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  1. Leizar

    [Cheat]Mod to unlock doors

    Asked same question some time ago. Look for it here. Svarog Was happy to help.
  2. Leizar

    ItemZed (updated 1.1b)

    Hello, To anyone who has trouble with crashes after uniquereciepies.txt. I got ItemZed to work by selecting in Foldder Setting for Project Zomboid folder ItemZed\testcases\BaseGameMedia instead auto-detected steam folder! Maybe this will shed some light on whats wrong?
  3. Leizar

    Key Spawning Cheat

    Thank you kindly sir!
  4. Hi, I some times spawn in garden without a key to house door (probably due to new map mods). So I was thinking can someone make cheat mod that will add ability to "spawn" key to door when right clicking it, so that I can add keys and then turn the mod off. I have simply zero experience in modding to do it. It would be much appreciated. Thanks