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    Hydrocraft Mod

    Not sure if this is where this goes. Where to begin. So ive had this game for some time now. Play it off and on solo, with no mods, been working great over the years. Then recently a few of us decided to do some MP. So we tryed the vehical build but that was trash, then decided to revert back to 38.30. Played for a bit, found it dull. On a whim, we deceided to get the Hydrocraft mod. Once installed and server was up, things ran great, for a time. Then one day after logging in to the server, I noticed my stuff was missing icons. So i thought, its not an early access game if its not corrupting mod files\save files, so like any good user, i removed the mod, then re-subbed agian. No luck, still blank spaces where items should be in the inventory, although the text was still there. So I then took more actions, removed zomboid from steam, purged all traces of it from the pc. Once that was done i re-installed zomboid, ran it once to build w\e file\folders it may\may not need. Proceded to re-sub to the mod. Fired it back up, and it worked. Untill the next time i logged in. Back to missing icons and stuff misisng from the ground. Now at this point, im getting pissy, and with good reason. Previously everthing worked great, no fuss no muss. Now, its simply not working. So here we are today. I said to hell with it, perhaps its my pc\system. Bit the bullet and wiped it clean, freash windows 10 home install. After getting all the updates, newest drivers, ect, I proceded to DL steam. Once that was installed I once agian installed PZ, this time i did the valadate files. 100% perfect as one would assume. After that, I once agian subbed to the mod. Once that got done DL'ing i did the valiadate files again, and agian no problems. So now i fired up the game, jumped into the server and it worked absolutely perfectly, no missing icons in the inventory, no missing objects\items on the ground. Now at this point im feeling good about; Life, the universe, and everything. Close the game to do some more installing, remember i just wiped the pc and have nothing. After about an hour getting done what needed to get done, i was asked by a buddie to fire it up and we could play......Low and behold, more zomboid Fuckary....Missing icons, objects\items on the ground. So here I am pissing in ya'lls ears, hopeing for a fix. I have tryed so many things to get this to work, New drivers, old drivers, muti-re-installs, compatiblity settings (windows), Fullscreen\windowd, 2x tiles both on and off, texture comprission.....you name it. Still nothing. The only thing that makes this work again is launching the game in "Compatibilty mode", but in doing so, I get no zoom. and everything in teh game world is big, I mean BIG AF! Now at this point im a thin blond hair away from giving up entirely. As i would love to show you the issues,but this site will not allow me to upload images or use the insert other media for where the pics are at. (www DOT imgur DOT com/a/RukWT ) console.txt