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  1. An average Sunday afternoon. Thanks for gaming with us =D
  2. Doc Holliday

    Hydrocraft Mod

    To be clear, I'm running 41.2. It's unclear(?) if this version will continue to be worked on.
  3. Doc Holliday

    Hydrocraft Mod

    It's been running great on our vehicles server
  4. Doc Holliday

    Web Public Server List/Browser

    down for maintenance ?
  5. Doc Holliday

    Adding mods to a hosted server

    join my discord at I'll go over in voice/screenshare how to install your mods.
  6. Hey, There is no PVP button because PVP is on by default!
  7. 41.2 Vehicles 3xXP [Hydro][ORGM][Silencers][PumpPower][POS] If the following discord link has expired, click discord on our website: IP: (It's generally easier to search for GrandPlanGaming in the in-game server list) Server Info Vehicles 3xXP Hydrocraft ORGM Silencers PumpPower POS Loot Respawn 7 Days for Safehouse 3 Characters per user 100% Dedicated Server Must use Vehicle Test 41.2 client. To update to 41.2: Right-Click game in Steam > Properties > Betas > Select: vehicle - Work in progress on vehicles