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  1. Did that and it's now working, thanks! The movement is way better since the last time I played(no more stopping and looking at the wrong direction), which is great! But I found the Controller Binding screen kinda confusing: it says that melee is on LT, but LT does nothing and I actually have to use RB, which shows as "ToggleMode". Oh, and it seems tha minimizing/maximizing the game makes the game not recognize the controller anymore, but weirdly I can still "use" it on the test controller screen, but not in the menus or in the game.
  2. Just tested it here, and for some reason, both the left and right analog are inverted on the up/down. I looked in the controller "select and test" option, and none of the inverse move or inverse aim checkboxes are selected. Edit: I'm using a wired xbox 360 controller, btw. Tried closing and opening the game, but the same thing happens.
  3. Awesome! The "char turns away" one was annoying as heck, and now that we can enter vehicles I'll test it again and see how well driving is with a controller.
  4. What controller are you using? Wired XBOX 360. Gonna try a wireless XBOX 360 one later. Does the controller work? Yes. Please check out the new gamepad customization menu in the Options. Does it work, and does it make sense? Is it relevant to the pad you’re using? How could it be improved? It's good enough for me. How does your gamepad feel in-game? Is there anything missing, and has anything changed that you’re used to playing with? First of all, I don't know if the problem is with the controller or the game, but I feel like everytime I stop moving, my character faces the wrong direction. It's annoying as heck, since I need to manually aim with the right stick to be able to interact with stuff after I stop moving. Also, opening doors with A is really frustrating. How would you like your gamepad play further improved? A better door detection would go a long way. And the character facing the direction he is supposed to after I stop moving. Do you play in split-screen? If so, how is this beta playing? Haven't tried split-screen yet. In the current game when you use inventory and character windows, your survivor on-screen can still move and perform some actions. If we were to forbid this, and have you either controller as your survivor OR having you navigate the UI, how would you feel? How would this change your playing style? I don't think it's a good idea to stop being able to move, since the game doesn't pause when you are messing with the UI. So no, this is not a very good idea. What other gamepad bugs or weirdness have you noticed in this build? After I entered a car, the game sent me back to the main menu. I pressed continue there, for some reason spawned in the house next to the car and the controller acted weird as heck, with the directions all inverted. I went to the menu, but none of the checkboxes for invert axis were checked. This build also contains a java lwjgl upgrade. Have you noticed any changes in game performance and stability, especially at higher resolutions? It's been a long while since I've played, so I can't really say if there were any performance gains. The game seems to be running fine here. What's the Number 1 most important issue that you'd like to see resolved in the next update to this beta? Well, if it's really a bug and not just my controller, I would like the character to actually face the direction I was moving when I stop moving. It's annoying to move to a container, stop and the character face the other direction, so I have to manually aim to the container to be able to open it. I tried putting the sensitivy all the way up on the options, and it didn't seem to fix it. The 2nd most annoying thing is defintely opening doors with A.
  5. Hehe, created a new female random character to test the 3D(which is f. awesome!), got surrounded by a lot of zombies and tried to kill them with a kitchen knife, which of course wasn't very effective against that many zombies . After taking some hits, my character lost her hair and became bald, so I guess that the zombies gave me cancer or something, hehe I'm loving this 3D models, the movement now is really fluid.
  6. Having the same problem. I host and can't join my own server. Sometimes it gets stuck on "connecting" forever, others it shows the "Connection Failed". Tried using and my ip from evolve, same thing. My cousing tried entering my server and get the same error, and he tried hosting it himself, but the same thing happened. We both were able to enter on eliakoh's server, though. We both were able to host before this update, so I don't know why it doesn't work now Edit: I think I found out what the problem was(at least in my case). The world.db file, for some reason, was 0kb and had nothing wrote on it. So I deleted it and the server created another one, with 6kb, and now I can join my server.
  7. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to be able to connect to my own server in this update(I tried using both and my IP on evolve). It says "Connection Failed", and in the server console it appears that I try to connect and then the disconnection message appears. My cousin can't enter my server neither(same error). I'm gonna ask my cousin to try to host now and test it...
  8. Well, you can always just deactivate the skull icon: I actually like the skull idea a lot, tbh. A "party" system would be cool as well, that way you could activate pvp only for people outside your group. The only problem I see is that, without any form of friendly fire, you can be really "trigger happy". Let's say that your friend is surrounded by zombies, you can just take your gun and start shooting them without worrying about accidentally hitting him. Maybe you guys could put a system that, if you accidentaly hit someone without having your safety on, you get some kind of bad moodle or something? Like feeling guilty or idk. That way you would still be carefull to not accidentally shoot your friend.
  9. One thing that would help with the loot is if zombies dropped some. Right now, afaik, they are only dropping their clothes when they die, but I *think* that in single-player they sometimes dropped random stuff as well, but so far in multi-player not even a single zombie dropped anything but it's clothes.
  10. Oh hey it's you! Met you ingame Are you still at the safehouse we found? I rerolled a new character, walked to that house and logged out. I also met psibomber, doombringer, Bobby, Skittles, and some unnamed people lol. Shoutouts to all ya'll if you're reading this! Yes, I'm still there, hehe. Oh, and I just saw your comment on steam and I added you to my friend list
  11. Hey eliakoh, thank you very much for hosting! I had a great time playing on your server, it was really fun. This game gets 1000x more fun in multiplayer, that's for sure
  12. Awesome news! EasyPickins, you must be some kind of Programmer God to be able to port the game to C++ all by yourself Congratulations
  13. Just saw this on steam. Restarted steam and it downloaded the update. Gonna test it now, yay!
  14. This version is running infinitely better than the last one. Thanks!
  15. I'm playing on a notebook, here are my specs: Processor: Intel Core i5-2430M (2 cores, 4 threads, it can go from 2,4GHz to 3,0GHz)Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 555m (1GB dedicated memory)RAM: 4GB(1333MHz) I'm playing on 64 bits and I used FRAPS to see the FPS. Shader is off in all the tests. My Nvidia drivers are up to date and everything. Video Memory: High/Insane/Low(the result was basically the same and yes, I closed/opened the game after I changed it every time)Multicore = Yes15~40(laggy)When I press G, the fps goes to 25~50, but it steels feels kinda laggy. Without the multi-core, the game performed worse: Video Memory: LowMulticore = No10~25When I press G, the fps goes to 20~40 Video Memory: HighMulticore = No10~40When I press G, the fps goes to 20~40 Video Memory: InsaneMulticore = No10~20When I press G, the FPS goes to 10~40 The FPS varies a lot in all the cases, depending if I'm still, running, etc. Usually, the max fps on all the cases only happens when I'm standing still. The fps drop is huge for me also. Well, that's it. Hope it helped, somehow.
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