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  1. Spiffo
    Blasted_Taco reacted to lemmy101 in Zed Tumble   
    Here is a quick video taken, without 4 hours of footage capturing cut down to 30 seconds of short clips, and without me trying to avoid showing all the broken bits
    this doesn't even scratch the surface. We're not being modest here, the game isn't playable and took me 4 hours to make that 30-60 second video you saw.  we're not just hitting record and getting uninterrupted footage of brilliance, outside visual glitches and problems, there are bugs and missing features making the game as it stands 100% impossible to play. And to get footage to show off the stuff that IS working requires about 20 attempts to avoid something totally broken appearing or happening.
    We're making great progress but there's a lot to do before we could DREAM of putting it out there in public, even IWBUMs. Imagine how disappointed and angry people would be? It's not worth it, you wouldn't enjoy it and would get the experience spoilt for you. We'll release it as soon as we feel people can play a full game of zomboid in it and have a good experience and feel the anims worth the wait, even if there are bugs, it has to function as a game.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Kuren in Nightzedding   
    I just want IWBUMS to be finished already so the team goes full ham on Build 41, each week makes me lose hope for a Build 41 before 2018 ends. 
    Still, everything else like the water and shader look really great. 
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Geras in Nightzedding   
    I just want IWBUMS to be finished already so the team goes full ham on Build 41, each week makes me lose hope for a Build 41 before 2018 ends. 
    Still, everything else like the water and shader look really great. 
  4. pillow
    Blasted_Taco reacted to EnigmaGrey in Nightzedding   
    That hope never should have existed anyway.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Jason132 in Nightzedding   
    I just want IWBUMS to be finished already so the team goes full ham on Build 41, each week makes me lose hope for a Build 41 before 2018 ends. 
    Still, everything else like the water and shader look really great. 
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from sharkstertheshark in Nightzedding   
    I just want IWBUMS to be finished already so the team goes full ham on Build 41, each week makes me lose hope for a Build 41 before 2018 ends. 
    Still, everything else like the water and shader look really great. 
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Leoquent in Animations will one day be released hype thread.   
    I guess you are not up to date of what the animation system is all about.
    I can give a damn about clothing/gore features by this point, but the animation system is a overhaul of ALL the gameplay mechanics of the game, its the one thing that is holding up the progress of NPCs, hunting animals, improved stealth, looking around corners and all of the features to the road towards 1.0.
    When the NPCs are in, they will be animated so you can see what they are doing, same goes to hunting (stealth and running, getting attacked by X animal), the ability to easily add more animations/weapons/items and see backpacks on players back is a huge thing that is needed.
    Also i dont understand how they got vehicles working without the animations in place, because i think that IF they got the vehicles first into the game before the animations, well i guess that means a truckload more of work to make them function with the animations again.
    But overall this is what makes the wait for the animations such a frustrating thing for me that i havent touched the game in a long time, just seeing the animations as a massive gateway into 1.0 is frustrating because the expectation of the community of probably seeing the game leave early access by the end of the year was high, now i doubt we might see the implementation of NPCs until next year.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Necromatic_Corgi in Animations will one day be released hype thread.   
    *Raise Dead*
    Lets not lose hope for a 2018 animation update 
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from MadDan2013 in Animations will one day be released hype thread.   
    *Raise Dead*
    Lets not lose hope for a 2018 animation update 
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Geras in Animations will one day be released hype thread.   
    *Raise Dead*
    Lets not lose hope for a 2018 animation update 
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to Batsphinx in RELEASED: Build 40   
    Version 40.31 released
    Username now must be 20 chars long & test of length include spaces (so "    D    " won't work, it need to have 3 characters long min.) BALANCE:
    Local 'say' chat zombie attractiveness reduced  FIXES
    Fixed being able to double click to try enter a server if username wasn't valid/pwd was null. Fixed zeds hearing player chat multiple times Fixed bugs when trying to build something with a broken hammer in your inventory. Fixed not being able to see your own Discord messages if your username matches your Discord name  Fixed exception loading traps from savefiles older than Build 40. Fixed bug that made fog render weirdly at times Fixed reload options making clients having "wrong server password given" until reboot. Fixed doing a 'Check Stats' from right clicking a player no longer working.
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to Tails in RELEASED: Build 40   
    nice that build 40 is complete now the hype waits for the animations to arrive in the future.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Kuren in Men with Ven   
    Fuck yes, this is what i wanted to read for a long ass time now.
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Arsenal26 in Men with Ven   
    Fuck yes, this is what i wanted to read for a long ass time now.
  15. penisham
    Blasted_Taco reacted to martingee in Beeverdoid   
    I initially was looking at vehicle armour because it was one of the first things brought up when we announced vehicles and kept on been asked for throughout development. It also linked in nicely with our other proposed attachments to vehicles (bullbars, ploughs etc) and could use the same code attachment system.
    We’ve gone through a few iterations internally and the screenshot posted in the Thursdoid is the path we’re looking to go down.
    Stylistically I’ve tried to keep it “real worldy” but with some artistic license since a lot of people want to go full on Mad Max style which, really isn’t in keeping with PZ’s art and game design but does provide some nice forms and “cool” looking vehicles. This won’t stop people in the future from doing their own thing and putting billions of spikes everywhere!
    Reference came from a number of sources, some obvious (there’s a plethora of zombie survival vehicle design online!) to some less obvious.
    It’s from one of these less obvious sources that the much debated wheel coverings were taken from; a real world source where practical reasons for covering the wheels and still having them functional literally mean life and death. Namely homemade, improvised, armoured vehicles used by militias in the Iraq and Syrian wars. I also found some examples of Ukrainian and vehicles made in some of the African wars.
    I won’t post them all (there’s a whole r/ reddit devoted to improvised, armoured vehicles as well as google searches) but here’s a few that influenced some of my early iterations, including the wheel coverings.



    The overall affect is too extreme for PZ but gave me a good starting point.
    My intention was for the armour was to only represent the reinforcement of parts but people seem to be reading each part “as is”, so a sealed window would restrict the drivers view more than a slatted one, which wasn’t my intent. A sealed window would for all intent and purposes be the same as a slatted window with no more advantage or penalty; this is something we can discuss internally depending on what pro’s and cons we settle on for armouring the vehicle and whether we want to go quite so literal.
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to Magic Mark in Beeverdoid   
    That doesn't actually fix the core, objective flaw with the design that makes it counter-intuitive. Even if it's not "pressing against it", the wheel turning outward whenever the car needs to maneuver requires space outside of the vehicle.

    (Often the wheel turns out farther than that)
    As I described in my lengthy post about the objective issues with these upgrades, it's the reason why you see in older cars with fender covers as a design that they only occur on the rear wheels, which do not turn and do not need that space.
    This is also why in plenty of attempts to model real apocalypse-ready vehicles, the turning wheel is left uncovered, as it's not something you want to hamper in your vehicle.
    You also need to consider that with body roll (inevitable, and already implemented anyways, amplified by the fact that these are older vehicles that have softer suspensions) that any coverage to the wheel won't further dig into the wheel when the body twists side to side as the weight on the car shifts with every turn.
    There are plenty of usable stuff in the concept pictures, but a lot there needs heavy reconsidering or needs to heavily penalize the player. A lot of these things wouldn't easily be considered upgrades that won't heavily penalize you in other places. These designs are influenced by show cars and movie props that may not actually benefit how you expect them in real world application. There are a bunch of cool and useful upgrades that could make this fun for gameplay that could work, just needs a lot of tweaking.  
  17. penisham
    Blasted_Taco reacted to EnigmaGrey in Beeverdoid   
    Look closely and you'll see the panels are raised above the wheel, not pressing against it.
  18. Like
    Blasted_Taco reacted to Magic Mark in Beeverdoid   
    Neat idea to add survival-style upgrades, but if you want some consistency with the realism in the game there are changes you immediately need to make to those designs.
    Yeah, sure, if this was a blanket no-realism game, if you are willing to throw realism out of the window or at the very least heavily penalize the driving ability for the vehicles, those are fine.
    Let's get the immediate objective issues out of the way first, followed by what I think would work very well.
    -Cow catchers and other "plow" modifications on cars - good way to make sure you bend your frame as soon as you hit something. None of these are designed to hit anything above a low speed either. Not an efficient survival option. This is often why most real attempts at actual waste land machines aim for ground clearance, not decreasing it. I don't think you guys will be implementing full body-on-chassis rebuilds to make this work, but it should be pointed out.
    Oh, and let's not forget that you will clip that (and bend your frame) and tear it off on any bump where the ground clearance of the car would already be challenged. Running over a corpse is especially inefficient with that, even worse off than the car would have already been. This would only really affect things positively on heavy, high-torque vehicles (big rigs, where these upgrades can actually be seen used in a real context) and implemented for moving larger objects at lower speed (and not running through zed).
    -You can't cover the wheel that turns with a flat piece of metal as that prevents your wheels from turning outward. This is why you would only see those half-fender covers on older cars on the rear wheels exclusively.
    -Window coverings: Yeah, with what you showed for the 'high end' modification, reduce visibility to roughly 10% overall. Too over the top otherwise. You should consider an alternative that is much more sparse, that still has visibility issues overall.
    -Making the body heavy should make your handling noteably more sluggish and your vehicle slower over all. A variant of that upgrade that uses metal bars could also work well.
    -Welding a mask onto your car? Never open your hood again. If you are looking to reinforce those by welding sheets onto it, you should consider localizing it to the individual parts and make maintenance take longer for having to navigate that.
    -Roof rack is fine (but should add weight as a fair trade-off)
    -Brush guards are fine, but that design could apply more to reduce the loss of speed when driving through smaller trees and zed than negating damage.
    -With all of the auto parts and aftermarkets in the US, you should really consider upgrades for the interior of the vehicle as well as under the hood. You should acknowledge that performance aftermarket exhausts often do no such thing for reducing noise. Appropriate aftermarket parts (i.e. brush gaurds for trucks) should also be rare finds that look much more professional than shoddy weld-work.
    -Consider roof lights
    Other than that, really happy to see this coming in!
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to Geras in RELEASED: WEATHER TEST BUILD   
    And yet an indoor generator will kill you... 

  20. Like
    Blasted_Taco reacted to turbotutone in RELEASED: WEATHER TEST BUILD   
    Hi All!
    Here an full overview of current temperature effect on player as a whole including recent weatherbuild changes/additions.

    The player body tries to maintain an optimal temperature of about 37 Celsius. The average favorable surrounding air temperature for the body is set at 22 Celsius.

    The more the air around the player drops below 22 degrees the stronger the cold strength will become, and if above 22 degrees the heat strength will increase.

    To make sure the cold and heat don’t affect the body temperature body stats must be kept optimal and correct clothing worn.
    To resist cold:

    ·         Make sure to have a high clothing value (currently sweater, pants, shoes is optimal).
    ·         Hunger and tiredness affect body cold resistance negatively.
    ·         Sickness will lower your body resistance to cold.
    ·         Make sure you don’t get wet from rain, it will lower your body and clothing resistance to cold.
    ·         When outside, strong wind can lower the cold resistance but strong clothing will be able to counter this effect.
    ·         A good body fitness will have slight positive effect on cold resistance, bad fitness a small negative effect.
    ·         Drunkenness negatively affects the cold resistance, furthermore the more drunk you get you may not notice the first and possibly also not the second hypothermia Moodle giving you no early warnings to the negative impact.
    ·         When endurance lowers the body cold resistance increases a bit.
    When the outside gets colder the indoors of buildings will be a bit warmer and even more so during day. For the upstairs levels however this effect is halved.

    Car heaters, fireplaces and campfires that can be used to warm up have been altered a bit.
    Campfires can now be build inside houses without spreading fire if the following is true:

    ·         Tiles surrounding the campfire are not wood or carpet.
    ·         Tiles surrounding the campfire have no objects.
    ·         To be safe make sure there are no walls within a 2 tile radius of campfire.
    When outside heat sources have their radius halved and the colder it gets the smaller their area with a favorable temperature becomes.

    When severely undercooled note that car heaters and bbq’s and outside campfires help can staying warm with moderate cold, however when it’s really cold they’ll only warm up slowly. Heat sources inside buildings will be able to become much warmer and thus warm up at a higher rate.

    Also note that with optimal clothing and body resistance you can successfully resist cold surrounding air temperatures down to about 0 Celsius. If the air around you drops below zero you will always start to lose temperature, albeit more slowly, so you must warm up from time to time. And since the night tends to become much colder sleeping near a fire is recommended as well as stacking up a good amount of logs to prepare for winter.

    To resist heat:

    ·         Light or no clothing will help combatting heat.
    ·         Thirst negatively impacts heat resistance quite strongly.
    ·         Sickness will lower your body resistance to heat.
    ·         A good body fitness will have slight positive effect on heat resistance, bad fitness a small negative effect.
    ·         When endurance lowers the heat resistance lowers a bit as well.
    ·         When outside, wind can increase heat resistance a bit but this effect is cancelled out by strong clothing.
    ·         Wetness due to rain increases heat resistance for both body and clothing.
    ·         Drunkenness does not lower your heat resistance, but may cause the first 2 levels of hyperthermia to go unnoticed/ignored due to intoxication.
    When the outside gets hotter, the ground floor levels remain a little colder and can be used to cool off a bit. Higher levels tend to get hotter and remain fairly warm during the night.
    Insides of a car can get quite hot during the day as well (unless the cooler is on).

    When severely overheated drink water and stay inside on the ground floor with light or no clothing, or use a car air cooler to cool down more effectively.

    Hypothermia and Hyperthermia

    When level 3 is reached the body sporadically takes minor damage on random body parts.
    When level 4 is reached the body receives constant and greater damage on body parts.
    If the conditions are not improved you will slowly die.

    When level 3 or 4 of either is hit when asleep you will wake up from it.

    Other noteworthy mentions.

    Umbrellas now reduce the rate at which you get wet, and you’ll be able to get up to 50% wet.
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    Blasted_Taco reacted to Brex in Zombies in the Mist   
  22. pillow
    Blasted_Taco reacted to Connall in Defecation v1.2   
    "The modding community wept, for there were no more mods to create."
  23. Like
    Blasted_Taco reacted to Telkir in Zedlights   
    Although this is my first post, I've been a lurker following PZ news for... heh, well, too many years now. Despite the rest of this post I honestly appreciate the huge amount of work everyone at TIS, and now also TEA, is putting in to create something special. From the number of hours that many people have already spent in your game, it's clear the work is paying dividends for at least for a portion of the fans.
    That said, I can't hold back any longer from saying how disappointed I am to see animations shoved yet further into the dev cycle again. I'd been waiting patiently throughout the development of MP, then vehicles, with fingers crossed that finally - surely - there wouldn't be anything to prevent anims from coming next. Here we are, though. The wording of "Zedlights" says they won't be in B40, so that's maybe another 2 months or more until we get an idea of what'll be in B41. At this point my patience as a lurker has worn thin enough to say something.
    I know you as a dev team are following the best path you can see, but you've been talking about the new animation / clothing system regularly for 3 years, often in a way that suggested it'll be the next thing added. Come on, guys; from any viewpoint you have to see this is ridiculous. Please show some sanity and don't continue to do this. Respectfully, "put up or shut up."
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from Kuren in Build 39: Vehicles released!   
    Wow i didnt know you could do a drive by, i can see that scenario happening in MP.
    Finally a milestone less!
    Animations here we come?! Please? Someone? Please i beg you i need them
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    Blasted_Taco got a reaction from You've Got Red On You in Death Cab for Zombie   
    Probably a Dead Rising Psychopath 
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