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    Okay run into a few minor problems with this. For the  recipe Electricwire refuses to appear in recipe so easy fix has been removed until a substitute is found/made ,Biggest problem is ....although the turbine works, it is still tied to the fuel consumption rate of a normal generator set at the server level. Again, easily fixed by just unplugging  and then plug in  turbine all power back for set period, however if you are on a 3 day scavenge when you return to base power would have died at some point. If you go on a 2 week scavenge  all the food in the refrigerators is spoiled. Any suggestions as to how to fix this as a permanent power supply would be most appreciated.Also now added to this mod is a drinking water  well . Basically works with only vanilla items needed for when water is turned off,however, I am not happy with the way it works ... eg  IRL  you cannot build a well  put it where you want by carrying it about  and after several months if the base is compromised pick it up and move it 40 miles away.   Quite obviously I am rather new to modding and have also been inspired by Hydrocraft   Unfortunately Hydrocraft makes the game too easy to "win" (no offense,  have enjoyed Hydro on our servers) so I am trying to make mods that I, as a "womble" ,would know how to survive the "Plan B Scenario".              For now have updated download   PLEASE PLEASE give feedback and improvement ideas and tech knowhow
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    Jal D`aron got a reaction from bruntax in Wind Power   
    Just a small mod adding a craft able wind turbine to the game using engine parts and electronics, similar to those that can be purchased by mail order for the home for less than $200. so when electricity is cut off refrigerators and cookers can now remain powered. Also stick one in the boot of your car and power the gas pumps at the garages. WIP so not fully tested yet so input welcome