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  1. I know your feelings about that but it's better for the game because when you are a new in PZ using Triangle button is more confusing. Most of games and PZ use Circle for exit from current window/menu or for cancel current action. PZ already use Circle for exit from most windows so I added inventory to that number. You just need to get used to. Also this change gave you the opportunity to quickly loot a container by double pressing Triangle.
  2. Try to uninstall just driver manually in device manager. Google may help to uninstall it fully or resolve your trouble.
  3. I see you have installed 3Dconnexion KMJ Emulator software. The software is gamepad emulation so you should fully remove it (and/or its drivers, of course). I see driver of this software at least. I think it's the cause of your problem. You are using windows 10 and you are using ps4 controller so you do no need to use any additional software for using gamepad in games. If you still have troubles with using gamepad in some game and it's steam version of the game you can try to use built-in steam software to emulate gamepad. It's more safely in contrast with 3rd party tools.
  4. Do you have any mod installed? The controller test builds doesn't support mods. Also could you attach your dxdiag file?
  5. Update 10 is available! Changelist for update 10: • fixed: error when select same bindings to gamepad control • fixed: can't be grab specific one item in container or inventory • fixed: LT / L2 doesn't perform Melee action • fixed: Triangle to close inventory performs "push" action • fixed: Thumbstick buttons looks inactive in test window • fixed: White context button text is hard to see in fog • fixed: Thumbstick buttons are unavailable
  6. Nothing changed in this way. Yes, we have plans about it but I can't promise anything about it.
  7. Hi there! Update 9 is available. The update is mainly related to gamepad binding window. Changelog: • Inventory panel is updated. It's became more userfriendly. You can press 'loot all' by gamepad. Inventory buttons are shown. • Implemented new change gamepad binding window - for xbox controller version. • Implemented new change gamepad binding window - for playstation controller version • Generic controllers are recognized as Xbox One controller by default. • Unchangeable controls are shown as just label and you can't change them
  8. The game don't support any mod. So to get best clean experience disable or delete all mods.
  9. Did you clean user zomboid files before test? PS4 controller works well in current game build. If you are using some software for PS4 controller you should remove/disable it and reinstall ps4 controller drivers. And why do you think game didn't detect you controller? As I see on your screenshot your game detect PS4 controller correctly.
  10. Hi! I investigated your issue. The issue occurs on your side. You (or game) probably have not right to read/write keys.ini file in user folder. Probably some software keep this file from reading and writing by Zomboid. Also you can try to clean up keys.ini file manually - it's placed in <user folder>/Zombod/Lua/keys.ini and try again. I'm sure that this file overring after every apply button pressed and loading when game starting.
  11. Good news, everyone! Update 6 for gamepad branch is ready. Changelog: • Resolved: Add scrollbars to Controller options (problem resolved by redesigning 'select and test' tab) • Implemented: new select and test tab + full gamepad support • Fixed: calibration don't work • Fixed: W and S are inverted on keyboard after inverting Y on gamepad • Implemented: Move "Take over the player" window to the center of the screen • Fixed: "A" to open button menus in Controller bindings doesn't work • Fixed: Y, X, B buttons doesn't work in gamepad bindings tab • Fixed: "A and Y to exit" message doesn't change for Dualshock • Fixed: Game freezes when changing resolution • Fixed: Attempt to switch to keyboard / mouse or to a controller while in a driver's seat results in game closing (you should to remove <user pz folder>\Lua\keys.ini file to get it work). • Fixed: "Accept" any dropdown setting in Game Options results in dropdown visible on main screen Update will be available soon (today or tomorrow).
  12. I'm sorry for not answering everyone. I spend all time on the game source code. I read all messages and it's very helpful for me to make the game better!
  13. I already resolved this issue. It will be published in a next build. This is also implemented in next build. Just select your gamepad in "select and test" tab and change sensivity option. It may works partly now but you can try
  14. Hi there! 5 update is here. Most important bugs were resolved. Change list: Fixed: Game options window doesn't resize correctly when changing resolution Fixed: Char turns away when stops moving Fixed: Game closes on entering a driver's seat in a vehicle Fixed: Not possible to play with controller from the get-go; must go via F1 Fixed: move and aim actions inverted by Y axis. Fixed: Not possible to change any Controller settings using controller
  15. I think it's not necessary because you already have a good opportunity to do it (imho). How I do it: press radial menu button (share for ps controller and back for xbox as I remember), move right stick to zoom in or zoom out. The game will zoom when you release the button. To do it fast just keep holding right stick in corresponding direction (zoom in or zoom out) and press the radial menu button as much as you need. If you don't enjoy zoom still then tell me.