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  1. 修正していただきありがとうございました。
  2. こんにちは。 以下の項目が原文の意味と異なる表記がされているので、修正していただけると幸いです。 お手数をおかけしますがよろしくお願いいたします。    IGUI_Gametime_A Really CD DA = "切迫した死",  Challenge_Challenge1_name = "森林の家 - 最後の抵抗 モード1", Challenge_Challenge2_name = "森林の家 - 最後の抵抗 モード2",  DisplayName_Black_Sage = "ブラックセージ(痛み止め)", DisplayName_Comfrey = "ヒレハリソウ(骨折治療)", DisplayName_Comfrey_Poultice = "湿布薬(骨折治療)", DisplayName_Common_Mallow = "ゼニバアオイ(インフルエンザ治療)", DisplayName_Ginseng = "朝鮮人参(持久力回復)", DisplayName_Lemon_Grass = "レモングラス(食中毒治療)", DisplayName_Plantain = "オオバコ(損傷治療)",
  3. The new combat system is terrifying in a great way.
  4. BBQ(Charcoal Barbecue) can't turn off.
  5. You can see far with pan camera in fog.
  6. I don't know because I don't live in America. The sky is bright for 22 o'clock.
  7. I don't know if this is on purpose. 1. Even though I turn on the light, I can't see it at all. (cloud intensity = 1, at night). 2.When fog occurs at night, it will be able to see dark places. BEFORE AFTER
  8. Even though characters turn on the light, they are still dark.
  9. UI is too small and I can't see it. at 4k monitor. It is necessary to increase the size of the UI itself. option: Font - large
  10. Would it be possible to lengthen the time interval between the display of television and radio sentences? Or possible to adjust it myself at option? My country's language is so long that I can not read through to the end.
  11. 39.60 Parts of the vehicle can't be broken with baseball bat etc. Even if there is a power outage the television looks conducting electricity.
  12. Windows 10 64bit Celeron 3215U 1.7GHz Intel HD Graphics 8GB 1366x768 Option: default Average FPS (Zoom default): Inside city - 25, Forest - 30, countryside - 35 FPS is considerably improved compared with the beginning Vehicle build. I'm satisfied with play.
  13. halkaze

    Monkey Bizness

    Developer should do so if they need time to make better ones. I make PZ div video playlist, and as long as I see these, it will be a pretty good finish.
  14. How about Steam WorkShop unable to use at IWBUMS? I think it will improve even this alone.
  15. I can not put soil in the sandbag with a shovel. An error is displayed.
  16. Different people have different ways of enjoying.
  17. The police car doesn't seem spawn in West Point Police station. I think UI offscreen rendering & UI rendering FPS may want to revert to the previous value by default because those who haven't test with IWBUMS & Vehicle will get confused. I'm patiently wait.☕
  18. If vehicle hit an obstacle, then fly in the sky. Zombie's blood splashs a long distance. Once you get on the car, then you ride again without moving from the spot, ▲ appears at the edge of the screen. Master key. Items of initial infection are different. Scenario mode chips:3 Saw:1 Sandbox mode chips:1 Saw:0 Below are the contents of the TV/Radio Data. I posted similar content before,but I misunderstood many part. It is described on the basis of ProjectZomboid/media/radio/RadioData.xml TV/Radio b
  19. ・The time display on the upper right of the screen is hard to see in winter. ・Dash launcher sheet UI. texture bug.
  20. ・Mercia lang 4000: taillight and headlight become black when turn on its. ・Mccoylogging:Dash-bulldriver: Sheet UI is OLD. ・Radio frequency UI FPS Remains low. ・Dead bodies on campfire doesn't show when game restarted. ・Boiling water will cool too quickly. (sterile bandage can not be made.) ・I can not cut down a tree by fast forward when I am tired.
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