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  1. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    Hello, I found a hole in the ground which makes the cars visually dissapear. There is a car standing stuck on that black spot. Sometimes the car gets visible again and then I can interact, but it's impossile to drive out of this "pot hole".
  2. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    When I hear a Z moan it sound like there are at least 3-4 Zs moaning at the same time but there is only one. Is it only me?
  3. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    I just picked up two guys at Muldraugh tavern and went north for the main road. Server seems to have crashed when we reached it. Before I was going back and forth between the gas station and the warehouse mowing through hordes. after two cycles the game started stuttering gradually until it crashed. Too bad the zombie kills don't count in a vehicle (yet?). Must have been hundreds in ten minutes!