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    Christophlette reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    IWBUMS 39.49

    Now always able to start cars in debug mode. Opening the Mechanic UI now happens instantly in debug mode. "Seat Occupied" notification shown in Mechanic UI if someone is sitting on the seat you're inspecting. Added an AllowExteriorGenerator Sandbox option. This allows generators to power exterior tiles, and for example can get gas pumps working after the electricity has turned off. For now it's false by default. Added Mechanic UI cheat command to set exact gas/pressure levels Added a new 'Press 'R' to rotate during construction' tool tip to minimise Sasha's rotation despair
    Balanced damage on various car parts. Foraging previously caused both fatigue and sleepiness, but the sleepiness has now been reduced. Updated the 'Save cannot be loaded' text before the game for players with Build 38.30 saves to make it more readable. Made microwave/oven ui background a bit darker to improve visbility. Changed IsoWorld.emitterUpdate from OnceEvery to counting milliseconds to avoid built up sounds. Made vehicle travel through forests bumpier compared to open countryside. Nerfed damage to parts when driving off-road. It now also takes into account whether you're in a forest zone, countryside zone etc
    [Bug Fix]
    Fixed mod .tiles sprite property values being wrong (Issue 1376) Fixed more vehicle-related translations. Fixed collision/pathfinding/vision when loading chunks. Fixed Moveables.txt translations not being used in Disassemble menu or inventory window. Fixed player's "Survived For" time, which was increasing twice as fast as it should in MP. Fixed visibility/pathfinding glitch along chunk boundaries. Fixed roof-hiding code not updating when players build new floors. Fixed PZArrayList iterator exception in IsoGridSquare.explodeTrap() Fixed position of skull icon in load-game UI. Fixed map-loading errors when there are unknown types of items on the ground. Fixed nullPointer when uninstalling a vehicle part. Fixed a bug with -dnosave. Fixed a wrong calculation in the CarSpawnRate sandbox option. Fixed car part condition drops while driving not being synced in MP. Fixed game freezing when hundreds of nearby zombies play footstep sounds. Fixed metal-barricade sound not playing in MP, or for IsoThumpables. Fixed missing parts of double doors not being repairable by building a new one over the old one. Fixed keys being put into the ignition leading to them losing their favorite status. Fixed chop-tree action stopping too soon when the player's endurance is low. Fixed radio sine-wave UI updating while paused and at different rates depending on fps. Fixed food cooking for too long once it has been removed from heat. Fixed Hardcore difficulty using the wrong XP multiplier on Beginner/FirstWeek. Fixed hood being closed twice when the Use key was pressed with the Mechanic UI open. Fixed failed-to-start engine sound not playing in MP. Fixed some vehicle sounds playing at full volume for distant players. Fixed prone zombies being pushed by non-prone zombies on the client. Fixed solidtrans objects adjacent to window frames (without windows) blocking movement.
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    Christophlette got a reaction from Legoland99 in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15   
    I'm almost sure it started with this version of IWBUMS. But I didn't play during one or two weeks before this version.
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    Christophlette got a reaction from Batsphinx in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15   
    All three of them had the problem. It was maybe not a bug for TheLeonBM as EnigmaGrey talked about a cap in skill points and he has already a lot compared to the other cases.
    All of the post are after the version I highlighted just above.
  4. Spiffo
    Christophlette got a reaction from wsensor in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15   
    On the skill points matter. Still no news on wether it's a bug or not ?
    I see no point to continue playing if my character, where I've played more than 200 hours, is stuck in his progression. My girlfriend and I will wait for an answer before continuing.
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    Christophlette got a reaction from EnigmaGrey in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15   
    On the screenshot I posted, the right character is unemployed and the left is farmer (so only 3 points in farming I believe).
    We are playing in Splitscreen Coop, so maybe it's related to this. I don't know.
    We both have "Thick skin", "Organized", "Nyctalope", "Resilient". And the right character is also "Herbalist".
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    Christophlette got a reaction from EnigmaGrey in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15   
    If you look at your screenshot, you have 110 points in total and have seemingly reached the limit.
    On my screen, my character (on the right) has 64 points in total. My girlfriend has 96 points. Why is there different amounts ?
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    Christophlette got a reaction from Batsphinx in Released: Vehicle Tech Test build   
    Hi there ! 
    My girlfriend an I love the game and we decided to test the vehicle build. We tested it in local coop with two controllers (we play like that on the IWBUMS build).
    So to summarize everything we thought about it :
    - The menu wheel is awesome
    - The menu wheel is not very intuitive when you are in a vehicle though. Having to press "select" again to chose an option after going into the vehicle menu is not that good in our opinion.
    - Cars are often locked etc... That's pretty nice but the tank is always full, and electricity too. (We deactivated the EasyVehicle option).
    - The cars never break. Though we think you planned to do it.
    - The speed of the vehicle is nice. But is causing a little stuttering concerning the background. Maybe we travel too fast for the engine ?
    - The controls of the vehicle are horrible in our sense. It's counter intuitive to put the stick to the right when we want to turn the car a little to the left for example. It feels like it's at the opposite of all the other games we played before.
    - The game become extremely laggy when we turn. Especially when we skid (I don't know if it's the right word). We even manage to crash the game by skidding while driving backward with two cars  (We can reproduce and send you the error maybe ?)
    We may have a few suggestions that you maybe thought about before us :
    - A new skill concerning mechanic for cars (repairing, salvaging pieces on broken cars etc...)
    - Maybe find pieces to repair your car in auto repair and gas station etc...
    - Improve the sounds of the car collision and of the engine. But we saw that you already mentionned it was only placeholder sounds.
    You can find the specs of our computer below and feel free to ask for more information if you need it.
    Keep up the good work !
    Chris & Harley
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