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  1. Gas 2 Go

    As you said it's pretty much a "no no" sittuation for a good reason, it would be wise to keep it that way, plus surprises are way better though
  2. That's interesting, I didn't know that
  3. Server hardware sizing

    I have no idea, but we could give you a rough answer if we knew for how many players you want to host Though, nonetheless of how much memory you give and how smooth your server runs for players, zombies will always lagg from time to time at some point, but they're working to improve / fix that! Said that I'd suggest hosting your server without infection to avoid unfair laggy zombie bites, but that's up to you
  4. In addition to what TheLeonBM said, you could carry all of it's components if movement speed isn't a problem for you, because at the moment there's no health penalty for carrying too much weight (sadly)
  5. I like the idea, we need more item variety on PZ so I hope they add this kind of stuff once they're done with the animations and all that
  6. Did they add map yet ?

    [Click here] - Are you talking about this kind of maps? (they're in-game) If you want a very very detailed map go to this website (I love it) https://map.projectzomboid.com
  7. Fixes for long-standing bugs?

    Container highlight color changing automatically (not sure if this has been fixed yet, haven't played)
  8. Penisham restored to PZ community

    I was really wondering what Penisham was until I saw the icon, you guys had me on laughter xD
  9. I wonder if devs really have the time to read 500+ suggestions
  10. More Erosion Options (Up To 20 Yrs)

    I'm confused, you mean that "Months Since Apocalypse" options should go up to 20 years?, or like, erosion should keep evolving till 20 in-game years?
  11. My walls do not have shadow :(

    What Enigma means is that the PZ engine doesn't have a shadow system, therefore the shadows you see in-game are actually textures, so you have to paint the shadows yourself as the game won't do it
  12. VikiDikiRUS's buildings collection.

    I'll search for those btw, what's the difference between TileZed and map maker?
  13. My walls do not have shadow :(

    off-topic but, what program is this? @Roger