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    Pandorea got a reaction from Maris in CLH - Russian Retexture | КЛХ - Русские Ретекстуры   
    "Specials" - (generally) foods that are prepared and served daily and may not be available any other day or foods that this particular place specializes in (sorry, haven't got Russian keyboard  )
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    Pandorea reacted to Quigleyer in Game crashing frequently after latest B41 update   
    Here are the logs from a CTD that occurred in the menu.  They seem to be happening in nearly regular intervals now, the game runs for about 21 minutes before crashing since lowering the puddles options.  

    Let me know if this is getting annoying, I'm patient and fine with providing information so long as it's helpful.  Don't want to give the wrong impressions here, I appreciate all you're doing.
    02-11-19_00-28-19_DebugLog.txt 02-11-19_00-28-20_DebugLog.txt 02-11-19_00-33-12_client chat Bob.txt 02-11-19_00-33-36_ZombieSpawn.txt
  3. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to Khrony in Gardening Spray Can   
    Just curious if anyone has found them in build 41. After several survivors and way too many hours played on the new build, I just can't seem to find any. I have scoured Wayne county and all its farming glory, plus several main cities to no avail.  
  4. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to ilikecaterpillars in Moving the Hotbar   
    Is it possible to move the hotbar location? You can move the inventory, but for anyone playing on split-screen, the clock and speed buttons move to where the hotbar is now located and it makes it harder to read.
    Both players hotbars show up over each other too, so the player using the keyboard can only interact with the player 2 hotbar. It'd be good if, when it goes to split-screen, the hotbars went to the center of those people's screens, or we had the ability to move them. xXx
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    Pandorea reacted to Nebula in Walkie-talkies   
    Make it possible to hang radios on the waist belt, as you already did with the weapon. It’s very inconvenient to keep the radio in your hand all the time.
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    Pandorea got a reaction from roix in Build 41.18 Zombies that pass through a barrier are considered standing in combat   
    Thank you for the report! The issue is already in our tracking system.
  7. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to roix in Build 41.18 Zombies that pass through a barrier are considered standing in combat   

    Zombies that pass through a barrier are considered standing in combat. When I hit him on the ground after his animation, they get up by magic while standing.

    The zombie that goes through the window does not have this problem, if I hit him when he's on the floor, he gets the attack and stays on the ground.

    Version original:
    les zombies qui passent par une barrière sont considéré debout en combat. Quand je le frappe au sol suite à son animation, ils se relèvent par magie en étant debout.
    Le zombie qui passe par la fenêtre n'a pas ce problème, si je le frappe quand il est par terre, il reçoit bien l'attaque et reste bien au sol.
  8. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to Jason132 in Wall Vines hidden when player is close   
    As you can see in the first image there's only vines on the tile with the window and nowhere else, but when i move back in the second imagine they appear as normal, it seems they're hidden by the circle around the player that makes things transparent

  9. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to B4nny in Build 41.17 + 18   
    The first Walltile inside of buildings doesnt fade away . I saw it first in Build 41.17 when the fence fadeing was added.

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    Pandorea reacted to Kitsune Alias Nana in Save appearance of character   
    Hello there !
    This is just a little suggestion for game comfort. I saw that while testing Build 41, i often die but i love keep the same Character appearance but now since it's possible to custom a bit more our character, it would be really appreaciated if we could save appearance like we can save the perk, traits and job, no more waste of time if we want to go back break some zombie's brains haha 
    Thanks for reading me
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    Pandorea reacted to EnigmaGrey in [SOLVED AFTER PATCH] Crash and extremely low fps when tall fences become see-through   
    Stay out of the bugs/support section if you're going to write things like that ...
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    Pandorea reacted to Lord_of_Cats in Build 41.17 - Destroy Option Not Functioning   
    Is it okay to disable mods mid-playthough? maybe I could start a new game in debug mode or something?
    It was Improved Build Menu, unfortunately... I really liked that mod too. Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Pandorea reacted to Kalista in B41.15-17 Animation bug while eating and moving   
    Eating or smoking and i can't confirm if its only if i release my movement buttons when i turn due to the fact my damn hand shakes all the time due to a medical condition so i don't always notice if my finger came off the button for a split second.
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    Pandorea got a reaction from Crrrow in Clip on Tie Glitch   
    This has been added to the list of things to fix already. Thank you for the report!
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    Pandorea got a reaction from Lord_of_Cats in Build 41.17 - Destroy Option Not Functioning   
    Works on this side. Does it fail for you when attempting to destroy any object or just some? Do you have any mods?
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    Pandorea got a reaction from Lord_of_Cats in Build 41.17 - Destroy Option Not Functioning   
    Could you disable the mods and see if that changes anything? (lol, should have said that in the first place  )
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    Pandorea got a reaction from ilikecaterpillars in IWBUMS 41.17 RELEASED!   
    It does. When the char is below highest level of Exhaustion. If you're also Tired (sleepy) Sit on Ground will not do anything.
  18. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to ARZUMATA in IWBUMS 41.17 - Character perks preset dialog   
    On "Select Occupation and Traits" if you save preset and enter the name the 'save' dialog doesn't go away, even by clicking 'cancel'.
    You can enter another name and click save, it will do, but the dialog doesn't go away.

  19. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to Maris in ISBaseObject bug   
  20. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to Star Bright in Hunting Vest Rendering Issue IWBUMS 41   
    I equipped the hunting vest over my shirts and was wearing jeans then took off all of the shirts except for the hunting vest and it caused the jeans to go invisible. When I took the jeans off it showed the legs and underwear normally but did it again when I re-equipped the jeans. 

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    Pandorea got a reaction from Maris in Is it possible to make custom debuffs in version 41?   
    Not as far as I know. All available debuffs are listed in Traits/Occupation section on char creation screen.
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    Pandorea reacted to Rass in Combat fun   
    I'm pretty sure that's how all pants/shirt/jacket items work. When they protect you, the place where the attack would've landed gets damaged or torn off and the item no longer provides protection in that area. 
  23. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to Luc1fer in Playing as hard of hearing   
    Zombie groans and screams and also the sound of jogging/sprinting plays out at normal volume whilst everything else is subdued noise. 
    Edited as I had put deaf instead of hard of hearing 
  24. Pie
    Pandorea reacted to Blake81 in IWBUMS 41.16 released!   
    Very old bug; been like that since the Furniture Moving was first implemented. Can't move those cubby walls, and some desks for some reason.
  25. Spiffo
    Pandorea got a reaction from crossed in Getting stuck in cars   
    Indeed. Thank you for the report!
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