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  1. game unplayable on new pc

    Hm, well... its just guessing from my side :-S Maybe it needs RAM specificly assigned?!
  2. game unplayable on new pc

    I am not sure where to look. Maybe update Java or reinstall it? I think i had a Problem with Minecraft and i had to reinstall Java ... but that was long ago. :-S
  3. game unplayable on new pc

    Maybe it is Java what is causing problems?
  4. Change Alert Sound

    Oh maaaaaaaan, what a bummer. Ok, the waiting game it is then. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Change Alert Sound

    Sorry for the doublepost, but: I managed to open the bank file. I was able to find the sounds i would like to replace. But how can i put it back into a bank file?! Is this really that hard? Can´t find a solution :-[
  6. Change Alert Sound

    Hi! Is there a way to change the alert Sound? You know, the sound that is played when you see a Zomboid. I would like to have the MGS Sound. I found something here: https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/3afu7p/how_do_i_disable_this_specific_frustrating_sound/ But that didn´t work. I don´t have any OGG files. Only BANK files. Don´t know how to replace something :-S