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  1. Packo

    Coxis Shop

    Hey sorry for my english, I have a dedicated server, I wanted to install the mod but did not work. Or me who is bad installer, In SP it works
  2. For that it is necessary that the player is next, I speak of a distant trade
  3. Hey sorry for my english ^^, it would be nice to be able to exchange between player [HDV], with a contextual menu and to be able to choose what one wants to sell, to exchange, to choose the quantity. The other player through this menu can see what the other player has put on sale. can someone tell me if it is possible or I dream too much? Thx
  4. Hey ! sorry for my english, le serveur est ouvert depuis le 03/06/2019, il contient quelques mods comme Hydrocraft,Morebuild,ORGM et ZombieCure, si vous voulez avoir plus d'informations rejoignez le discord ! https://discord.gg/MAC3waj et Bonne survie ! (the server is open since 03/06/2019, it contains some mods like Hydrocraft, Morebuild, ORGM and ZombieCure, if you want to have more joy to join the discord! https://discord.gg/MAC3waj and good survival!)
  5. Packo

    Combat Renovations

    Excuse me for my english I use a translator, you do excellent work take your time and do not listen to people who ask you to go faster !! <3 <3
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