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  1. Thanks for the rundown Panda. I went through and systematically replaced files by name group and "map_ver.bin" was the one that messed things up. All other file names can be safely replaced with the ones from the other world (at least for me). As far as I can tell, my save is now back to how it was.
  2. I'm experiencing the same problem as Ppanda0421. Black screen on load-up with the UI visible but no cursor, movement, or right click menu. IWBUMS 38.9 worked fine yesterday. I was building up a base in New Denver, the house on the coast with the corn plot. Coords: 2469x12862 Cell: 8x42 Rel: 69x262 Mods are New Denver map, Bedford falls map, Hydrocraft, driving cars, more zombie loot, Silencer/suppressor, Pump Power. I can start a new game in New Denver with all the same mods and it works fine. I ran over to the coords and the map is loaded. Can anyone outline which files I would need to move over from original game file to try to recover world and character?
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