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  1. 736. Context menu on right-click on "main" and "secondary" equipped items
  2. 727. Circles for main and secondary item could show their durability or other relevant bar - little star is not very precise, and checking it in item list is unhandy, espeically in combat.
  3. Groggy Moodle(sleep quality)

    Actually, inconveniences of bad sleep happened to my character twice. After 2 or 3 (can't remember exactly) nights of sleeping in chair I woke up with "Minor pain" moodle, apparently without a reason (Health panel full OK). Thought it was a bug. Soon after I've been forced to spend a night on the bench in the changing room, and exactly the same thing happened, needing only single night. But I'd like to see OP idea as an extension of injuries system, where source of pain could be located in the way other wounds are - projected on the health panel. Untreated headache (say, after spending too much time in the sun) could give effects described by OP. Regular hauling of heavy loads should result in back or arms pain, extensive running (especially encumbered) may cause your legs hurt. It would be an incentive to actually rest - currently there's hardly anything discouraging from 14-h/d long lumberjacking marathons.
  4. Carrying big & small

    Dismantling and carrying big things, e.g. popsicle fridge makes a little sense. It seems normal to dismantle e.g a couch (yet IMHO process should spawn more "pieces" than just 1 for every tile) Wouldn't it be better to add option to push and pull objects in "Furniture movement" menu? They would work only in long axis of an object. Also, moving 1x1 object should occupy both hands, like moving a generator. No way putting wooden crates in trash bags. (And it would be nice to have an emergency "let go" button somewhere.) And here I've stumbled on another issue. No way picking up whole big-ass fridge by your hands, they need a strict limit of Strength factor. That's for big stuff, now look at all these tote bags full of 15 pillows... How to tell which objects are too big for which containers? It needs adding only a single number in items and object stats. Let's call it "cubature" and define as "the longest dimension of an object". If object's cubature is equal to container's capacity, it fills it entirely and nothing else can be put in there; if bigger, there's simply not enough space for it. If cubature is smaller than capacity, you can stuff it up to it's weight limit. I suggest using a book and medkit as a base of "1". How does it sound for you?
  5. Something Easier to Carry Bodies

    Couldn't wheelbarrows and shopping carts be some kind of simplified vehicles, basically trunks on wheels? Would be great not only for bodies, but other stuff as well.
  6. Better looking storage areas/crates idea

    Would be great to see shelves and other storage objects changing their look along with their contents. They already "react" to its mass (can be empty/half filled/full), and items have their categories. Maybe it's some work, but I can't miss opportunity to voice against kitchens full of books.
  7. Accidents - self inflicted wounds

    Self-inflicted wounds, that can happpen when using a tool. Cuts from knives, saws (hands or arms), screwdrivers (hands only), and hatchets (legs or head), burns from welding torch (limbs), bruises - new kind of injury, not needing any treatment and healing quickly - from hammers (hands or arms) and sledge (legs or head). When sleepy, ill, drunk, panicked, heavily stressed, and having "All thumbs" or "Unlucky" traits - chance of accident increases. Staying home away from zombies will not guarantee you not seeing any blood anymore.
  8. 569. It's weird that books and gazettes disappear after reading. I think they should be treated as canned food - read a bit, or a whole if you like, and then be left with paper block that won't give you fun anymore, so you can throw it in the fire as well. 570. Any crafted electric device should need a battery to work (and they are kinda too quick to build). 571. Zombies are better at dismantling doors than a player - they always leave a perfect set of hinges, doorknob and boards. That amazes me. 572. I totally dont get how I can pass the zombie in the window. It should be a guaranteed bite, or just block ability to go through currently used window. 573. How does one disinfect internal broken bone and how exactly does it help? Weird.
  9. About Electricity

    I've found home alarm exactly once. IMO it would be cool if home alarm was an object (spawning in alarmed houses and maybe possible to spot through the window) not just lootable item.