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  1. EnigmaGrey I died again and now the server wont respond when I try to join... will I still get a key? ;-;
  2. Ok thanks it worked. Btw If I got on 10 min. ago would I still get a key? D:
  3. Nevermind, I can join the server again...
  4. EnigmaGrey I need help... I was playing and died from the hordes and when I tried to make a new character a red box in the lower right corner popped up with the number "1". I have no idea what its for... and now when I try to re-join the server it says no more accounts may be created and when I login with my old username I was using before I died it said "login failed"... I have proof of when I was on before I died.
  5. How do I PM a organizer with the screenshot? I would really like a key to give to my friend but I don't know if I can PM someone in time!