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  1. Just a simple (well on paper it's simple at least) suggestion from a somewhat "long" time player (212h so far since Nov last year) : I know there was a "minimap" suggestion before but... 459. A little display of the street names or a compass/GPS ? I mean, something like for the digital watch that you'd have to find to use of course... Just a display of a street name or cardinal points coordinates so we don't have to describe the surrounding all the times to other players ? "Where are you ?" "I'm at Spiffo's on the 212th" or "my coordinates are 454N / 554E" instead of the general "well, there's a red house where I am and bushes...And Zombies..."
  2. Ahh thanks for the feedback ! Both files are attached Now "Dropoffofwhitelistafterdeath" is set to false as we speak, I used logic with this one when building the server as I don't want user to not be whitelisted when they die. Logic can be a bitch sometimes, i know Also, I changed the "MaxAccountsPerUser=" to 1 but did not have a chance to test this, as the game just got updated a few days ago and I did not have time to update the server yet. For the LUA, I used a website to create it Thanks for the help servertest.ini servertest_SandboxVars.lua
  3. Ok... after a week without an answer, I guess the official forums was not the best place to ask for help...
  4. Hi everybody ! I'm running a private server (I will backup my save) for a few friends and me (full server specs below) but I have a little annoying issue right now. The server is publicly visible (Project Adelphus), running a few mods without issues and friends who have the password can join without problems. However, as soon as they die, they have to completely shut down PZ before they can create a new character. I believe the "MaxAccountsPerUser=" parameter is what this is all about and it's set to 0 right now. If 0 is not right, Is there an "infinite" value I can set this ? Thanks for any help Chris Here are the server specs : IBM System X3500 5U tower 2x Xeon Quad Cores E5410 2.33Ghz ATI Radeon HD4670 1Gb (that I had to cut to fit in a PCIe x8 slot) 48gb (12x4Gb) ECC Fully buffered ram (16gb allocated for PZ) Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64 bits 600Gb SAS hard drive