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  1. I was wondering if someone here could make a simple mod that displays character info not shown in the health tab, like whether or not the character has contracted the zombie virus, (Useful on infection mortality 1-2 weeks) whether anti-depressants are dormant in the system or if they're having an effect, when to take the next dose, and whether or not the player is under the effects of beta-blockers. Also, information on how long until the water and electricity shutoff, which I suppose would go in the info tab.
  2. Alright, hopefully my last post in regards to this, I was able to capture some footage of the glitch occurring while sneak-sprinting very underweight, 0 fitness, 0 sprinting, 0 sneaking. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oSUM3fOSTG3f_jcjTceTgnD1IFt1xoVy/view?usp=sharing
  3. It looks like my earlier comment that it doesn't happen while jogging was incorrect, was unable to capture any video of this one because the bug got me killed before I could actually collect any footage. I was sneak-jogging, this time with 0 sprinting 0 fitness and very underweight. but this time it seemingly was only happening with the excessive exertion moodle, and not any of the lower tiers. Also, this time around I had no tired or encumberance moodles. This was in the middle of muldraugh in the western neighborhood with all the blue houses that have chain-link fences, on the road again. st
  4. Man, I knew I should've recorded it just in case, I saw a video of it on here way back when animations was a relatively new build, so I figured it was already a known bug. It appears you have to have an exhaustion moodle and a tired moodle, It happened to me with the ridiculously tired moodle, and any exhaustion moodle, I don't think it happened when there was no exhaustion moodle, but my memory is foggy. This was on the eastern-most road from mccoy towards muldraugh, I don't know if it happens on other terrain or roads, I elected to jog home since it was being difficult. It does
  5. Any plans for hotfixing the running in place bug anytime soon?
  6. I was pretty sure all the roofs are made of black tiles when you actually get on the same level of elevation as them. I know thats the case for the police station in muldraugh, anyway. Had to lay down an extra 300 wooden flooring pieces because the roof had no texture, just solid black tiles.
  7. The only disadvantage would be in real life, you would probably still get sick even if you did this with a hazmat suit and full face resperater. It's really unsanitary. examples of bodies I've buried instead of burnt previous survivors that I made bad choices with and got killed that random zombie that walked up to my base carrying a fully repaired M249 and 3 extra belt mags, one of them half reloaded. I tried to bury one of those guys who left a "bury me if you can" note on an annotated map for something to do, but his house was in the exact middle of the bl
  8. My performance is GOD AWFUL this patch, game stutters every 1-4 seconds for about, 8 seconds, I tried changing my settings around, here's what I found. FPS framelock: I used to have this set to uncapped, but ever since this recent patch I get significantly better frames with this set to 244 instead. That new UI frame limiter thing: Atleast an extra 8 frames a second when I turn this off. It should be noted that my graphics card is an intel hd 4000 series, it has something like a little over 2 or 300 Megs of memory, which is obviously really terrible so I always have to run
  9. people would probably just be cancer with it, leaving them in big patches all up n down the main roads.
  10. You mean mechanics for beginners or intermediates? That wasn't happening last version. Also, don't bother reading mechanics books, the xp multiplier doesn't even work. Was this on multiplayer?
  11. Come on man, it's been 2 years, what have ya got to show us? I know you guys are busy with vehicles and especially multiplayer but what's the word on the new animations, how much progress is there, could it make it for a 2018 release?!?!?!?!?!
  12. So, people with organized still have to press the transfer all button in order to get the extra storage space that the trait permits on car containers, I've seen this reported multiple times by other users and myself for like a lot of versions guys. Also, when I read mechanics for beginners, it didn't help at all. Everything was still a .6 of an xp. I saw that get reported awhile back too n I thought for surely it was fixed by now.
  13. You need level 1 electrical also, go around houses picking up any TV's and radio's you see and dismantle them, you should get to level 1 before sundown.
  14. It took about 1 and a half ingame days to get from lvl 0 to 1 by taking the parts from 4 cars and mix matching them together. Tge
  15. If you find a park ranger vehicle, a cop car, or a dasher elite in the really nice area near courtman medical, those cars are always almost 100% intact for almost every single part, with none of them being less than 60%. Also, based on the settings they chose for car spawns, I think this is intended.
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