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  1. Hi, I've got several questions to the settings at all: PlantResilience = 3, (Plants resilience against disease/weather. 1=very low, 2=low, 3=normal, 4=high, 5=very high) -> means that on 5 the plants are the most resistent once? Uncelar description inside the ingame-server-editor. -> setting to 1 would mean that the plant will not loose so much water per day and it can't avoid a disease so good? (contradictorily) ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn=true -> affects the respawn inside safehouses too? F.e. when it's set to false, is their smth. respawning in claimed Safehouses too? HoursForLootRespawn= 2 -> related to real-time-hrs? HoursForWorldItemRemoval=0.0 -> related to real-time-hrs? Basics to the following questions: Distribution = 1, (1=urban focused(inside cities), 2=uniform(everywhere)) -> are the zeds dirstributing from urban regions to uniform regions after some time? RespawnHours = related to ingame-hrs? RespawnUnseenHours = related to ingame-hrs? RedistributeHours = related to ingame-hrs? When an admid or mod is passing the cells or tiles in ghost-mode, does this affect the values (RespawnHours, RespawnUnseenHours, RedistributeHours, HoursForLootRespawn) ??? If the server reboots are the time-counters related to these values resetted? If there's a soft-reset would it also be resetted? What does the Soft reset do at all? We obeserved that there are increasingly less zombies inside the cities after some time and player acitivities. The cities became dead. That's why I'm asking in detail to ensure some suppositions. If you like to consult our settings in detail, you'll find them under: project-zomboid.de server-settings. Kind regards ScOoBy
  2. I was also interested in. Especially to compare settings of servers I was playin on and to improve the settings of our project-zomboid.de community server. There's the solution "A line by line explanation of everything on the Server.ini and Sandboxvars.lua files". GUIDE: Project Zomboid: Server.ini and Sandboxvars.lua descriptions / explanations [ENG] And for everybody who likes to read the informations directly inside the Server.ini and Sandboxvars.lua files you'll find the DOWNLOADS over here: DOWNLOAD: Server.ini (descriptions/explanations) DOWNLOAD: Sandboxvars.lua (descriptions/explanations) This informations are related to the PZ build versionNumber=38.30.
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