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  1. I have some doubts about trunk capacity. In real life is possible to stuck in up to 5 big bags including spare wheel in average sedan, and i'm even not mention about pickups\minivans. Here we got a 50-80 trunk capacity, and it's means about 2 full bag. I am personally make some changes into configs(was fun to search reference for someone's son) to increase capacitance, but i think it must be in stock version.
  2. Be sure if the seats you want to sit is empty from items.
  3. We need to wait until vehicles be done in vanilla game, and only then mod makers start work on compatibility. If i was making some mods i am, personally, gonna wait until game be updated then making hundreds of patches on beta.
  4. Seems like heater work only once. After restarting engine, heaters dial won't open
  5. Did the car's always respawning even if i load game ? I packed some stuff in car , and after loading a game car is dissapear
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