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    Pandorea reacted to Dcar in window-tapping zombies (v40.43, Steam)   
    I'm on the Steam version, which is in the title.  Checking my client again, it still says v40.43.  If it was fixed in v41, then that hasn't apparently been distributed to Steam just yet outside of experimental builds.
  2. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to xclickitx in minor bug and a possible feature:   
    Directed here by Beard, My first bug report on the website.  

    Bug:) you can get an 'error' message in the bottom right when you are inspecting one item of clothing and then try to inspect another without closing the first item's box.

    Feature? ) During heavy rains when water is still on I would get tainted water through the faucets (I think this is a cool feature) and then after the rains it would go back to being untainted. Either way they aren't game breaking but thought they were neat.
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    Pandorea reacted to Flecso in Packing a corpse in a backpack   
    Bug or feature, but you can pack 1 corpse in a backpack, and carry the second in your hand. The corpse can also be transferred from hand to inventory. For each inventory, whether it is a backpack or a player, you can add 1 corpse. To remove the corpse from the hands and put it in the inventory(So you can carry something else in your hands when the corpse is in the inventory), you need to transfer the corpse to a backpack and unpack.

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    Pandorea reacted to AuthenticPeach in Current Gas Station Bugs   
    First one is the back walls to the Fossoil Gas Stations act light a light switch when you click them. 
    Second one is the Fossoil sign can be indefinitely picked up, creating clones of it.
    I made a quick video showcasing them:
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    Pandorea reacted to Xonic in This fence gate crashes game when trying to open it   
    It's a mod map, the other side of the fence gate is fine except of the low health, but this side crashes the games immediately if you try to open it 
  6. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to hooper in crash bug   
    my game crashes without any error. The game is closed for no reason, I left the file. I hope this helps make the game better. console.txt
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    Pandorea reacted to Flecso in Missing Welder Mask when trying to dress from the floor   
    Maybe she wasn't even dressed, I found her in the same place. Delete the topic, my mistake
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    Pandorea reacted to Svojtot in Tainted Water Bug   
    Sorry if this have been reported, tried searching for it but couldn't find anything.

    The bug is quite simple, if you have tainted water in a bucket or cooking pot and pour it into another one and stop before you finish pouring everything, the water in the previously empty container will be clean.
    I've only tested this with water bucket and cooking pots, but I imagine it works with other things that can hold water.
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    Pandorea got a reaction from sprqn in Flashlight + Duffelbag + Encumbered = Invincible?   
    Does this happen without a mod?
    Could be something specific that you do because my character got eaten alive in a couple of seconds under the same circumstances. Was it a single zed? Was it attacking from behind or front? What about clothes that your char wears? 
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    Pandorea reacted to Ronovo Ronove in Drawing Weapon W/ Generator Despawns Generator   
    This has happened twice to me now. Unfortunately, both times, I forgot to check the logs to see what the exact error was. I just kept playing. Both characters didn't last long because the journey to find another generator ends up killing them. 🤣

    Note: Only mod I have running is the Achievement mod, as as far as I know, I don't think it would affect this. But who knows.
    Steps for The Bug:
    1.) Pick up a generator
    2.) Try to pull out a weapon from your belt(both times for me have been 1, don't know about other slots)
    3.) Error pops up
    4.) Generator is still equipped, but it can't be found in menu
    5.) Continuing to pull out weapon causes multiple errors
    6.) Only way I have found to get rid of the generator is to reload game.
    7.) When you do this, the generator despawns.

    I tried searching where my character reloaded, the area with the zombie I tried to draw my weapon, and the original generator spawn, and I couldn't find it anywhere.

    Last game in Riverside, this happened to the only generator in the city. I died going out to find another one. 😪

    If it happens again, I will be sure to update the thread. 
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    Pandorea reacted to Akumetsu in Generator bugged?   
    Hi everyone, i guess it's not a problem that affects everyone because it's quite annoying when it happens.
    When i pick a generator, it simply won't allow me to place it afterwards. I don't have the option to do so. I have it equiped in both hands but i can't drop it. When i change to another weapon it appears the message of "error" in the bottom right corner and the generator banishes. I thought maybe it was because i didnt read the magazine about generators, but i already read it and still happens. I have banished 3 generators at the moment. 
    Im playing the IWBUMS beta. I don't know if this is a common error, but ty for your time anyway. 
    Great game, btw, i enjoy it a lot.
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    Pandorea reacted to Snuffleupagus in Vegetation Growth   
    It would be cool if the vegetation growth cycle for any particular tile could get postponed for a period after said tile has been occupied by the player or a vehicle. You could kick it up a notch by actually removing existing vegetation on tiles the player/vehicles frequently occupied.
    The idea being vegetation wouldn't grow on paths you frequently travel. Not only would this be more on the side of realism, but it would be a nice way to maintain your "driveway" and paths through the woods simply by traveling them. Instead of coming back from a road trip to have to get out and chop down a bunch of fresh saplings and bushes or tear up your vehicle.
  13. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to AndrewNikolaenko in Car Batteries do not charge while the engine is running   
    Batteries do not charge while the engine is running when I playing in 1 day = 12 hours
    Fix is needed as soon as possible, because using machines is now not really work

    I do not use mods in contact with cars

    In the first screenshot, the state is 90%, and in the second it’s already less, I drove for about a minute.
    Initially, when I found the car, the battery was 95% charged.
      build 41.37

    For the test, I left the car wound up for an hour of playing time, and when I returned the battery was charged up to 94%, but if I drive a wound machine, the battery does not charge.

    upd. 2
    I reinstalled the game and the problem did not disappear, but I 100% understood how it works.
    When the car starts up, it spends ~ 2% of the charge, but the battery starts charging after some time (~ 5-15 game minutes). It turns out that short trips by car plant a battery, this is very strange, there wasn’t such a thing before.
    And in real life, the car generator starts to work when the engine starts, and not after 5-15 minutes.
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    Pandorea reacted to AndrewNikolaenko in Car Batteries do not charge while the engine is running   
    So the essence of the bug is that the charge speed of the battery depends on the speed of the game day, this is wrong. This should depend on the engine running time.
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    Pandorea reacted to EnigmaGrey in Zed´s can insta kill you   
    Are you sure there's not 3 zombies and you just can't see one because it's slightly higher up the stairs?
    If so, the solution is then to not fight on stairs.
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  17. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to Noelpac in Character getting stuck inside flipped car   
    In build 41.37, you can walk through a flipped car and get stuck inside of it with no means to get out. (I eventually got out with noclip from a mod)
    I don't think the mods I have installed are responsible as none of them concerns vehicles.
    If needed I can give files from my save as i did a backup before installing the mod to get out of it.
    Thanks for looking into it and have a nice day. Keep up the good work guys, your game is awesome!

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    Pandorea got a reaction from Erick in Zed´s can insta kill you   
    Could you describe the "insta-kill" in more detail? How many zeds were there? What weapons did you use? Did your character get zombified or just died (moodle-wise)? How often does this happen? Which version of the game are you playing?..
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    Pandorea reacted to EnigmaGrey in IWBUMS 41.37 released   
    Oh dude, you’re not one to talk. How about just asking for clarification politely instead of turning it into an insult?
    It means zombies that are being knocked down to the ground by the player.
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    Pandorea reacted to Sanctus in Missing wall on second floor of house   
    Just the title. I fell through it by accident on one of my games.

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    Pandorea got a reaction from sprqn in Multiple issues with bags in IWBUMS   
    Bags rotation should be fixed in the new update.
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    Pandorea reacted to Sopa in dresses   
    I need to see the traslation files maybe, but yes ist that, the 20 capacity backpack
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    Pandorea reacted to Rambo in Unkown color error on WorldEd   
    Im trying to do my first map and im following guides online
    However I keep getting unkown color error on my BMP files on worlded. The RGB scale changes 2 or 3 points. 
    When I open the file on Photoshop the colors are fine.
    I have anti-aliasing disabled btw
    I made a test cell to try to solve it, but had no luck.
    I tried all BMP Save as configs....16,24 and 32 bits

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