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  1. Aaa, alright. Thank you! It was annoying to die of a cold in the middle of November anyways. Summer it is then!...for now.
  2. Is there any proper winter clothing in the game? I've found sweaters, leather gloves, and jackets so far. However, none of these seem to have "insulation" and with multiple clothes on, my character still gets cold, then gets severally sick.
  3. Alright, thank you Ringo! I'll have to figure something else out then!
  4. Hello everyone! Very simple question, as I'm new to mapping with Zomboid: If I were to make a map where the ground in the entire cell or the majority of the cell was, say, at level 2, level 3, etc; would the zombies spawn on that, or would they be "under the map" and still spawning at level 0? Just wanted to ask before I get too crazy and start building, only to find out that all the zeds are underneath everything with no way to nibble on the player. Thanks!
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