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  1. What is the codename of BBQ??

    Thanks ProjectSky, It's not a good way for my recipe because it's not an item :/ I would like to create a metalsheet recipe with "NearItem:Barbecue" like Anvil, it's work with "Campfire" but not work with Barbecue.
  2. Hello, I'm search since 4 hours the exact codename of small red BBQ for my mod. it's not: BBQ, BBQ_Small, Small_BBQ, Barbecue, Bbq, bbq Please Help me i don't find this name.
  3. ItemZed (updated 1.1b)

    Hello, i have error with Itemzed 1.2 and PZ steam version: When i click on the "import" the import file block at uniquerecipe.txt and send this error