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    Blasted_Taco reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    IWBUMS 39.45
    Added 2 rear seats for the small cars. Load .lotheader files in threads to reduce savefile load times. Player is now notified when trying to enter and vehicle seat is missing or occupied. Clicking the "Turn Off" or "Turn On" button now closes the vehicle ac/heater UI. Added translations for remaining vehicle menu options. Added context menu option to toggle ISVehicleMechanics.cheat in debug mode. Server softreset now resets vehicle key spawns, container loot and shuts off engines. Increased performance when generating a burnt building. Vehicles don't fade out until plahyer is 15 squares away, or enters a pre-existing building. Equipped umbrellas prevent player from getting wet when out in the rain. Player can remove glass by hand - takes double the amount of time to accomplish than tweezers. Initial Gas sandbox option has now more options (very low, low, normal, high, very high, full). Added a Chance of Gas sandbox option (before that, Initial Gas governed the chance of a fuel tank to have gas), options are: low, normal, high. Updated burnt car texture & added new burnt cars.  
    Adjusted appearance of the vehicle heater/ac and lightbar UI. Balanced Mechanics XP gain. Increased the odds of spawning the car keys directly in the car/nearby container/zombies instead of on the ground. Increased loot spawn of shovels, cigarettes and lighters. Increased the chance of a vehicle spawning items. Increased the chance of spawning ammunitions in container.   [Modding]
    Can now get HandWeapon.RunAnim with getRunAnim(). IsoGameCharacter now has an avoid damage variable that will negate hitting. getAvoidDamage() & avoidDamage().  
    [Bug Fix]
    Fixed being able to access Mechanic UI while driving. Fixed irregular rear windows by updating Van texture. Fixed exception in ISVehiclePartMenu.getNearbyFuelPump() if a square is null Fixed exception when removing corpses that spawn in vehicle trunks. Fixed exceptions during server softreset. Fixed exception with Use key when checking for doors. Fixed IsoMetaGrid.processZones() taking a long time to do nothing. Fixed overly-long map names appearing on LoadGameScreen. Fixed clicking on 1x sprites that are scaled to 2x. Fixed rendering a 2x sprite attached to a 1x sprite. Fixed pathfinding glitch caused by failing to update a vehicle's poly. Fixed Wire Fence and Big Wire Fence not being buildable with ISBuildMenu.cheat=true Fixed lighting not updating when climbing over a fence. Fixed vehicle keys spawning in water, under trees, or in solid objects. Fixed vehicle hood being open when it is uninstalled or locked. Fixed fake-dead zombies attacking players in vehicles. Fixed digging graves not being allowed on level 7. Fixed double doors being buildable through perpendicular walls. Fixed -debugtranslation not replacing - with _ in DisplayName. Fixed container overlays not updating when rotten food is destroyed. Fixed ItemPickerJava.updateOverlaySprite() not getting called from some places. Fixed ItemPickerJava.updateOverlaySprite() not clearing overlay from empty containers. Fixed vehicles with unlocked doors and full gas tanks not being available in debug mode. Fixed damage to zombies and height of vehicles bouncing at higher framerates. Fixed player being able to build and place objects on squares occupied by vehicles. Fixed the Van using VanSeats texture. Fixed saves from build 38.30 being able to load, problematically, into vehicle build. Fixed small car burnt 02 using the small car burnt model. Fixed various health-panel actions not being possible in a moving vehicle. Fixed radio/TV broadcasts not giving bonuses to all players in splitscreen. Fixed TV broadcasts not always giving bonuses like radios do. Fixed vehicle keys spawning on zombies - they were previously being lost when the zombie dies. Fixed randomized buildings/stash not being spawned. Fixed installing/uninstalling lights & battery not giving any XP. Fixed mechanics XP in MP being given even when the action fails. Fixed grocerystorage garbage being stocked with fresh food. Fixed missing mechanics UI hitboxes for SportsCar. Fixed missing overlay sprite on corner shelf furniture_shelving_01_8 Fixed various map bugs by placing a floor tile on level 0 if there isn't already one Fixed zombie visibility not working right in splitscreen. Fixed car color mask.
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to EasyPickins in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    The battery charges while the engine is running.  Headlights, the lightbar, and radio drain the battery, but the rate of charging is greater than the drain from all of them combined.  The biggest drain happens when starting the engine.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Kuren in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    Hunting for gasoline is going to be interesting, i checked lots of cars and only a very few handful of them had gasoline, i cannot imagine how this is working on MP, we are going to have Mad Max wars over this.
    Thats about my only complaint about playing it for like 4 hours or so, its the third day since the outbreak and a lot of parked vehicles have no gasoline, i thought a lot of people kinda dropped dead on their work and they were going to refuel after getting out of work? Like even parked cars in the garages have no gasoline.
    Also i got surprised when i crashed into a pile up of vehicles in a intersection with my survivor companion and got flashbacks of the Dead Rising intro because the car wouldn't start or move at all since something popped and the windows of the car got destroyed by zombies coming from the pile of vehicles and i got killed, seriously it was something out of Dead Rising or the Walking Dead.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Jason132 in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    Hunting for gasoline is going to be interesting, i checked lots of cars and only a very few handful of them had gasoline, i cannot imagine how this is working on MP, we are going to have Mad Max wars over this.
    Thats about my only complaint about playing it for like 4 hours or so, its the third day since the outbreak and a lot of parked vehicles have no gasoline, i thought a lot of people kinda dropped dead on their work and they were going to refuel after getting out of work? Like even parked cars in the garages have no gasoline.
    Also i got surprised when i crashed into a pile up of vehicles in a intersection with my survivor companion and got flashbacks of the Dead Rising intro because the car wouldn't start or move at all since something popped and the windows of the car got destroyed by zombies coming from the pile of vehicles and i got killed, seriously it was something out of Dead Rising or the Walking Dead.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from trombonaught in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    Well for starters, the game seems to run like the old builds for me, so that is great, no FPS losses there.
    Is there a way to siphon gas though? Out of 10 vehicles i checked, only 1 has like 1 to 5 units of gas, so when the power goes out i cant imagine how you can use vehicles or use a single vehicle at all if you cant take gas from other vehicles that you dont have the keys for.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from DramaSetter in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    Well for starters, the game seems to run like the old builds for me, so that is great, no FPS losses there.
    Is there a way to siphon gas though? Out of 10 vehicles i checked, only 1 has like 1 to 5 units of gas, so when the power goes out i cant imagine how you can use vehicles or use a single vehicle at all if you cant take gas from other vehicles that you dont have the keys for.
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to EnigmaGrey in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    Server's still up with people playing on it, sipping RAM, and I don't see any big complaints on the three sites to worry me, so.
    Maybe we'll have a good day today.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Kuren in Hellgate: Muldraugh   
    That is what i am wondering too, if they are talking about the Louisville outskirts or Louisville itself, if it is Louisville itself, does that mean that the outskirts are done? And i wonder whats up with Fort Knox and all of that south stuff.
  9. pillow
    Blasted_Taco reacted to trombonaught in RELEASED: Build 38.30   
    Other than pie from a dev meaning your report has been received, I don't think any of them have any particular meaning. Nor do I think they should! I love the ambiguity.
    My personal system though:
    Heart = like
    Spiffo = super like
    Pie = good practical idea like
    Pillow = more or less playful pillow to the face because you made a bad joke, delivered bad news, or made a comment I really don't agree with.
    *EDIT* Hahahahaha thanks to the four people who have since pillowed this comment
  10. Pie
    Blasted_Taco reacted to Pandorea in RELEASED: Build 38.30   
    Hi, PPanda0421 it was kinda suggested that I (aka Sasha) issue a "pie" to indicate that the team is looking into the reported issue.  You know, to aid communication while not "clogging" the threads at the same time with repetitive messages  I am sorry if you've (perhaps?) missed that notification but I assure you that I did not miss your report. 
    The team has since - hopefully - fixed the issue for the future build. 
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from DramaSetter in Super Survivors!   
    That sounds great, i hope that you can do it in the future. 
    However i agree, priority should be the group mechanics and the spawning of hostile NPCs and the likes of it, seriously man you are killing it with this mod, it makes PZ feels great. 
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from DramaSetter in Super Survivors!   
    How is that going to work? Are you going to make scripts or something like that? And if you do, are people going to be able to add little stories too into it? It could be great having collaborations on stories from the community. 
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to nolanri in Super Survivors!   
    hmm i dont see much how it could be an easy to make thing for anyone by community.   but anway i have in mind this simple scenario something like:
    you choose the "Story Mode" spawn point. and you spawn in a house upstairs near town.  Wife comes up stairs with coffee surpized you just woke up only now and scolds you for your laziness.  she and you both work at a clinic in town, your a doctor shes a nurse.  so you eventually drive to work, or maybe wife drives you...   and you have a patient who is critical,  he eventually dies in a treatment room right when you and wife are out of the room, and he turns into zombie starts eating other nurse who screems and such. and you and wife go back in and see the horror. etc. and then zombie spawn back on and pretty much normal zomboid takes over from there...

    but anyway im gonna work on group mechanics for now first.
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to Dr_Cox1911 in Is it possible to mod conditions of a challenge?   
    Didn't check it 100% but it seems to be pretty easy. Look at "lua/client/LastStand/YouHaveOneDay.lua".
    There are the special conditions of that challenge coded, so if you copy that file to your mod and alter it to your liking this should work.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from DramaSetter in Super Survivors!   
    o attach  
    This is what i am the most excited about, but i must ask, so on Day 1 they will go around looking for their weapon, then find some food and after that they will hold up in some house forever? Or the moment the house runs out of food and they run too out of food, they will go an seek for a new house with food? And how are they going to barricade the windows? They know how to find a hammer, planks and nails?
    Also the doctor demo is great, it would be cool to have survivors that have the carpenter profession that can make buildings that you cannot make, making a sense of community with real weight.
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to nolanri in Super Survivors!   
    I've made this change already, just have not tested it yet so its not in the ws yet
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to nolanri in Super Survivors!   
    So right now for certain tasks the survivors are creating items out of thin air, like planks for barricading. I don't plan on leaving it exactly like that forever.  The ability to chop wood and gather said wood is already made but just needs to be "wired in" in a sense. But that said I'm not against having the AI "cheat" a little bit in order to get better results / more survivabilty. Which is a fairly common practice with game AI though player may not notice.  And in the case of a random survivor in town trying to go out and chop wood for barricades in town with zombies all around is gonna have a very low success rate, so in the end I will probably have some kind of half and half solution.
    i don't think I'll ever add an AI or order for base building as that would be a lot of work. I might do as much as having them build you a square shaped wall with door or gate though.
    and perhaps a cook AI who cooks and brings people food I've thought
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to nolanri in Super Survivors!   
    EDIT: **Released** --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1331826879
    Direct Download: http://undeniable.info/pz/SuperSurvivors.zip
    As some of you know, over the past few weeks I've been working a new version that intends to work on vehicles build and handle many of the reported problems and issues reported over the past while. As well as add some new features and Improved AI!  So whats different? Let's take a look.

    Let's get the Bad News out of the way first

    Problems that still have not been fully resolved, and really cannot be without java side edits which we don't want:
    Pathfinding Freezes/Delay.  If there is a lot of stuff going on in the cell like zombies hording towards a big sound, Survivors can have a lot of delay before they calculate a path to where they are wanting to go and therefore, may appear frozen in place even though they are trying to move or run away but are waiting for the response of the Path-finding algorithm. New issue since vehicle build path-find change is that certain building windows in certain places on the map, seem to have an incorrect property set which causes a survivor to think they are able to walk through it, when obviously they cant.  Calling said survivor to you if they are stuck can get them un stuck MP is still a No
      Problems that have been fixed!:
    Random Survivor Despawn.  No more random disappearances of your loved survivors! Survivors are now saved in a map table which is saved many times per minute, which gets loaded at the start of the game.  There is no way your survivor is going to disappear until he dies and his save file is deleted by the OnDeath event. PVP System improved, No more friendly fire on group members when PVP is on. Survivors can now Sprint! Very noticeable performance / efficiency boost.  The whole mod was totally re-written.  Much more organized and clean, potential for growth is great now. Compared to Normal Survivors mod, FPS is great, no lag or stuttering (caused by this mod) Bleach Suicides. Survivors no longer consider Bleach and other poisonous "foods" as food. Bad Food Choices. Survivors no longer just grab random food but will make a more intelligent choice, choosing cooked and spoil able foods first. Endless Door Open Attempts. Survivors will no longer stand there in an infinite loop trying to open a locked door that's not gonna open. They will try entry through a window or give up trying to get in. Barricade Building Order Fixed.  Didn't work at all before, now it does. Woodbury, Military Blockade, Prison, Hilltop Spawn points fixed.  The option to spawn in these places on a new game was gone, now it is back! Enter Vehicles.  Survivors will now enter the real Vehicles from the vehicles build assuming there is a free seat, they will get in if following you when you are in said vehicle. Note Survivors will not get into vehicles from car mod anymore. Feed me I'm a Baby. Before survivors in an order state like guard or patrol would not feed themselves. Now they will eat or go find the food or water they need no mater what state they were in, as long as they are not ignoring danger to get a snack obviously. The name in the medical check menu now matches the survivors name  
    New Features:
    Survivors Name appears over their head like it does on Multiplayer Barricade Order added/fixed Doctor Order added.  A Doctor will go to and treat anyone near by that is in need of any kind of treatment, bandage changes, splints, stitches, anything!  You can only Order a group member to take the doctor role if they have at least level 3 Doctor Farming Order added. Yes you can have Survivors tend your farm for you.  But not just any survivor can do this. You must find someone with at least level 3 farming. Partial Food Eating. Survivor will only eat w/e % of the food is necessary to return to 0 Hunger rather than just eating the whole thing. A More interactive style of of well... interacting with survivors.  You cannot just shout orders or order all orders and have your orders heeded immediately like before.  These are people not your puppets after all.  To ask a survivor in your group to do something, or any survivor to do anything basically, you need to first engage them in a conversation.  By right clicking on them and "Call"ing them over to you.  Then they will come and have your attention for a short time. During that time you have many options to interact with them like before such as giving orders, giving them items, swapping weapons etc.   Now right clicking can be tedious i know so, there is a hot key "t" which will Call a near by member to you automatically. and hotkey "/" to call a Non party member from near by if any. Improved Random Survivor AI.  Before the randomly spawned survivors would just endlessly fight near by zombies, flee from zombies or try to hide.
    Now they will follow the following logic.  If they don't have weapon they will search for building to loot, going to new building by buildings looting for said weapon. Once weapon is found, they continue going from building to building but this time looking for food.  Once they find food. they will then barricade the windows and lock the doors. And remain in that building as their kind of base.  Eating and drinking what they have inside until they get killed or you come to recruit them. If they run out of food in said base and begin to starve they will set out again for a new base containing food. Recruiting Logic improved. Before a survivor just have a x chance to be willing to join you or not.  Now all survivors have a kind of relationship stat, and asking them to join you will be based on that stat, a quite low chance for successful invite by the starting level, and each time you ask them the relationship stat goes down!.  So asking and asking does not help but lowers chances.  Giving a random survivor a weapon or foods will increase relationship stat and chance of them excepting party invite! Proper Greetings. If a random Survivor sees you for the first time and it is not too dangerous to do so, they will approach you and greet you.  And will continue on their way after you do not interact with them for a short time.  Though you can of course call them back. First Aide! before survivors did not address their injuries at all.  Now they will flee and give them self first aide if required.  They don't do anything more complicated then bandaging.  Unless they are in Doctor mode. If you want to give them first aide treatment without them messing with bandages first order them to "Hold still" Finding their own Water.  Survivors, like when hungry, when thirsty will go find water near by themselves, either from an item containing water like water bottle, or from a water source like sink, tub, well or toilet. Declaring your Base Area and other Base related areas. You can now select areas with your mouse and designate them as areas in your base, like storage areas for certain items, areas to do certain kind of base work in. Options / Settings in Main menu.  Before you had to fish through the mod files and find the settings file open it with notepad editor and change the values yourself. But now you can simple return to the main menu and Super Survivors has a page on the options menu and you can set all settings with drop down boxes. Group / Base Role based AI  Survivors in or around the base, will try to keep themselves busy even if you don't tell them what to do. W/e they choose to do, they will stop and return to base after doing that thing for a reasonable amount of time. Survivors in Base do Work  Survivors in base, who are not currently doing something you the leader ordered them to do, will take up work tasks themselves based on their group role. Gun fire Cover when behind Objects if you are behind a window shooting from out a window. You will have great cover against incoming fire. Approx 75%.  Many other objects just having them between you and the shooter when you are behind them will also give you cover. The average object gives you 50% cover. Good shooting skills can slightly negate the effectiveness of cover. Translation Support  Translation Support has been added. The file to translate is located in the mod files \media\lua\shared\Translate\EN\
    Japanese Translation by TEATIME05
    Brazilian Portuguese Translation by williamfoxrpg
    Stuff that is Gone now or not yet added:
    Controlling Survivors.  No longer an option and will no longer be. As the idea of this mod is for them to be self sufficient enough for you to not need to control them Order All option. (will not re-add for already mentioned above reason. But something similar will be added ) Rules of Engagement. (Something similar will be added)  
    Stuff I plan on adding soon:
    Survivors going on Loot missions themselves (Out of cell) with amount of items they bring back dependant on various things such as time since start of world, kind of weapon / skills. You Joining groups.  You can join groups and not be the leader.  Survivor Group Leader AI will give the orders. a simple story mode with quests involving unique survivors
      Here is a link to the Workshop! : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1331826879

    Here is a demo video showing the Doctor AI:
    Random Survivor AI Demo Video: 
    New order Gather Wood works great together with Chop Wood Order:
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from trombonaught in Is PZ Ever going to get finished?   
    I do agree and disagree with a lot of your points, i am the one that always brings up the very first blog post of PZ that said a whole bunch of stuff that made me go "wow this speaks to me in a spiritual sense", like you said sanity, NPCs killing themselves and a whole lotta stuff. 
    TIS is known by the time they take to make updates, they have taken a sweet ass focken ton of time with the vehicles update, i swear i have read the same old "After this we want to add the vehicle build to IWBUMS for public testing" for like 3 months now while the animation update is like "Mark made some progress in the animation side" for like more time than the vehicle bits of information.
    But you know what? The game is coming together, i like how the implemented the concept of starvation and malnourished characters, i liked how the mall is a death trap like they said it would be, i like how the lore of the game is there and shaping up with the radio and TV stuff and you see how shit hits the fan outside of your reach but you cannot do anything (and hope to see that you need to survive the first week to get into Louisville) and overall i love a lot of the additions the game had.
    Right now we do have diseases like leaving the bodies without burning can make you sick, we have infections for deep cuts and overall its a revamped medical system like they promised, i am pretty sure that begin covered in zombie blood from the animation update stuff will make you suffer some sanity loss or NPCs are going to be like "oh fuck" when they see you.
    Right now i would say the game is in its ""final stages""".
    They need to kick the vehicles out so multiplayer serves live longer since traveling is a fucking pain in the ass and overall it adds a whole bunch of stuff of gameplay opportunities. 
    The animation update is a MUCH needed update, new clothes, new combat, new zombie variation, new weapons, new stamina system from the looks of it, zombies are going to be more of a threat it seems and overall its the big deal.
    But after the animations the NPCs are supposed to come out, and with NPCs the sanity stuff is supposed to come out, because losing sanity with no negative effects like NPCs seeing you as the mad or unapproachable person you became or seeing other survivors going insane there is no point for having it right now in SP.
    Each update is a stepping stone for the promised game where at the end everything comes together, i hate how long each step takes, i seriously do, but you cant do anything about it, if what you were saying was right that the devs just want to finish the damn thing, they would have added NPCs without animations and call it a day and it would be a mess and everyone would be like "How the fuck did this shit took 5 years to make".
    The one thing i do really agree on with you is the map, as much as i love the current map, i just feel nostalgic for the old one, the feeling i miss the most its the feeling of begin actually trapped inside a city with not a whole lot of options to run, it really hit home the feel of "This is how you died" because sooner or later you were going to get fucked by the lack of supplies making you go downtown or the grocery stores or the hordes would concentrate on some random street near your house and you would not be able to loot for a few days.
    However, you can try to revive this feeling pretty darn easily, download the game and play the challenge "You have one day" and go at it, the charming artstyle is gone, that is very very true too, but if the animation update is really shaping up good, then i have no problem because everything will be more moddable than the sprites were and people are going to be able to mod a lot of weapons in with actual models.
    Actually my last advice, want to kinda see how the game was going to be with the very old NPCs and the old map?
    Download this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1158053757
    Then this mod that adds very basic NPCs like the ones that were added way back when before the game got overhauled https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=786130456
    Chose the map called Knox County and go at it, that is how the game was going to feel at that time, its kinda enjoyable but not very deep.
    I have no doubts that the vehicles build is going to be finished around July and September, if we are lucky we might get a stable vehicle build around August and the animation update that has been having so much progress in the background might come out to the public stable between November/December.
    However they do focus on one thing at the time, the main team is focused on the vehicle stuff right now while they have 2 guys working at the animations stuff in the background, the animation update was the main focus like around 2016-2017 until they hit a brick wall, and then another brick wall and another and another until they stopped with that stuff and it went into the background and the vehicles stuff came in and they hired the 2 guys to work on that stuff, the focus is not the main problem with the team so far, its just the roadblocks they encounter. 
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from DramaSetter in SirenZ   
    That is what my feelings exactly, this game has been installed on my PC since the Desura times, on all my PCs actually and even once in a laptop that i used to work with, i stopped playing around when the animations were around the corner in summer time of god knows if it was 2016-2017, when the redboid server went up, seriously i would flip my shit hardcore if they just flip a switch and the animations beta build is out when the vehicle update is out.
    This game causes so much pain because is my favorite game that is always "just around the corner".
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from hunger john in Megatestin   
    I thought there was a chance for a SP animation testing branch, they mentioned it before in some other Mondoid saying that they could give us a SP testing while checking MP.
    And god knows that testing MP with the new animations is just asking for trouble, we probably wont see the animations branch till the end of December because holidays and whatnot.
    To put everything into retrospective, the first time we saw anything related to the animation system was 15 of January 2015.
    We probably are going to see and play with the new backpacks 1 year after we first saw them.
    Times goes out the window and slips like sand though our hands gentlemen.  Iron focken patience my friends.  
    Also good to see the new additions to the map, when i went though it, it felt like...to clean of anything and the rural side was empty.
    And in the Movables section, that means that the bug of the Wood stove will be fixed to give it function after moving it for the first time too?
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from grammarsalad in Please add generic items even if they have no use   
    Wait...so screws have no use?
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to Kim Jong Un in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    @RobertJohnson I appreciate the kind words but that is not what I am trying to say.
    I can survive with the current system, but the whole trunk replacement system is just extremely inconsistent and doesn't make logical sense.
    I'd be willing to say "I'm fine with this" to just having trunk swaps be between compatible vehicles, but the implication that you are going to take the trunk compartment from a sedan and use it in a station wagon is the equivalent of removing space from the station wagon and stuffing in a container for basically no reason, while removing the rest of the space from the wagon.
    I'm with you on not making it overly complex but the level of detail here is highly inconsistent, trunk customization should only be for applicable vehicles, not cars that don't use separate compartments at all. Vehicles where the trunk should be a set space and not removable/swappable: Van, Stepvan, Pickup (and pickup with the shell), Station wagon). Everything else, yeah, okay, but not those vehicles, as it is illogical, counterproductive and removes individuality from those specific vehicles.
    The logic issue is that these vehicles do not have separate compartments for storage, therefore can't be removed and can't be replaced. This isn't even that it's weird to car guys, it just doesn't make sense overall.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Liva98989 in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    I just have the simple request of not be able to read in the dark or craft complex stuff in the dark.
    Light sources should be something you want and at the same time you fear, i barely see people using flashlights while raiding and the ONLY time i seen flashlights uses are when making lamp posts, batteries would become a valuable commodity as candles would.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Legoland99 in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15   
    Talking about stable builds:
    Build 38 is the current one with all dem features about roof stuff, dead bodies and dirty clothes making you sick and all that jazz.
    Build 39 is probably going to be vehicles.
    Build 40 is going to be features of vehicles (repair, damage, vehicle upgrades).
    So dont expect animations any time soon, build 41 could be other feature set so dont think that after build 40 we might see them in build 40+.
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