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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    You mean mechanics for beginners or intermediates? That wasn't happening last version. Also, don't bother reading mechanics books, the xp multiplier doesn't even work. Was this on multiplayer?
  2. Battlefeild 4 killing floor rising storm vietnam There's always one of those games from a steam sale, or, one of those junk steam keys from humblebundle
  3. Come on man, it's been 2 years, what have ya got to show us? I know you guys are busy with vehicles and especially multiplayer but what's the word on the new animations, how much progress is there, could it make it for a 2018 release?!?!?!?!?!
  4. About action's animations

    This video is gonna be 2 years old in less than 2 months
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    So, people with organized still have to press the transfer all button in order to get the extra storage space that the trait permits on car containers, I've seen this reported multiple times by other users and myself for like a lot of versions guys. Also, when I read mechanics for beginners, it didn't help at all. Everything was still a .6 of an xp. I saw that get reported awhile back too n I thought for surely it was fixed by now.
  6. Dead content:15 Old features that need expansion

    Aiming So, I'm wrong on this one, fine. I tested it out, and you guys are right, aiming doesnt really do jack shit to your chance to hit people, all the guns work fine so long as your brave and on beta blockers. Fitness I challenge you to go out ON A NEW SAVE and survive ANY amount of time you like and gain a fitness xp point, just 1 xp gained from 0. And my personal advice to you is to not accept this challenge because you will NEVER complete it until an indiestone dev finds this article and goes digging into the games programming and finds out why you will stay at 0xp gained forever. lolwut? This is how all skills work - at zero level you're nothing. Blade accuracy, cooking, first aid, farming, carpentry, metalworking, electrical, sprinting, blade guard You can get by just fucking fine at level 0 for all these skills, in fact, I never have a hard time leveling these up at all because at level 0 I'm able to do so much I don't need any additional level ups to help. In fact, the only skills I can think of that I mentioned here even worth leveling up are cooking and sprinting, and carpentry too but there's so many tables and chairs that carpentry is just, free level ups.
  7. Dead content:15 Old features that need expansion

    I estimate that by spending the 50 some odd dollars on the 4 pack of zomboid you will give roughly 7 dollars and 68 cents to theindiestone while the rest of the funds stay with Valve.
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    You need level 1 electrical also, go around houses picking up any TV's and radio's you see and dismantle them, you should get to level 1 before sundown.
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    It took about 1 and a half ingame days to get from lvl 0 to 1 by taking the parts from 4 cars and mix matching them together. Tge
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    If you find a park ranger vehicle, a cop car, or a dasher elite in the really nice area near courtman medical, those cars are always almost 100% intact for almost every single part, with none of them being less than 60%. Also, based on the settings they chose for car spawns, I think this is intended.
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    It was worse in earlier versions, definitely an improvement if they have to be knee-high now. Before it was like woops i crashed into a pebble.
  12. ORGM Rechambered

    Hey, fernis. What about some new things that explode? So far it's been "Pipe bomb" if you spawn as engineer and that's your lot for as far back as i can remember
  13. Dead content:15 Old features that need expansion

    Oh, and one more feature you guys should add Donations. I paid steam 10 dollars n a couple cents for this game, how much of that did you guys get back from them? 2 bucks? This game probably has the most hours of playtime to dollars spent ratio of any other. I would gladly pay 20 dollars just to know that I gave you a decent amount of money for my license to play the game. Even if this game were to cost 30 dollars, I would probably still be bringing this up, asking how I can get another 10 dollars to you guys.
  14. Metalworking - Almost no reward for it whatsoever. At levels 2 4 6 8 and 10 you should be able to weld progressively better upgrades to weapons. And at levels 8-10, maybe even armor. Electrical - You still can't power player built houses, which makes sense, there's no wiring. But you can't add any wiring either. Aiming - If you don't choose police officer or veteran, your bullets will leave the gun going straight up in the air, bypassing any and all chance of hitting a zombie and progressing the skill. Fitness - Is there even a way to gain experience in this skill anymore? There used to be a really slow one, now this skill tends to sit at 0 xp even after weeks Blade/blunt maintenance - Again, very little reward for your skill point, you'll find new weapons before all your old one's break most likely. This skill should be tied to the proposed metalworking weapon upgrades, so that skill points actually get spent in this skill. Anti-biotics, spiffo's, jars - Been a mighty long time since I saw any. Mechanics - There's basically no way to level this up, and hasn't been for about 3 versions or more now. Sandbox options - Zombies will consistently fail to set off alarms if enabled. Day/night cycle active should make the zombies STRONGER during the active phase, not so weak during the inactive phase that you can literally take on thousands at a time with no risk to your well being. I'm not joking, go out and try it, you'll feel like floyd mayweather going up against 8 year olds in the ring. Maybe let us pick where to spawn for sandbox games too. Water shutoff - Should take 0-2 months AND the water should be tainted after, then, after an additional 1-4 months the water should actually shut off. More about water: Tainted water doesn't lose volume or weight when boiled, 10-25% of the water should evaporate. Also, water coolers Don't indicate how full they are. And you should be able to find underground water and build your own well, farmers have been doing it for hundreds of years with the help of little more than some sticks and rope. Gas - The gas stations should be able to powered up after shutoff, and then actually have some sort of finite amount of gas, as opposed to an endless supply that lasts anywhere between 3 minutes and 30 days. Also, no diesel, you should be able to make that yourself with plant oil and distilled alcohol. And there should be supreme or whatever. Traits - there should be more, even though we'll probably all go with the same ones anyway, they're cool and fun. Survival - Why even enable vehicles if they're all out of gas and just barely over 0% overall condition? The helicopter - So, the lore says that nobody is infected outside of kentucky, right? There should be more then 1 helicopter then, if society on the outside is doing just fine. And even if they aren't, you should still see helicopters once a month for the first 6 months. Clothes - No winter clothes in the game and 1 sweater ain't gonna cut it. Also, they don't rip or tear and need sewing, and offer absolutely 0 protection. Say what you want about stab proof vests and welding a piece of metal armor for yourself like the middle ages, a leather jacket should be harder to grab and way harder to pierce with a zombies mindless attempts to claw you. Also, there should be excersize clothes, and shoes man, those make a big difference between a shitty 20 dollar pair from the grocery store and a 120 dollar pair at the mall when you run kilometers everyday.
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Well, then. At least I know where I might be able to find a dose, thanks.