
    Ok, so PFM is loading just fine... but your leonprofessions mod is not getting loaded.... New professions should appear immediately after the console line :
    LOG  : General, 1585178807101> ProfessionFramework.INFO: Adding Trait Jogger2
    And be at the BOTTOM of the list in game character setup screen...
    I did notice that there is an issue with examplemod refusing to load...
    Are you sure you setup your leonProfessions mod correctly ?
    ie, mod.info file in your leonProfessions folder...
    Might wanna look there bcuz its trying to load "examplemod" and failing, and there is no sign of "leonprofessions" trying to load at all...
  19. Pie
    Arsenal26 got a reaction from BudeRoy in Add a function to a tool/weapon   
    LOL... i'm such a noob at modding its embarrassing...
    Anyways, I made the mod last night after reading your post and uploaded to see if it worked... but the title of your thread was "how to do that" so here's what I figured out during that 20 minutes of poking around... (took longer to find that picture of the guy prying a plank)
    First of all, we are not adding a FUNCTION to a TOOL... because the function already existed which is unbarricade... We merely added a TOOL to the FUNCTION.
    In the timed action ISUnbarricadeAction, the isValid function kicks you out if you don't have a Hammer or Stone Hammer... so I just added the Crowbar there...
    In the ISWorldContextMenu.lua  it only shows the option to Unbarricade if "hasHammer" is true... So since we did not want to be able to use the Crowbar to Barricade (install planks) and only Unbarricade (remove planks), I added a new check in in the ISWorldObjectContextMenu function for "hasCrowbar" so as not to affect everything else that checked for "hasHammer". I don't think we wanted to be able to hammer nails with a Crowbar right ?
    Next we find each instance where Unbarricade is made visible in the context menu, and add the check for "hasCrowbar"....
    in this case, (3) instances existed :
      - if not IgnoreObject
      - if window ~= nil
      - if door ~= nil
    And finally, the function ISWorldObjectContextMenu.onUnbarricade has all the logic to determine what ends up in your PrimaryHandItem... I added a check to not automatically equip a hammer every time if you are holding a Crowbar, and visa versa... Previously, it just always equipped either of the (2) possible hammers.
    So that's how we added a TOOL to this FUNCTION...
    Admittedly, I did it the Caveman way by replacing the whole vanilla file instead of making the changes in a more elegant way.... But I think we can agree that this should just be in the base game.... So I didn't waste too much more brain juice on it other than to see if it worked...
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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from leon2356 in Profession Framework Mod   
    Oh Ooops... my bad...  that's correct, should have read :
    I have my Profession lua in ...\Zomboid\mods\MyProfessionsMod\media\lua\shared\MYPROFESSIONS.lua
    Random thoughts...
    - Are you testing on a new game ? or old save ? bcuz new mod memory may cause issues
    - Right version of game ?
    - Try disabling all mods, and re-enable them making sure PFM is activated before your custom professions mod...
    - Console.txt throwing any errors ? scrolling all the way up may reveal where its hanging up or unable to find something...
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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from leon2356 in Profession Framework Mod   
    I have the Framework mod in  ...\Zomboid\mods\ProfessionalFramework-master
    I have my Profession lua in ...\Zomboid\media\lua\shared\MYPROFESSIONS.lua
    There is an issue with your example....
    Unlike [Perks.SmallBlunt] (no space) Long is just [Perks.Blunt]...  So the script stops at that mistake, and does not apply sprinting, or anything passed that line. Otherwise, I pasted your example in myprofession mod, and it appears in the setup option just fine...
    ProfessionFramework.addProfession('Hitter', {
        name = "Pinch Hitter",
        description="When the bases are loaded with two outs...",
        icon = "",
        cost = 0,
        xp = {
            [Perks.Fitness] = 1,
            [Perks.Blunt] = 2,  <<<<<<===== FIX THIS SO IT READS AS SUCH
            [Perks.Sprinting] = 2,
        inventory = {
            ["Base.BaseballBat"] = 1,
            ["Base.Baseball"] = 1,
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    Arsenal26 reacted to joordann in Add a function to a tool/weapon   
    So i was playing with my burglar yesterday and i came across a barricaded door, i wanted to enter that said door but i didnt have a hammer, only a CROWBAR, which i could use it to take the planks of something irl but i could'nt for some reason in the game.
    And then i had an idea: Let make a mod!
    I was looking trough out the files trying to find the expecific file or line to make a .lua script and add the function to the crowbar in game, but i could'nt.
    So i was wondering if someone out there can tell me how the hell can i do that?
    A simple as add a function to something is making my head hurt, im not too familiar with lua or java, but i have SOME xp in programming.
    So please, help me.
    I just need to add the ability to unbarricade stuff with a crowbar and nothing more
    Thanks and sorry if my english is a bit broken, its not my first language!
    (allready read some tutorials i found but i coud'nt find the how to add function to itens like this)
    (also, thanks again  )
  23. Spiffo
    Arsenal26 got a reaction from ATPHHe in Tactical NPC Squad A.I. ?!!   
    Not quite Seal Team 6, but that's why we're in the WIP section...
    So I'm not attempting to offer any version of the SuperSurvivors! mod (by Nolan Ritchie) in any way. I’m just trying to play the game the way I want to play it, while trying not to break anything in the process. That said, I’d like to share and demonstrate a few things since Animations and NPC’s are on the horizon. I figure it was a good time to post this to perhaps add something to the NPC conversation. Talk is cheap, so I made a video to illustrate my ideas:

    0:05 – [Eat now] command

    1:05 – New Fighter Group Role

    3:25 – Guard Task in Fighter Role

    5:03 – New Over-Watch Group Role

    8:19 – Over-Watch and Vehicles

    10:35 – Close Over-Watch support for Vehicle

    15:33 – NPC Vehicular Combat (firing from inside Vehicle)

    Rated (M) for Language   enjoy!

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    Arsenal26 got a reaction from DavidBlane in Raven Creek   
    Nice work!! looks great... 
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    Arsenal26 reacted to DavidBlane in Raven Creek   
    ---Raven Creek---

    This adds the city of Raven Creek to the vanilla game world.
    The map has the following parameters
    - size 6*4 (24 cells)
    - more than 1200+ buildings, and most of them are multi-storey 
    - more than 20000+ rooms
    There are three zones of different difficulty on the map. They have a different number of infected. It also affects how long you survive, there will be more of them every day (unless you changed this in the sandbox settings). They also differ in the amount of loot and features.
    На карте три зоны разной сложности. У них разное количество зараженных. Также влияет на то, как долго вы выживаете, с каждым днем зомби будет больше (если вы не изменили это в настройках песочницы). Также они различаются количеством лута и особенностями.

    Urban zone (red) Городская зона (красная)
    - A lot of loot (max) / Кол-во лута (макс)
    - a lot of zombies (max) / Кол-во зомби (макс)
    - a lot of weapons and ammo (max) / Кол-во огнестрела и амуниции (макс)
    - little space, alleyway tight (especially in buildings) / Узкие переулки и коридоры, особенно в зданиях
    - better not to shoot, no matter how much ammo u have / Лучше подумать, прежде чем стрелять
    - stealth can help a lot here/ Скрытность может хорошо помочь здесь
    - a lot of traffic jams(car will useless here) / Много пробок и аварий, передвижение на транспорте осложнено
    - high difficulty/ Высокая сложность
    Residential zone (green) Частный сектор (зеленая)
    - medium loot / Кол-во лута (среднее)
    - medium zombies / Немного зомби (только вначале)
    - medium weapons and ammo / Огнестрела меньше чем в других зонах
    - almost empty roads (you can use the car) / Пустые дороги и много пространства
    - medium difficulty / Средняя сложность
    Port zone (yellow) Портовая зона (желтая)
    (for PVP) (для ПВП)
    - A lot of loot (high) / Много лута
    - low-medium zombies / Мало зомби
    - a lot of weapons and ammo (high-max) / Много оружия
    - difficult to get here / Сложно добраться сюда
    - on this side of the coast there are several secret places with awards / Есть секретные места с наградой
    - low difficulty (the main threat in this zone is other players) / Без мультиплеера - низкая сложность
    - most loot in containers (you need a sledgehammer and luck) / Большинство лута находиться в контейнерах, нужна кувалда
    The main point of creating the city was to gain a different experience. Vanilla PZ is more based on survival where it's hard to find weapons, food, etc., but I tried to add more action - there is a lot of loot in Raven Сreek, a lot of weapons, but the difficulty is in the number of infected. There are a lot of narrow lanes where you will be eaten no matter how much loot you have, if you get too much attention. This requires a different approach. Therefore, the original idea of the city was in a huge number of everything, from weapons to the infected. 

    Another reason why there is so much loot on the map. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t like empty towns in multiplayer, when after a short time of creating a server there was nothing left on the map, I hope that Raven Creek will improve this situation. In any case, the city was created specifically for multiplayer, where the city will have a lot of loot, a lot of zombies, and a lot of players (not always friendly).
    Основной идеей создания города было получение другого типа опыта. Ванильный PZ - это в основном сложности с поиском всего необходимого, создание базы и накопление ресурсов. Но мне хотелось добавить сюда больше активности. В Raven Сreek очень много лута и оружия, но сложность тут как в кол-ве зараженных, так и в неизвестностном кол-ве их в зданиях, в сражениях в узких и тесных пространствах. Нужен другой подход - включать скрытность, качать огнестрел, использовать окружающую обстановку. Город планировался для быстрых рейдов, поэтому безопасных зон для базы нет и не будет (кроме одной). Крайне советую играть с бегунами.
    Вторая причина почему в городе так много лута - карта создана специально для мультиплеера. Думаю все помнят как быстро опустошали от лута ванильные города в мультиплеере. Надеюсь Raven Сreek улучшит эту ситуацию.

    This map project uses some buildings from the Forum so I have got to give credit to the amazing people who upload their buildings.
    Project Zomboid (for example some buildings)
    The googlator
    Traya Aclus
    Especially thanks:
    -Union city team
    -Jela331 (including for inspiration)
    For all your hard work and dedication!
    Hope I not forgotten someone
    I also want to thank policeBoi for his tutorial from Youtube
    Download full map in 22K
    Скачать карту в 22К
    Чтобы поиграть в старую версию, нужно удалить папку по этому пути (из стима)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\2196102849
    (у вас может отличаться, тогда используйте поиск)
    Далее скачиваете и кидаете туда же папку ниже (ссылка)
    To play the old version, you need to delete the folder along this path (from Steam)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\2196102849
    (it may differ for you, then use search)
    Then download and drop the folder below (link)
    If you are interested in playing this map give it a download and give me some feedback. Its still a working project so there might be a some bugs here. 
    Post bugs on my discord:
    For the report send via Discord message to my account:
    DavidBlane # 4522
    Take into account:
    Screenshot of the exact place of the error.
    Detail of the Error.
    If you want to support me
    Webmoney - Z967755742194 ($)
               R354649606518 (Rub)
    Qiwi - qiwi.com/n/GENEA855
    Thanks and enjoy the map.
    P.S. Bad english...
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