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  1. All that I write below was checked on the server I created (7 GB RAM was allocated and there were no players besides me). But I am sure that 99% of the problems listed will be in the SP too. Server settings are default. Weirdnesses and bugs: - As I wrote earlier, the inability to break the machine completely (only the body and the exhaust pipe are damaged by crahses). - When the glass is damaged, strange stains appear on it (screenshot 2018-04-05 (3).png). - The character constantly removes the keys from the bunch of keys. - In the build mode, the game shows me the necessary materials for Double Dence Gate, but for everything else - no (I do not know which side here is the error). - As for me, it's a bit strange that the glass at the door can be whole when the door itself is broken. - Somehow zed managed to bite me through the WHOLE glass of the machine. Still at the same car there were no textures of shone headlights. (screenshot of this vehicle 2018-04-06.png). - In the town near the riverside (there are many trailer-like houses), I found only 1 bottle of whiskey (for the whole town). But the bag of cement was in every kitchen. it's strange. - It is also strange that in some auto repair shops (there are all kinds of spare parts for cars) there are no tools for working with cars, but there are nails, hammers, etc. - Even when playing on the server (in the SP did not check) when hovering in the action menu of the car to "sleep" always appears the inscription "can not sleep while the engine is running" - I think that this is not a bug, but a temporary feature, but still. Completely broken glass looks very strange (just a black cloth). It would be possible to make at least glass fragments along the edges. - I would like more loot in cars. After all, in reality there should be first-aid kits, spare wheels. But it is too rare. - Do so that when you try to sit on the seat where there is a loot, some inscription was displayed. - All cars initially opened the trunk (in the sense, fully open). Else hood closing does not close the diagnostic window. - At 21% of the state of the trunk, its capacity was 18 kg. After the repair, nothing has changed, even with 100% state of the whole vehicle (screenshot of this vehicle 2018-04-06.png). - With pitch black nights, the headlights barely illuminate anything. And in general, car lighting suffers. They are always dark, then shone. But if you turn on the flashlight directly in the car, then the problem disappears. I would also like to see the switching of near and distant lights. Average FPS in towns is 50 (with completely outlying camera) and 60 (at middle distance). But sometimes it can fall to 30 (it was never below). I attached my display settings (settings.png). ____________________________________________________ Vehcile test build 41.2 (IWBUMS 39.41) Windows 10 x64 PC configuration: Motherboard: ASRock B75M-GL R2.0 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU 3.40GHz Videocard: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 780 RAM: 12GB DDR3 ____________________________________________________ I wrote everything from memory, so I probably forgot something else =(
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