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  1. Spiffospaced

    I am not one who enjoys using forums too much, and as such I am fairly new, but I was quite surprised when you picked my picture of my random toying around with a mod to try and just have a zombie shootout from a roof... But thank you for enjoying and using it as showcase for this week's Thursdoid! I appreciate it, sincerily. I haven't been playing the game since a lot of time, but I've followed its developement from time to time, always wanted to buy it, and I finally did, although kinda late I guess. Or maybe right in time to see big changes? Either way, i've been enjoying my time with the game so far, even got a friend to buy it and to play it with me! I sadly wont be testing vehicules on the multiplayer because my computer is pretty bad, I really need to upgrade it soon (I tried the vehicle beta, but my computer really doesn't want anything to do with cars... Even when disabling 3D models, it still drops my FPS as soon as two cars are on the screen). But rest assured that I am still looking forward to vehicles, and everything else you've been working on. I wish you the best of luck regarding the future of the game, and whatever other things you might do in the future.