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  1. Well it works now ) Thats what i am happy about ))
  2. Aaah ) That you mean. Yes after testing, teleportation was involved. But first notice was when playing normally with friends. Where any kind of commands were not used.
  3. Heh. If teleportation IS involved, and let's say it is in an instant. How do you know it is involved, if you have no time to react and record it?
  4. Works now. I have really no clue why it works now But it does.
  5. I completely did a reinstall of both the server and the client with the new version. Still the same problem. It only recognizes the first hit. After that PvP doesn't work at all. What could be the problem? ( EDIT: Made progress. I could hit back once. But after that PvP was disabled again. [17-11-17 19:37:59] user admin (10907,9992,0) disabled safety. [17-11-17 19:38:14] user admin (10907,9992,0) hit user testi (10908,9992,0) with Base.BareHands. [17-11-17 19:41:01] user testi (10910,9992,0) disabled safety. [17-11-17 19:41:05] user testii (10909,9992,0) hit user testi (10910,9992,0) with Base.BareHands. [17-11-17 19:41:09] user testi (10910,9992,0) hit user testii (10909,9992,0) with Base.BareHands. [17-11-17 19:41:38] user testii (10909,9992,0) disabled safety.
  6. Basically PvP works for the first hit. After that it is as if it is turned off. So i can hit someone with the fists, and after than noone ever can damage anyone anyhow. After a restart you can hit ONCE again, after that noone can damage anyone. At first i thought this is a server bug. So i reinstalled it > Same. (Here a note that i was playing on the 37.14 build). So after that did not work as well i tested it on the new build 38.22. Same. After that i switched my server instances from Ubuntu 16.04 to 14.04 (Since there lied an old server (37.14) where PvP sure worked). But suddenly it didn't work as well (Old Server, which shouldn't have changed at all). So basically i tried different versions of PZ, of the Linux Distribuitions and no Mods where installed all the time (Since at first i thought it was a Mod problem). I know it has to be me who fucked up. But i can hardly believe that, regarding the fact that i even switched servers. Did i forget something? Thanks for anyone taking his time to read this
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