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  1. Yeah true ! ^-^ As we can save perks and sandbox options, i suppose it wouldn't be too hard to add
  2. Hello there ! This is just a little suggestion for game comfort. I saw that while testing Build 41, i often die but i love keep the same Character appearance but now since it's possible to custom a bit more our character, it would be really appreaciated if we could save appearance like we can save the perk, traits and job, no more waste of time if we want to go back break some zombie's brains haha Thanks for reading me
  3. @Hydromancerx and can you do something for this ?
  4. Hello @Hydromancerx ! Some changes to notice since the build 39 is here. They changed the loot zones, i mean, before the build 39, in some garages or areas like this, there was many different stuff and we could find some computer parts, magazines, cooking stuff, box of stuff, alchemy stuff and now, it has changed and we can only find some stuff that we can find in hardware store. I join a screen on my server here Hydrocraft is wrking under Build 39 (I have no big issues with it btw). And we can't find the stuff we found before this new build anymore, anywhere. I look for it everywhere, can't craft electronic workbench and gardening workbench anymore (And probably others). It's in french but items are the same (you can guess it by the icon) Is there a way to be fixed ? Probably by changing in the scrpits the spawn location od the stuff i mentionned ? Thanks !
  5. Thanks for uploading my FR translation ! Big hype for you Thank you for your hard work
  6. BUG REPORT : Another bug found. Some cooked food like dried fruit, cupcakes, and stuff like that disappear when you put them on your inventory. This is a known bug that you can pass by put it on the floor before putting in on your inventory next. But after that, it respawns on the oven again and again even when it's rotten. There is the point of this bug report. When the rotten food is in your oven, when you cook it, it becomes fresh again. So it can be a glitch to have unlimited food :/ It would be very nice to fix food bug
  7. The "Stuffed Snail" recipe doesn't work. I tried with all the usable items to craft it.
  8. I agree ... Vanilla books are already TOO LONG to read if server's time go slowly. BTW Hydromancerx, once anchored, herbalist table can't be used to craft stuff with herbal medicine :/ And other craft can't be done if it's anchored, since the chararcter "needs" to take the table in his inventory. A way to fix it ? Maybe enable the "can be done from floor" or something like that
  9. Yes, i agree, it works for me to refill empty lighters only. Not half-filled lighters.
  10. Hello ! First of all i want to thank you for the work you did and still doing on this mod, it's really awesome ! So, in fact, i came here to ask, since the mod is giving me more pleasure to play, and i got a MP server, i would ask if I can do a French Translation of this mod ? I'm French and my community really love this mod too so i thought it would be a really good idea to do it, but i want your approbation ^^ There is already a FR translation but it's reallt incomplete. I would like to have the .txt item list and reciepe list, the most recent you have, please I will send you my finished work so you could add it to the mod. What do you think about it ? EDIT : Ok I find the error on the actual FR translation ! I comparred it to the TR translation and there is actually 1581 lines on Items_FR while 4072 on Items_TR and same for Recipes_FR (945 lines, 2554 for the TR) so, i will go on translating all of this ! Do you want me to send you the files when i'm done ? So you can add it to the mod so people can have the complete french translation Thanks for replying me ^^
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