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  1. I had exactly same situation and was mad. I was thinking its error on the games side, but when I replaced that cordless mouse with one with the cord the context menu never appeared unless I wanted it. So you might have the same situation.
  2. For me every beginning is almost the same, sometimes I fail sometimes I succeed. I first check the house I spawn at. Is there any container that can help me with carrying stuff, garbage bag, tote bag or even schoolbag. If I find it I pick up whatever is useful in that house: weapon & food. Sometimes I dont find any weapon, its ok you can kill single zombies with just pushing them until they fall and then stomp it till they die. Then I go out and scan immediate surrounding. If I have pretty good weapon I might try to stay in the house and kill nearby zombies and search next house if not (which is usually the case) I try to sneak to the next house in the aim to go to the edge of the town. Often my attempts attract way too many zombies so I have to move. When you start moving it is usually enough to just walk to be faster then zombies so no need to run. Try to walk behind the houses or groups of trees so that zombies loose the line of sight to you. That way you can get rid of them. Sooner or later youll get to the edge of the town and there youll get your opportunity to settle. There are fewer zombies at the the edge of town so its easier to be there. Now clear the surrounding around your house and start clearing nearby houses and expand from there.
  3. Eh. I was killed again. 1 month 23 days, 1154 killed zombs. Opened doors with 2 zombs behind and one instantly killed me. No new cars Edit If anyone is interested about vehicles setting its just standard one, no changes
  4. Well...I finished that run in one of the stupidest fashion lol. As I finished writing above post I left the game running and went to lunch. When I came back the Sophie was dead, of course, she probably died of thirst. After that I had a couple of short runs that quickly proved the PZ mantra "This is how you died" is correct. Now I am with new survivor, Mindy Wooden she is in Muldrough, still alive and kicking after 30 days, killed 558 Zombies and collected (drum rolls) 11 vehicles! 1. Chevrolet Caprice (white) 2. Chevalier Nyala - Police car 1 3. Chevalier Nyala - Police car 2 4. Ford Crown Victoria Wagon (white - brown) 5. Taxi 6. Chevalier Nyala (black) 7. Toyota Hilux (white) 8. Frankline Valuline (black) 9. Chevalier D6 - Fire dep. 10. Toyota Hilux (light green) 11.Chevalier Step Van (light blue) This time 9 unique vehicles and 2 doubles. I really had a luck that the electricity didnt shut of until July 27 or 28, so I could fill up the tanks of most vehicles.
  5. If I recall it correctly I used crowbar.
  6. I had this situation today. It might have something with tight places as it happened in such place for my case.
  7. Started new save a couple of days ago in Riverside. The survivor (Sophie Van) is now 3 months alive and she killed 1391 Zombie so far(no respawn), cleared all of the city south of the main road. In the meantime decided to collect cars as beside ingame models I use Filibusters used cars mod so its about 100 or so vehicles. 14 ingame and about 90 or so from the mod. The rule I follow is that only the cars with proper keys can go into the collection so no hot-wired cars are in. At the 3 months mark she has 14 cars: 1. Chevrolet step van (blue) 2. Frankline valuline (black) 3. Crown victoria (black) 4. Chevalier cherise wagon (blue) 5. Dodge ram (black) 6. Dodge ram (white) 7. Spiffo van (company colors) 8. Ford crown victoria LTD (purple) 9. Ford F350 (light red) 10. Chevrolet impala (black) 11. Dodge ram (red) 12. Toyota hilux (white) 13. Mercia lang 4000 (white) 14. Cadillac Brougham (light red) So its 12 unique cars models and 2 doubles. Anyone tried something similar?
  8. Started new run on latest IWBUMS 41.53 in Muldrough and after about 2 weeks my character cut feet on broken glass of the window. wtf I thought I was wearing boots? Died a week or so later after the Zeds scratch. Ok, continued game with new char and died of catching fire being near the open fireplace, stupid me. Next char was also around 2 weeks in when he also got his feet cut by the broken glass, he also died from Zeds a couple of days later. Since that I always check the condition of the boots and replace them when they are in low numbers so I dont cut myself again lol. The latest char was girl and she is progressing really nicely its 24 or so days in. One day she returns from cleaning Zeds and finds house on fire?!!? It looks that generator that was in use since the first char and its condition was less then 20% caught fire and burnt my base lol I was thinking how to repair it or replace it, but its sorted out for me now lol This condition mechanic is very nice touch and I adore it, if you dont track it youve got burnt. Also when your feet are cut the character limps and walks slooow. As it heels its walk speed increases.
  9. Id go for simple solution. The car is or completely open or locked. You can open it by breaking in or with the key. When its open all operations are valid.
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