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  1. Thank you! This helps me greatly, as I'm not that great of a programmer. I can get the idea of what the code does and how it works by looking at it, but writing it myself is not something I'm able to wrap my head around.
  2. I love both waffles and pancakes, but, I have to place my vote for pancakes.
  3. Back in the day we were able to use "table.insert" to put things into the lists. Does "table.insert" still work? And as an example old code: table.insert(ProceduralDistributions["list"]["vendingpop"].items, "DragonsDrinks.7thSea"); table.insert(ProceduralDistributions["list"]["vendingpop"].items, 50.0); How do you insert them now that the loot codes have changed, what needs to be changed here? I don't want to overwrite the lists and make it incompatible with other mods. I found something that works, nevermind:
  4. I'm happy to see you guys fixed fishing. That's usually my primary source of food when the rest of it is all gone. That and foraging, but foraging doesn't work too well in winter. Speaking of Winter, survival is interesting. I've noticed that the more tired and hungry you are, the faster your body temperature drops. The blizzard effects are amazing too. I also did a small test. I went outside without wind while it was 11.5F, completely naked, without any items on my character (except the watch) to record my observations. Another note: I play with 2 hour days. I went out at 0720 and immediately my skin temp began to drop and my body response dropped down to "fighting cold." Interestingly body heat generation and core temp also dropped rapidly. 0730-0740 Freezing moodle appears. 0740 Hypothermic. 0750 Runny nose 0750-0800 Discomfort moodle appears. Health had been dropping since hypothermia set in. Headed back inside at 0800-0810 to warm up. It took until 0840 for my character to warm up fully, but, by then, the runny nose had turned into a nasty cold. Sadly the closest thing to a RL chart I could find was this, but it factors in the wind ontop of the actual temperature: So Hypothermia - without clothes - took 20 minutes without windchill. PS: Before this patch was when I encountered the blizzard btw, which had no wind audio? Is that going to be changed or has it already been changed?
  5. Aaa, alright. Thank you! It was annoying to die of a cold in the middle of November anyways. Summer it is then!...for now.
  6. Is there any proper winter clothing in the game? I've found sweaters, leather gloves, and jackets so far. However, none of these seem to have "insulation" and with multiple clothes on, my character still gets cold, then gets severally sick.
  7. Alright, thank you Ringo! I'll have to figure something else out then!
  8. Hello everyone! Very simple question, as I'm new to mapping with Zomboid: If I were to make a map where the ground in the entire cell or the majority of the cell was, say, at level 2, level 3, etc; would the zombies spawn on that, or would they be "under the map" and still spawning at level 0? Just wanted to ask before I get too crazy and start building, only to find out that all the zeds are underneath everything with no way to nibble on the player. Thanks!
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