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  1. Maul Rats

    I don't wanna sound rude, but why so long on this update? It seems that all animations are done and all you need to do is fix annoying bugs. Maybe you'll upload some video about maded work ( on new unseen anims, or clothes, because i notice new hairstyle for males ) or something? Please, don't "hide" your work like it did Vladimir Putin with his corruption schemes. People are starving to death. btw i became horny after i saw this walk animations with quick stops and stuff.
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    For some reason i can't gain EXP from doing car-upgrading stuff Car hud ( this stuff under the middle ) is disappear sometimes. If somebody ignites the car engine and off it, the sound will still stay. Many desinc. issues ( if my friend drops a loot it isn't shows uno momento, grass texture ins't updating after removing it and etc )
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    Vehicle are back, but only in new world. R.I.P 50 lbs of food, we'll miss you.
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    And something is wrong with containers: they dissappear for few moments too, when i come close to them ( happens not everytime )
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    I'm playing in co-op with my friend and our old car dissappear. Also, we can't find new. Is spawing broke?
  6. "There's a 20-30 zombies near some house, that contains only food? Well, i should loot that, but first kill em.." Rest in piss
  7. Project Zomboid PvP discussion

    Charged axe. Can deal crit. damage to you, that mean you 100% loose in fight.
  8. Idea with OP abilities attached to high skills is great, but there should be alternative to this, otherwise knives become useless. High chance to miss without needed level of blade weapons skill? Make level-upping this skill less hard?
  9. Custom Hair via Character Creation Screen[Download Now!]

    Yes please! I'll die if i play one more time with vanilla hairs. ( standalone version doesn't work - all new hairs is just bald. )
  10. There was a post about OP knives in this thread
  11. Back in Bleak

    I'm sorry Actualy, i think devs will work on NPC after vehicle-animation build full release.
  12. Life : Another survivor mod

    I came all over the place.. Please, post something! What's up with work?
  13. More Traits/Perks/Professions?

    Balance old? No? I think it's more important, that adding new. Don't wanna sound rude, just +6 points for "more water consuming on character" is kinda... Broken.
  14. Slay Bells Ring

    Christmas present? Please?