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  1. Optimal Transmission

    @Queen Glory I didn't make it on time either would've been fun going on a road trip.
  2. Wednesday 23rd IWBUMS Server Megatest II - This time it's mega-er

    I hope I can make it on time to <3
  3. Optimal Transmission

    PZ Party <3 I'll try getting on the server myself after work.
  4. Project CarZ

    I'm looking forward to the extra gamepad support so much, Yuri will do it proud!
  5. That's great to hear, I'll be trying it again this weekend for sure. It is a amazing server, so many memories.
  6. List of PC Splitscreen Games

    @Friendly bandit That's a new co-op game brought to my attention, thanks.
  7. The last 5 times I've went to check the server it's had 2 players online or it's been empty. I remember it had like 24 players online all the time
  8. List of PC Splitscreen Games

    @Friendly bandit Is it? I know the console version is.
  9. Tables as container

    This is a great idea, just like how the shelves work in game.
  10. List of PC Splitscreen Games

    @Patrick HUpdated main post, never played this one either. Good reviews on steam though, so I may have to watch it.
  11. List of PC Splitscreen Games

    @Patrick HI love me some Halo, I spent so much time in custom infected games. Forge was great to, but I forgot to mention PC splitscreen, gonna update main post. ^^
  12. List of PC Splitscreen Games

    @TheLeonBM I like the look of Divinity Original Sin and I agree the Resi games are great. So I'll be adding them to the master list. I'm playing Raid mode in Revelations 2 right now. Worse co-op story but Raid mode is pretty solid. @Svarog Hahah splitscreen is very good in Notepad. I really like the 3rd Serious Sam, it's the only one I've played. Haven't finished it yet but it is amusing and complete chaos. Anyone know if "Who's your daddy?" is local multiplayer enabled? This was just a thing I heard.
  13. List of PC Splitscreen Games

    So Project Zomboid is a great PC splitscreen game and I'm also going to bring some more to everyone's attention. This is the Akimbo Stamp for this page This is the Community Favourites -Project Zomboid -Left 4 Dead 2 -Call of Duty Black Ops 3 -Dynasty Warriors 8 -Minecraft (takes a little modding but it's so worth it) -Gears of War 3 -Battleblock Theatre -Resident Evil Revelations 2 -Nation Red -Magicka -Serious Sam 3 -Rocket League -The Cursed Crusade -Road Redemption -Portal 2 -Fight The Dragon -Nidhogg -N++ -Who's your daddy? -Earth Defence Force: The Shadow of New Despair -Monaco: What's yours is mines -Forced: Slightly Better Edition -Salt and Sanctuary -Risk of Rain -Tiny Brains -Dungeonland -Ibb & Obb -Resident Evil 5 -Resident Evil 6 -Hyper Light Drifter -Serious Sam 1 -Serious Sam 2 -How to Survive -How to Survive 2 -Castle Crashers -Sega Megadrive Collection (Streets of Rage) -The Takeover -Magicka -Trine 1 -Trine 2 -Trine 3 -Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light -Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris -Enter the Gungeon -Fifa Have I missed any note worthy? Hit me up. What ya'll think is the best one? Also anyone know if "Who's your daddy?" is local multiplayer enabled? This was just a thing I heard.
  14. Survivors Mod

    Hey Nolan, I was trying this out on splitscreen last night and all zeds and npc vanish for player 2. Don't know if this is avoidable in some way, it did run stable when we stuck together. I'll test it more later.
  15. RIP, this was my favourite server </3