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  1. @Queen Glory I didn't make it on time either would've been fun going on a road trip.
  2. PZ Party <3 I'll try getting on the server myself after work.
  3. Akimbo Swords

    Project CarZ

    I'm looking forward to the extra gamepad support so much, Yuri will do it proud!
  4. That's great to hear, I'll be trying it again this weekend for sure. It is a amazing server, so many memories.
  5. The last 5 times I've went to check the server it's had 2 players online or it's been empty. I remember it had like 24 players online all the time
  6. This is a great idea, just like how the shelves work in game.
  7. Akimbo Swords

    Survivors Mod

    Hey Nolan, I was trying this out on splitscreen last night and all zeds and npc vanish for player 2. Don't know if this is avoidable in some way, it did run stable when we stuck together. I'll test it more later.
  8. RIP, this was my favourite server </3
  9. I'm ready to join back in, need to have a quick read of the rules first
  10. I am mad Scientist! So cool.
  11. This is some serious talk, getting me hyped <3
  12. It's a good idea, adds some more realism to the game and have a purpose.
  13. Hey everyone! I'm going to post all my mods online on the Indiestone website, so stay tuned in this area if you're looking for a manual download. Also I'm planning to be active on here now, so feel free to hit me up regarding whatever really ----Mods---- Achieve the Apocalypse - A mod that adds 24 Quests, 3 Journals and a goal. Musical Instruments - Adds 5 playable instruments that need to have the songs learned for them, along with a bunch of clutter instruments. QuickChat - Adds a way for controller users to talk to others, Item that forces phrases on servers. Lil Bit of Fallout - A small mod that adds the Wasteland Survival Guide and a Vault boy Bobblehead for decoration. VOXU - A controller friendly cheat tool, select an overpowered option from the drop down and have fun. AkimbosWeed - It's a mod that adds many bags of weed to your game, includes rolling papers, pokemon cards as collectables and a Katana. Starter Battle Card Game - Small mod that adds a mini game that works like rock, paper and scissors. Draw a card and see if your type beats the other. Akimbos Main Menu (HOTD) - The first main menu replacer made for PZ, and I made it anime themed. Went over a treat. Fallout Main Menu - A fallout themed Main Menu replacer. Custom Main Menu Template - A blank template that goes along with a video I made on how to create your own main menu. There's a few now! Adventure Books. Interactive - Adds 3 choose your own adventure books that are fully usable. PreApoc Notes -Adds a bunch of notes to read from the society that existed before the apocalypse. AkimboSwords Modpack - A Modpack that contains all of my mods except the main menus and VOXU. More will be added, Y'know I've got a few Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiyYHYKooCAjKD3c5kIeKzA Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198225371748 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dashboard/patronage
  14. Love it <3
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