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  1. I have problem with this mod. It's crashing the game. any help to run this mode? I got this error
  2. Thegeorgegman


    I suggest appling Cruise control to car's. Now it's easy to have accident, and cruise control was popular in US in 70's. It would be great to see some rare car's with this option. But I think that rebuilding the power system in the game would be great. Even with alternate power supply options and transformers for player redirection. (Even with the possibility of destroying the transformer to cut the area from the electricity) Ref to Wiki "Following the 1973 oil crisis and rising fuel prices, the device became more popular in the U.S.[8] "Cruise control can save gas by avoiding surges that expel fuel" while driving at steady speeds.[8] In 1974, AMC, GM, and Chrysler priced the option at $60 to $70, while Ford charged $103."
  3. I there going to be any change log comming soon ? I liked to read them every thursday
  4. You can drive by stock pile of stones. And rendering of the map is worsen than day of first build, my car stop every black block (engine shut off)
  5. I agree with Kim, since when story (On Tv and radio) population quickly died. So it's posible to have abonded car's on intersection's (Red light) so trafic get clogged (In first minute's of zombies apocalypse you would leave your car to check what happening with driver ahead)
  6. I gater some many zombie's that server crashed, I was on road to the Mall (Far from any of towns) playing only 5 min. After 5 min I got masege lost connection,
  7. Kim, 1 foto of parking lot is 2001 (Mini Copper second hit market in 2001) or later and one late 90's, and on first foto more cars that color is early 80. I remeber that cars from 50, 60, 70's and early 80's were more color full, Car's I saw in current build are more late 80's and early 90's (Look to buy car that age on internet). More colors where on sport car's. All image's present sport car's from that age. And also remember that sattelite's images in 1993 where possibly only for millitary in very low resolution.
  8. I have one idea about vehicles build, it would be nice to have more traffic signt's like etc. left turn, right turn (until of corse you damage the sign). To make road's more real, and give player some idea to slow down before turn. Some speed limit sings would be great too And I notice that command to span Mail Van is not working. Rest of car's spawn And I can't open a trunk even with a car key, trunk opion inside a car don;t work too
  9. I have the same question, I tried to spawn car for 15 min. When I type ambulance in place of script then The command cant find my user name
  10. I and my friend's have the same problem. Only when I am the only player on server then every thing is working. I have still the same problem, that game synchronization fail's after 5-15 min of game whith another players. Car's dissaper (If not i can't turn them on/off) zombies to. Stuff in container's is still there.
  11. The MP Sync is terrible. Zombies , cars, loot (sometimes) disappear after 5 min of game . When I shut down game steam indicates that game is still runing. When I try to restart server I need to restart my PC.
  12. Hey, is there a way to delete my accont from oficial spiffospace, i don't remember user name. When I join server 4 min and server crashed
  13. I found some bugs: =Some cointainers are glithing =AirCondition don't work (or stoped work when light shout down) =Trunk icon did not work And I found zombie wearing a helmet xd
  14. Fire's make server unplayeble. If you come near zombies on fire. After new bug fix, on normal lot settings. In house's are no loot. only books, and tools. Only loot i notce are on gas station and zippie market
  15. Fires in multiplayer make game unplayeble. A fired zobies horde lured to police car. And game freezes.
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