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  1. Quick question: Under tilesets I have some categories appearing red, containing nothing more then red question marks (picture in the attachment). I'm running the steam version. The categories in red are: blueprints_01 foraging_01 location_business_machinery location_community_chucrch_small_02 missing_tileset_666 vegetation_wall_01 Does this need fixing? And if so, how?
  2. Is it intentional that we now move at crouching speed when aiming/readying weapon/looking around? If so, it is really frustrating and unrealistic. Who would go at a snails pace while facing a group of zombies? It doesn't make sense. Backing off from, or approaching zeds at a snails pace during combat is foolish and goes completely against any sort of common sense. Besides, to go faster, we just have to leave the combat stance, which makes the speed reduction during aiming kinda... pointless, doesn't it? Also, if this was implemented to add up the challenge, it doesn't work. If anything, it rather feels as if the player is intentionally crippled to make single zeds (or smaller groups) more challenging, without actually being more challenging. Once I adapted to the new controls, I handle single zeds (and smaller groups) just as easily as in the previous builds. That's another point that makes this weird speed reduction during aiming pointless, right? Besides, is it not the general idea of zombies, that they are dangerous in larger groups, and not so much in smaller groups? However, the most frustrating thing about this is, when I just want to look around to check my surroundings, it not only puts me into combat stance, but apparently also into sneak mode at a snails pace. I am not expecting to be able to run or sprint while looking around/aiming, but ordinary walking speed should be appropriate, right? Besides, since we have a crouch button now, to turn on/off sneak mode, shouldn't this also affect movement speed during aiming? Like: Aiming + crouching = slow movement speed. Aiming + not crouching = normal movement speed. And lastly, If you guys want to add more difficulty, please consider alternatives. As example, I observed lots of open space on the current map, there are usually enough ways to get away from zeds. Why not moving buildings a little closer to each other, adding more obstacles, creating more narrow spaces/alleyways that potentially could lead into dead ends, adding more opportunities for the zeds to box in players? How about rough terrain? Like, urban tiles (concrete/sidewalk tiles and such) pose less risk of tripping/slipping, while wilderness tiles (grass/dirt tiles and such) pose a higher risk of tripping/slipping... ...I am sure there are more ways to add more difficulty instead of messing around with the controls.
  3. What about a common cold? If I recall correctly, the only way to confirm if your survivor is sick (or infected), is to do a medical examination, right? If medical examination isn't possible, all one could do is to pop some meds and hope for the best...
  4. ...I don't know if this suffices as a bug, but here the incident: I had zeds on my tail and ran into a house. Inside more zeds awaited me, forced me to retreat into the bathroom. Here I opened the window, but I couldn't jump out. My sight out the window was also blocked, presumably due to the toilet, as it stood directly at the window. After a while of trying, a zed (I couldn't see due to toilet blocking sight) fell through the window, after which I was able to jump out without a problem. This situation felt incredibly janky and very weird. Since I couldn't see the zed outside, I was quite perplexed that I couldn't jump through the window. Just as the zed fell through, I realized it probably had blocked the window from the outside. I probably also blocked the window from the inside for the zed, as it took quite a while before the zed fell through. I don't mind zeds preventing survivors from jumping out windows, its actually quite neat. Though, I feel this could be better presented, like the zed rather attacking the survivor through the window when the distance is close enough, instead of falling through regardless. Or, zeds pulling survivors through windows, with the survivors falling out and becoming a rather easy target for zeds to jump on... Of course, it would also help when the toilet (and potentially other small furniture ???) would not block sight out of windows, as I would have waited for the zed to fall through before climbing through myself, if I only had seen the zed through the window. Well, despite all the little bugs (because early access, duh...), I love the update, great work.
  5. I disagree, it looks quite realistic. I had an instance, where I was crouching behind a car with a zed on the other side. By looking around with right mouse button it looked like my survivor was peeking over the car. If smaller/lower objects (like cars, fences, etc.) would block line of sight while crouching, this could be a really good game mechanic. Think of peeking over the fence to see what the zeds are up to before making your move. Or think of crouching up to a window and instead of automatically looking through, we would have to either stand up, or 'look' inside with right mouse button. For looking around while remaining in a crouched position, I would wish for a 'look around' mechanic that doesn't put us into a combat stance...
  6. Mh, reading your comment brought me to the question, how volume/sizes are managed... ...what I mean is, you could load a car completely with feathers, which would not exceed the weight limit of a car. But you would unable to add any more weight, because you already reached the volume-limit. In that sense, every storage container should have two values, weight and volume, and every item should have weight and size. It means, you can add weight until you reach the volume-limit of a container. But if you already passed the weight limit, you risk to damage the container... ...this could actually create some very awkward moments. A duffelback bursts and all items are suddenly scattered on the floor, only because the survivor was a little too greedy
  7. Second road and I quickly checked again on other save to be sure. Well, I crashed again. Looks like I kinda got lucky and missed it last time... I guess. But an invisible tree on a road is technically still a bug, right? So, here are the exact coordinates of an invisible tree: 6294,10920,0 Should have grabbed a coord mod sooner, lesson learned...
  8. So, about the invisible object I crashed into on my little roadtrip, I didn't found a post with similar issue, so here the bug: I returned to the spot where it was, on the same save. It's still there. Checked same location on different save, object was not there, so probably something that spawnes at game start. It stops cars, but not caracter on foot. It has the size of one tile. It blockes sight of line, and to all direction when standing on same tile. This occured on Soloplay, pictures posted as spoilers...
  9. Just lived 6 days purely in a car and never got bored/sad/depressed moodlets... ...but at day 4 and 5 i got slight damage with pain moodlet, seems reasonable since sitting/sleeping in a car for that long can get pretty painful. On day 5 I also got panic moodlet, like when zeds are approaching, but I played with zeds on none. I also noticed that the texture on the ranger car seemed mirrored, don't know if this was already posted, but here is a picture anyways.
  10. So, since new locations can be found on the map, I decided to do a little road trip. 4h long days set in sanbox, Soloplay, fuel consumption on standard. 1. Found me a nice Franlin Valuline in a very good condition, all parts above 90%, many even at 100%. Got some supplies, inflated tires to max (40), filled the tank to max (65) and hit the road. 2. Run over a mailbox, front left door went to 44% 3. Stopped at a gas station at evening, tire pressure barely dropped below 35. Then I waited till midnight. Weirdly character never got bored, sad or depressed while just sitting in car. 4. Zeds had decided to parade the streets, a couple of them walked in front of my car... no car damage at all. 5. Drove along a country road and suddenly crashed into an invisible object, maybe an invisible car-wreck??? I could walk normally over/through the obstacle, seemed like an one tile room with invisible walls, but blocked sight when standing in it... Will check later if it still is there. Hood and front doors got damaged, all other parts got minor damage, if they even got any damage at all, it was difficult to see any difference. 6. Muffler dropped off, it was at 4%, I was unable to reinstall it so I continued without it. (I just don't know what negative effect it had...) 7. Checked tires, again barely below 35, inflated them back to max. 8. Decided to visit the golfclub, have never been there. Noticed I can drive/walk straight through the barriers at the check-point there. See pic below. 9. End of the Road... checked the cars condition one last time: 52 of 65 gasoline left, thats exactly 10% consumption. With four hour days in sandbox, I could drive around 10 more days before I have to refuel, would be really neat for real life, yes? (I remember driving from germany to Paris in 2 or 3 days, around 600km [372miles] and we had to refuel 2 or 3 times, maybe more, I was a kid back then...) Am I right, when I assume that the vehicle parts attrition is increased for testing purposes? My little Roadtrip showed me, that appropiate parts (like breaks and suspensions) drop quicker then other, which is reasonable, but its simply too fast. Only exception is the muffler. He surely doesn't like to be a muffler... I guess I am not a mechanic, and never owned a car myself, but observing others showes me, that cars need repairs every 2/3/4 years. In a zombie apocalypse, I would say repairs once a year (if the car is driven carefully and was kept in a good condition) should be reasonable for a game. Vehicle parts condition should mainly decrease through crashing and damage from running over zeds. And I guess that most gamers like to drive more "aggressive" and don't care when they take down lamp-posts, mailboxes and pedestrians. I noticed that the bored, sad and/or depressed moodlets never popped up while driving or even while just sitting in the car. At marker 3 (on the first pic above) I just sat for at least 3 ingame hours in the car, doing nothing and waiting for midnight. Never got bored, sad or depressed. Will test this by purely living in a car, only leaving it for repairs and looting... Also, at one point I also ran around a little to explore on foot and got the moderate exertion moodlet. After I went back into the car, it stayed for the next 2 or 3 ingame hours of driving. I suspect it won't go away when sitting in a car, will test this further on the weekend. The Franklin Valuline's top speed is around 35mph, with seems way too slow. I sat in similar small vans, that where capable of reaching 75mph... or is there some sort of speed limiter that I didn't noticed??? Concerning the performance issues, I mostly had the worst stutters when starting a new game or after loading an existing save. Inside towns it starts to stutter too, not as crazy like on a new game or after loading, but it makes it difficult to drive sometimes. Lastly, shouldn't most vehicles have cigarette lighters??? Back in the 90's, every car had one... at least here in germany. Well, my roadtrip ended with a few bottles of bleach... This is how I died!
  11. Now that I slept over it for a night, I think I got a better Idea for vehicle capacities: Vehicle trunks and seat should be able to be overloaded. The player character already has such a feature. Characters have a standard carry capacity of around 12 to 14, but have actually a capacity of 50 (if I am not mistaken). Everything above the standard capacity slows down the character. You know, "You're carrying too much!" For a vehicle it could say "Trunk capacity 50", as recommended load limit, but with the possibility to actually load up to 100 which then would overload the vehicle. That means reduced acceleration, damage to trunk/seats (depending which is overloaded), suspensions and tires. Would also be hilarious if the vehicle would have an appropiate animation, like in the picture, so that the front goes up while the rear goes down. And with a nice scratching sound if the rear is touching the ground, to make it more then obvious to the player that he is torturing his car
  12. So, two days ago I decided to try out the vehicle build and I am really hyped, awesome work so far. But I have a little issue with trunk capacities. The first vehicle I found (on vehicle build 36) was a Franklin Valuline with six seats, a lot of loading capacity. While I was looting I spotted a Chevalier Step Van and instantly thought: "Cool, with that thing I surely can loot a whole house with furniture!" Because such vans are designed to move a lot of stuff right? Sadly I was disappointed and here is why: Cevalier Step Van: Trunk capacity 90, one additional big seat +30 capacity. Total capacity 120 Franklin Valuline: Trunk capacity 85, five additional big seats +150 capacity. Total capacity 235 Ambulance (just found on build 38): Trunk capacity 90, with additional five big seats it comes to a total capacity of 240... ...also, where do they put the injured? Can only be crammed into the trunk Well, I guess you know what I am going with this. I would suggest to decrease the trunk capacity of the Franklin Valuline and changing the ambulance to a two seat vehicle, maybe with increased trunk. The Cevalier Step Van could use more trunk capacity, I would say around 150 or even 200. It would also make sense when they spawn less, and mostly with parts in very bad condition and missing parts. At the outbreak, many people probably tried to get away with as much of their stuff as possible, so it would be realistic not to see a lot of the bigger vans. But right now, the Franklin Valuline and the Ambulance are the MVP's for looting (at least as far as I found).
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