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  1. 520 Different looks/colors for bags, backpacks and duffle bags. Red, purple, blue, green. It would be nice when you have two or more to be able to quickly identify them. Also, some of them currently look identical even though they have different names and carrying capacity/reductions. 521 Also, being able to move a bag from equipped to on back without unequipping it then putting it on back
  2. someone PVPed me and now I can't press play. I get a red square in the bottom right corner with a number--each time I try the number goes up.
  3. I keep getting a "Failed to establish P2P connection with server" error. Did we break it already, is it not up, or am I doing something wrong?
  4. greetings! I just downloaded the vehicle build out of interest and to see if it'd work on my computer. -it was pretty choppy on my computer -it's pretty strange that you can run over cones, bushes, through stop sign, through street signs without anything happening -some of the roads do not seem actually designed for cars; many very tight turns, often a stop sign or lightpost is on the corner too which makes it tighter (although i suppose i could just drive through it ) -i am a safe driver yet my character is in complete terror the entire time :/ -the menu is a bit odd--most things are activated with a right click and this is a V. i wonder if you'd consider also allowing a right click to open the car menu like you do with TVs, radios etc, just for sake of interface unity. other than that, it's pretty neat that cars are finally making it in. i liked driving down the street going around a traffic jam, very post apocalyptic feeling. my specs: windows intel, 3.3 ghz ram 6gm 64 bit os
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