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  1. Desura revival?

    I may have accidentally deleted it then. uhm... I could resend the initial message, and keep a closer eye out for it. Now that my mailbox is clear, it should be easier to pick it out. It's being sent to my Dasaki email, correct?
  2. Hello all!  My name is Tony.  Hope we can all be friends and fight against the hordes together!

  3. Desura revival?

    How long does it generally take for them to respond? I sent one on the 29th of November.
  4. Desura revival?

    Ya, I got my Desura account back, but it's steam key was already used (Not by me, evidently, or else it would still be in my steam library). I really want to get the 38. update for it since it doesn't seem to be supported on Desura anymore. I have a really close friend that has just started playing it, and I've been with PZ and The Indie Stone for quite some time, I believe before PZ was even released in alpha. I truly hope I can get some answers to this question, and yours too.